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Card Games

Optical Illusions Playing Cards

A collection of 54 eye-catching optical illusions that fool the eye and delight the imagination.

Item#: 10544 Age: 5+
(2 customer reviews)

Inventors Playing Cards

Have a fun and educational experience with the game of INVENTORS.

Item#: 10570 Age: 6+

Scientists Playing Cards

Have a fun and educational experience with the game of SCIENTISTS.

Item#: 10569 Age: 6+

Wilderness Survival Playing Cards

Ever wonder how to survive in the wilderness? These cards can help!

Item#: 12701 Age: 10+
(3 customer reviews)

Periodic Table Playing Cards

The cards show the name of the element, the atomic number, group, natural state and common usages!

Item#: 11775 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Dinosaurs Playing Cards

Each of the 52 cards has a high quality picture of a different dinosaur.

Item#: 11246 Age: 8+

Edible Wilderness Playing Cards

Use this cool deck of cards to learn 52 strategies for sourcing food in the wilderness.

Item#: 15085 Age: 10+
(1 customer reviews)

Biology Knowledge Cards

This deck of information-packed cards will expand your knowledge of the fascinating field of biology.

Item#: 10939 Age: 10+

Discover America Playing Cards

the traveling type? With these Discover America Playing Cards, you can visit the entire United States without leaving your home!

Item#: 11242 Age: 8+

Molecules Memory Game

Use this fun memory game to teach your students about different molecules!

Item#: 14513 Age: 6+
(1 customer reviews)

Astronomy Playing Cards

Explore the far reaches of the galaxy with these crazy cool astronomy playing cards!

Item#: 13226 Age: 7+

Totally Gross Card Game - Tin Edition

The game of science that helps kids understand the major scientific disciplines by revealing the secret: Science is really fun…and gross!

Item#: 12939 Age: 8+

Bugs Knowledge Cards

Learn about beetles, butterflies, moths and other awesome bugs with this great set of cards!

Item#: 13473 Age: 10+

Rocks Minerals and Gems Knowledge Cards

Learn all about the gems, rocks and minerals of the world using this informative card deck!

Item#: 13966 Age: 10+

2-Pack Edible Wilderness and Survival Cards

2 decks of 52 playing cards containing handy general wilderness survival tips as well as information on surviving off of edible plants in the outdoors

Item#: 16040 Age: 10+


GeoCards USA are 5 Card Games in One That Make Geography Fun!

Item#: 15398 Age: 4+

Innovative Whack Pack

The Innovative Whack Pack is a card deck consisting of 60 creativity strategies inspired by the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

Item#: 15801 Age: 16+

Volcanoes and Earthquakes Playing Cards

Fun facts about volcanoes and earthquakes on a standard 52-card deck of playing cards.

Item#: 15741 Age: 8+

Tundra Playing Cards

Enjoy the popular Tundra comic strip with this fun set of playing cards!

Item#: 15087 Age: 8+

Bear Smart Playing Cards

Learn to stay safe in bear-populated areas with this great set of playing cards!

Item#: 15089 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Creative Whack Pack

The Creative Whack Pack is a creativity tool.

Item#: 15800 Age: 16+

Caves Playing Cards

Learn about caves while playing a fun game of cards.

Item#: 15742 Age: 8+

Wildflowers of America Playing Cards

Discover wildflowers of America with this fun 52-card standard playing cards deck.

Item#: 15740 Age: 8+

The Cartoon Periodic Chart Flash Cards

Entertaining periodic chart flash cards feature all 118 elements of the periodic table, represented by fun cartoons! Works perfectly as a source of mnemonic devices for remembering all the elements!

Item#: 16218 Age: 5+

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