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Science Lab Supplies SALE

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Buy Equilateral Optical Glass Prism.
Equilateral Optical Glass Prism
High-quality optical glass equilateral prism.
$9.99 $5.95
Part#: 10869
In Stock
Buy Mini Knife Switch - Single.
Mini Knife Switch - Single
Switch on your child’s interest in electronics!
$2.99 $1.49
Part#: 11109
In Stock
Buy Glass Test Tube.
Glass Test Tube
Standard glass test tube. Great for chemistry experiments.
$1.49 $0.95
Part#: 13067
In Stock
Buy Glass Magnifier - 2.5 inch.
Glass Magnifier - 2.5 inch
Be like Sherlock Holmes and get your very own magnifying glass!
$4.99 $1.39
Part#: 13550
In Stock

Buy Plastic Petri Dish    .
Plastic Petri Dish
Affordable plastic petri dish for biological culture growth. Great for science fair projects!
$2.49 $0.95
Part#: 13453
In Stock
Buy Glass Eye Dropper.
Glass Eye Dropper
This glass eye dropper is a great investment for any science lab!
$2.99 $1.49
Part#: 13068
In Stock
Buy Contact Key Switch.
Contact Key Switch
The Contact Key can open and close a circuit and is very handy in demonstrating Morse code.
$4.99 $3.95
Part#: 11111
In Stock
Buy Kids Chemical Safety Goggles.
Kids Chemical Safety Goggles
Recommended for protection against chemical splashes. A must have for every young chemist!
$7.99 $5.95
Part#: 13071
In Stock

Buy Buzzer with Leads - 1.5V.
Buzzer with Leads - 1.5V
Great buzzer for science fair projects. Works on 1.5V.
$4.95 $2.95
Part#: 13409
In Stock
Buy Mini DC Motor with Leads.
Mini DC Motor with Leads
Use this mini DC motor for your next science project or home hobby craft!
$3.99 $2.95
Part#: 13975
In Stock
Buy Wide Range pH Test Paper.
Wide Range pH Test Paper
This pH paper is a must for any chemistry classroom!
$3.99 $2.19
Part#: 13889
In Stock
Buy Solar UV Beads - 250pcs.
Solar UV Beads - 250pcs
Like magic,these solar beads instantly change color in the sun!
$9.99 $7.95
Part#: 13709
In Stock

Buy Glass Beaker - 250ml.
Glass Beaker - 250ml
Standard 250ml glass beaker. Great for chemistry experiments.
$5.99 $3.95
Part#: 13060
In Stock
Buy Soft Iron Rod.
Soft Iron Rod
Use this soft iron rod for a variety of classroom learning demonstrations!
$4.99 $2.95
Part#: 14822
In Stock
Buy Hobby Solar Cell - 1V 400mA.
Hobby Solar Cell - 1V 400mA
Be an innovator and use these solar panels to power small gadgets in your next science project!
$12.99 $8.95
Part#: 13712
In Stock
Buy Rattleback - Multicolor Pack of 10.
Rattleback - Multicolor Pack of 10
Get 10 of the simplest and coolest physics toys out there in one set!
$17.99 $9.95
Part#: 14486
In Stock

Buy Glass Beaker Mug - 400ml.
Glass Beaker Mug - 400ml
This glass beaker mug makes an excellent gift!
$19.99 $16.95
Part#: 14254
In Stock
Buy Plastic Balance Scale.
Plastic Balance Scale
Use this simple balance scale for measuring or for balance demonstrations!
$19.99 $16.95
Part#: 14198
In Stock
Buy Triple Pulley.
Triple Pulley
Use the Triple Pulley System for Physics experiments, loads, or any other weighty need!
$4.99 $2.79
Part#: 11105
In Stock
Buy Plexiglass Mirror.
Plexiglass Mirror
Use this Plexiglass mirror for your next classroom demonstration on optics principles!
$1.99 $1.59
Part#: 13985
In Stock

