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Mini Plasma Ball

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Item Description

A touch of joy! A touch of science! A touch of fun! The Mini Plasma Ball is great as a gift, desk toy or just to have around! Light responds to touch and the music in a room! Simply place your hand on its smooth glass surface and watch as the plasma beams get thicker. The unchained lightning is drawn to your touch. Let people see electricity follow your skin because it can’t help but be attracted through this ball. It gathers harmlessly about your palm and fingers, creating beautiful swirling formations that follow your every move. It even reacts to music, your voice and other sounds! Just tune it to respond to sound and it actually reacts to music with rhythmical flashes of lightning. You can even talk to it and see the patterns of your voice reflected in its striking pulsations.

Ball size: 3.5 inches (height: 6 inches with the base) Base color: Translucent Blue

Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

Note: Can be also used with an AC adapter. AC Adapter is not included.

Recommended for ages 5 and older.

Box Size: 6.25in (15.88cm) x 4.25in (10.80cm) x 4.25in (10.80cm)
Weight: 0 lb 9 oz ( 0.25 kg )

Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Customer Reviews

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  Mini Plasma ball
Posted on: Aug 19 2015 by: Rejoy from Dubai, UAE

Good as a desktop toy but wish it was brighter. Limited visibility in natural light.

  Tesla would be proud
Posted on: Oct 30 2014 by: Bill C. from Cincinnati

For less than $20 you can demonstrate the corona discharge of high frequency current going to ground on your desk. This little guy does the job remarkably well with good energy and illumination for just running on (2) AA batteries. Let's hope the electronics last longer than I'm expecting at the reasonable price.

  Mini Plasma Ball
Posted on: Oct 30 2014 by: Doug Benenson from Santa Rosa, CA / USA

Always a crowd pleaser.

Posted on: Apr 10 2013 by: Jose Zeledon from Fayetteville, NC

This is just about as perfect a gift for my kid as they come (but I'll be playing with it too) Wish i could give it 5 stars but it I can't cause I really wish they would include a power adapter, I would have no problem paying extra for it.

  Mini Plasma Ball
Posted on: Apr 3 2013 by: Chris from Pine Island, MN

This is fascinating and works perfecty. A little harder to see in a bright room, but is still great!

  Very cool!
Posted on: Nov 18 2012 by: H. from USA, OR

Nifty little ball of lightnin'. Not super bright but that's ok considering it's so small. It does work with AA batteries but they don't last long. Best to figure out what kind of AC adapter will work.

  Groovy Baby!!
Posted on: Sep 7 2012 by: Katie Anderson from Cartersville, GA

Love this. Just the right size and works great. TIP: dont use a flash if your taking a picture of it!

Posted on: Aug 26 2012 by: from USA, Texas

Fun, fun, fun

  simple fun
Posted on: Dec 29 2011 by: Debbie from Torrance, CA

My hubby enjoys it, but he also enjoys playing with it with our two-year old twins.

  plasma ball - rocks
Posted on: Dec 13 2011 by: Martha Maroney from USA, Oregon, Portland

My son loves the plasma ball, as do his friends.


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