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Chalkboard Flash Cards - Alphabet - Image One Chalkboard Flash Cards - Alphabet - Image One
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Chalkboard Flash Cards - Alphabet

Item#: 16602  
List Price:$19.99
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Add some oldschool flair to your child's early reading and writing lessons and practice with these alphabet chalkboard flash cards!  Each card features a letter of the alphabet, and includes a colorable drawing of an animal corresponding to the letter; for instance, "W" features a friendly whale!  Every card also teaches your child how to write each letter in both upper and lower case, with step-by-step instructions at the top-left corner of the card.  The bottoms of  the cards are reserved for a practice space where kids can trace the letters first, then try writing them out on their own on the line below.  Each flash card is easy to clean with a damp cloth, or can be thrown in the sink to rinse off (avoid the dishwasher though!). Works with chalk, bright dry erase crayons, or chalk ink markers!   A unique and fun way to improve your child's handwriting, reading, and comprehension!


  • Improve your child's handwriting and reading with these alphabet chalkboard flash cards
  • Each letter has a drawing of an animal that starts with the letter on the card
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for writing out each letter, upper and lower case
  • The bottom of each card has a space reserved for both tracing and independent practice
  • Works with chalk, bright dry erase crayons, or chalk ink markers!

3 +
Box Size:
7.00 x 5.00 x 0.25 inches
17.78cm x 12.70cm x 0.64cm
0 lb 10 oz
0.27 kg

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