Buy KonusScience 5 Way Microscope Kit .
KonusScience 5 Way Microscope Kit
Exceptional 5-in-1 microscope kit. High-quality metal construcion with many attachments, prepared slides, tools, etc.
$99.99 $79.95
Part#: 11010
In Stock
Buy Glass Graduated Cylinder - 100ml.
Glass Graduated Cylinder - 100ml
Standard 100ml graduated cylinder. Great for chemistry experiments.
$7.99 $5.95
Part#: 13062
In Stock
Buy Tubular Spring Scale - Green 500g.
Tubular Spring Scale - Green 500g
This 500 grams/5 Newtons tubular spring scale is essential for any science classroom!
$5.99 $3.29
Part#: 13704
In Stock
Buy Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 500ml.
Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 500ml
Standard 500ml glass Erlenmeyer flask. Great for chemistry experiments.
$9.99 $6.49
Part#: 13059
In Stock

Buy Adult Chemical Safety Goggles.
Adult Chemical Safety Goggles
Recommended for protection against chemical splashes. A must have for every adult chemist!
$7.99 $5.95
Part#: 13070
In Stock
Buy DC AmpMeter 0-1A.
DC AmpMeter 0-1A
General purpose Ampmeter (current meter). 0-1A DC.
$14.99 $11.95
Part#: 11028
In Stock
Buy Ball and Ring - Thermal Expansion Set.
Ball and Ring - Thermal Expansion Set
This thermal expansion set, also known as “ball and ring”, is a popular device to demonstrate thermal expansion.
$14.99 $9.95
Part#: 10871
In Stock
Buy Petri Dish - 100mm Glass.
Petri Dish - 100mm Glass
Standard glass 100mm petri dish. Great for chemistry experiments.
$5.99 $2.95
Part#: 13066
In Stock

Buy Knife Switch - Double Pole Double Throw.
Knife Switch - Double Pole Double Throw
Create interest in electronics in your classroom by using this great double knife switch!
$5.99 $2.95
Part#: 13854
In Stock
Buy Plastic Beaker - 250ml.
Plastic Beaker - 250ml
Use this plastic beaker for your next chemistry project!
$3.99 $1.95
Part#: 13990
In Stock
Buy Wimshurst Machine.
Wimshurst Machine
The Wimshurst Machine is a high quality static machine for student labs.
$129.95 $84.95
Part#: 10887
In Stock
Buy Test Tube Clamp.
Test Tube Clamp
Great quality stainless steel rust resistant test tube clamp!
$4.95 $1.95
Part#: 11223
In Stock

Buy Fire Syringe.
Fire Syringe
Teach the scientific principle behind diesel engines with this interesting science experiment!
$25.99 $14.95
Part#: 13434
In Stock
Buy Burette Clamp - Single Coated Jaws.
Burette Clamp - Single Coated Jaws
This burette clamp is a must-have for any laboratory!
$9.99 $6.95
Part#: 14133
In Stock
Buy Porcelain Mortar and Pestle - 75mm.
Porcelain Mortar and Pestle - 75mm
Great porcelain and mortar set for the lab!
$7.99 $3.95
Part#: 14481
In Stock
Buy Glass Beaker - 100ml.
Glass Beaker - 100ml
Use this 100ml glass beaker for your next lab experiment!
$3.99 $2.49
Part#: 14274
In Stock

Buy Flint Dropper Bottle - 1oz Single.
Flint Dropper Bottle - 1oz Single
This durable flint dropper bottle is great for the classroom setting!
$4.99 $1.95
Part#: 13987
In Stock
Buy Tubular Spring Scale - Brown 1000g.
Tubular Spring Scale - Brown 1000g
This 1000 grams/10 Newtons tubular spring scale is essential for any science classroom!
$5.99 $3.29
Part#: 13705
In Stock
Buy Tubular Spring Scale - Blue 250g.
Tubular Spring Scale - Blue 250g
This 250 grams/2.5 Newton's tubular spring scale is essential for any science classroom!
$5.99 $3.29
Part#: 13703
In Stock
Buy Equilateral Block Glass Prism 75x10mm.
Equilateral Block Glass Prism 75x10mm
Use this equilateral block glass prism for refraction experiments!
$10.99 $7.95
Part#: 14477
In Stock

Buy Polarizing Film Sheet - set of 10.
Polarizing Film Sheet - set of 10
10 polarizing film sheets for experiments involving polarization of light
$19.99 $12.95
Part#: 15294
In Stock
Buy Mortar and Pestle  30ml.
Mortar and Pestle 30ml
A great item to have on hand in the lab for crushing materials and creating samples!
$7.99 $4.95
Part#: 13609
In Stock
Buy Glass Beaker - 1000ml.
Glass Beaker - 1000ml
Use this 1000ml glass beaker for your next lab experiment!
$14.99 $7.95
Part#: 14275
In Stock
Buy Solar Car.
Solar Car
Use this solar car to show the applications of solar energy for everyday life!
$29.99 $19.95
Part#: 13844
In Stock

Buy Right-Angle Optical Glass Prism.
Right-Angle Optical Glass Prism
Use this right-angle glass prism for optics demonstrations!
$7.99 $5.95
Part#: 14628
In Stock
Buy Tubular Spring Scale - Red 2000g.
Tubular Spring Scale - Red 2000g
This 2000 grams/20 Newtons tubular spring scale is essential for any science classroom!
$5.99 $3.29
Part#: 13706
In Stock
Buy Hand Vacuum Pump with Gauge.
Hand Vacuum Pump with Gauge
This hand vacuum pump removes air for experimental purposes!
$34.99 $24.95
Part#: 14832
In Stock
Buy Pop-Up Butterfly Habitat.
Pop-Up Butterfly Habitat
This habitat will benefit any budding biologist, butterfly or bug enthusiast!
$22.99 $16.95
Part#: 13492
In Stock

Buy Tall Glass Beaker Mug.
Tall Glass Beaker Mug
This tall beaker mug is ideal for your coffee, tea or cold beer.
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 15128
In Stock
Buy Glass Graduated Cylinder - 500ml.
Glass Graduated Cylinder - 500ml
Large 500ml graduated cylinder. Great for chemistry experiments!
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 13063
In Stock
Buy Mini Lightbulbs - 3.2V - pack of 10.
Mini Lightbulbs - 3.2V - pack of 10
Great 3.2V light bulb for electrical science projects!
$4.99 $2.95
Part#: 15597
In Stock
Buy Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 100ml.
Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 100ml
Use this 100ml Erlenmeyer flask for your next lab experiment!
$4.99 $2.95
Part#: 14276
In Stock

Buy White Streak Plates - set of 10.
White Streak Plates - set of 10
Keep this set of streak plates on hand for rock identification!
$9.99 $8.95
Part#: 14233
In Stock
Buy Archimedes Principle Apparatus.
Archimedes Principle Apparatus
Take the plunge with the Archimedes’ Principle Apparatus.
$14.99 $7.95
Part#: 11841
In Stock
Buy Thermoelectric Generator.
Thermoelectric Generator
Use this generator to demonstrate the 2nd law of thermodynamics!
$49.99 $32.95
Part#: 14618
In Stock
Buy Copper-Zinc Voltaic Cell.
Copper-Zinc Voltaic Cell
Check out this great experiment demonstrating the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy!
$15.99 $12.95
Part#: 13885
In Stock

Buy Glass Boiling Flask - 500ml.
Glass Boiling Flask - 500ml
Use this 500ml boiling flask for your next classroom demonstration!
$7.99 $5.95
Part#: 14281
In Stock
Buy Self-Locking Hemostat Pliers - 6inch.
Self-Locking Hemostat Pliers - 6inch
These hemostat pliers can be used for clamping down a variety of objects!
$4.99 $2.29
Part#: 14912
In Stock
Buy Bottle Connector Classroom Set of 20.
Bottle Connector Classroom Set of 20
Create your own volcano and awe students with this great set!
$39.99 $32.95
Part#: 13710
In Stock
Buy Two Way Burner Stand.
Two Way Burner Stand
Use this burner stand for your next science project involving alcohol burners!
$6.99 $4.95
Part#: 13986
In Stock

Buy Voltaic Cell with Porous Cup and Electrodes Set.
Voltaic Cell with Porous Cup and Electrodes Set
This voltaic cell is excellent for demonstrating electro-chemical reactions!
$39.99 $29.95
Part#: 14073
In Stock
Buy Measuring Plastic Jug with Handle.
Measuring Plastic Jug with Handle
This jug is essential for any chemistry classroom!
$5.99 $2.95
Part#: 14141
In Stock
Buy Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer.
Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer
Use this magnetic stirrer in any laboratory setting!
$199.95 $159.95
Part#: 14157
In Stock  FREE Shipping
Buy Internal Combustion Engine Model - Gasoline.
Internal Combustion Engine Model - Gasoline
Use this engine model to show how gasoline engines work!
$79.99 $49.95
Part#: 13981
In Stock

Buy Cloud Forming Apparatus.
Cloud Forming Apparatus
Use this instrument to show how clouds form!
$19.99 $16.95
Part#: 13993
In Stock
Buy Resonance Bowl.
Resonance Bowl
Show the behavior of waves using an ancient demonstration!
$149.99 $119.95
Part#: 14779
In Stock  FREE Shipping
Buy Interlocking Coils.
Interlocking Coils
Use these interlocking coils to perform experiments with electromagnetism and electromagnetic induction.
$24.99 $19.95
Part#: 15180
In Stock
Buy Laboratory Scissor Jack - Stainless Steel.
Laboratory Scissor Jack - Stainless Steel
Use this stainless steel laboratory scissor jack for a variety of applications!
$59.99 $42.95
Part#: 14855
In Stock

Buy Bell Jar with Bell and Pressure Plate.
Bell Jar with Bell and Pressure Plate
Use this model to demonstrate the inability of sound waves to travel through a vacuum!
$99.99 $89.95
Part#: 14813
In Stock
Buy 19mm Balls with Hook  - Set of 14.
19mm Balls with Hook - Set of 14
Use these set of balls with for a variety of physics experiments!
$39.99 $29.95
Part#: 14823
In Stock
Buy Micro Motor (10 pc set).
Micro Motor (10 pc set)
Great micro-motor for powering your next robotics project.
$34.99 $24.95
Part#: 15179
In Stock
Buy Sharp-Sharp Dissecting Scissors.
Sharp-Sharp Dissecting Scissors
Excellent scissors for dissecting projects in the science classroom!
$4.99 $1.95
Part#: 13554
In Stock

Buy Power Supply for Spectrum Discharge Tubes.
Power Supply for Spectrum Discharge Tubes
Use this power supply for spectrum discharge tubes to create an awesome demonstration!
$229.99 $179.95
Part#: 14242
In Stock  FREE Shipping
Buy Oersteds Law Apparatus.
Oersteds Law Apparatus
Use this apparatus to demonstrate Oersted's Law!
$29.99 $22.95
Part#: 14623
In Stock
Buy New York Demonstration Balance.
New York Demonstration Balance
Check out this excellent experiment demonstrating the law of torque!
$49.99 $36.95
Part#: 13886
In Stock
Buy Bunsen Burner.
Bunsen Burner
Use this natural-gas adjustable Bunsen burner for a variety of applications!
$22.99 $12.95
Part#: 14868
In Stock

Buy Glass Mirror - 4 x 4 inches.
Glass Mirror - 4 x 4 inches
4" x 4" glass mirror perfect for demonstrating reflection, refraction, and the principles of optics.
$2.99 $1.49
Part#: 15681
In Stock
Buy Bincho Charcoal Battery Cell Kit.
Bincho Charcoal Battery Cell Kit
Use charcoal to generate power!
$7.99 $4.95
Part#: 15173
In Stock
Buy AC/DC Generator.
AC/DC Generator
Double your teaching and experimental possibilities - demonstrates AC and DC properties!
$89.99 $69.95
Part#: 15144
In Stock
Buy Spark Timer Accelerator.
Spark Timer Accelerator
Affordable spark timer for your physics lab.
$39.99 $29.95
Part#: 15158
In Stock

Buy Illuminated Orbiter - Sun-Moon-Earth .
Illuminated Orbiter - Sun-Moon-Earth
This illuminated orbiter is great for demonstrations in the astronomy classroom!
$299.99 $239.95
Part#: 14226
In Stock  FREE Shipping
Buy Gas Law Apparatus.
Gas Law Apparatus
Use this apparatus to demonstrate Boyle's Law!
$149.99 $109.95
Part#: 14836
In Stock  FREE Shipping
Buy Deluxe Color Mixing Demo.
Deluxe Color Mixing Demo
Demonstrate color addition and shadows using this color mixing apparatus!
$119.99 $89.95
Part#: 14816
In Stock
Buy Specific Heat Set.
Specific Heat Set
Determine various heats with the help of this specific heat set!
$29.99 $24.95
Part#: 14849
In Stock

Buy Sun Spot - Solar Oven.
Sun Spot - Solar Oven
A solar-powered oven that really cooks food! Renewable and reliable.
$79.99 $59.95
Part#: 15376
In Stock
Buy Harbottle Apparatus.
Harbottle Apparatus
Help students understand the meaning of fluid pressure and pressure reduction.
$59.99 $39.95
Part#: 15145
In Stock
Buy Deluxe Dissecting Set - 12 Pieces.
Deluxe Dissecting Set - 12 Pieces
Great comprehensive dissecting set for school labs.
$39.99 $22.95
Part#: 15147
In Stock
Buy Solar Cell and Motor Demo.
Solar Cell and Motor Demo
High-power silicon cell converts light directly into electricity to operate a motor.
$59.99 $49.95
Part#: 15156
In Stock

Buy Electric Bell.
Electric Bell
Standard electric bell that operateds on 3 - 6 Volts DC.
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 15595
In Stock
Buy 250ml Glass Volumetric Flask.
250ml Glass Volumetric Flask
250ml glass flask intended to store liquids.
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 15368
In Stock
Buy Liquid Crystal Temperature Strip.
Liquid Crystal Temperature Strip
Captured liquid crystals in a strip provide precise temperature measurements
$19.99 $15.95
Part#: 15375
In Stock
Buy Voltaic Cell.
Voltaic Cell
Use this voltaic cell for a variety of applications!
$39.99 $32.95
Part#: 14844
In Stock

Buy Large Brass Weight Set.
Large Brass Weight Set
8 Slotted brass weights of varying weight and horizontal hanger w/ handle
$89.99 $69.95
Part#: 15333
In Stock
Buy Electrostatic Kit.
Electrostatic Kit
Learn about static electricity and how to deposit it on various materials.
$29.99 $24.95
Part#: 15343
In Stock
Buy Agar Powder - 3g.
Agar Powder - 3g
3 grams of nutrient agar for growing microorganism cultures!
$9.99 $5.95
Part#: 15240
In Stock
Buy Wide Range pH Solution Kit.
Wide Range pH Solution Kit
A kit containing everything you need to determine whether test solutions are acidic or basic.
$29.99 $19.95
Part#: 15372
In Stock

Buy Hooke
Hooke's Law Apparatus
This apparatus demonstrates Hookes Law of Elasticity!
$39.99 $32.95
Part#: 14827
In Stock
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