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Electronics Lab Gear

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Buy 2AA Battery Holder - w/Wires.
2AA Battery Holder - w/Wires
This battery holder holds 2 AA batteries--great for use in your next science fair project!
$2.99 $1.59
Part#: 14015
In Stock
Buy 1000um Fiber Optic Cable.
1000um Fiber Optic Cable
This 1,000um core size plastic fiber optic cable can be used with the fiber optic voice and data kit!
$4.99 $2.95
Part#: 10241
In Stock
Buy LED - Red 635nm 2.6V.
LED - Red 635nm 2.6V
Use this red LED light for your next science project!
$0.79 $0.29
Part#: 13956
In Stock
Buy 2AA Battery Holder - w/Wires and Switch.
2AA Battery Holder - w/Wires and Switch
This 2 AA battery holder includes an on-off switch, making it perfect for any hobby project!
$3.99 $1.95
Part#: 14016
In Stock

Buy Slide Making Kit.
Slide Making Kit
Perfect addition to your microscope!
$24.99 $18
Part#: 10337
In Stock
Buy 130 Electronics Projects Kit.
130 Electronics Projects Kit
Start a great hobby in electronics with this state of the art electronics project lab!
$79.99 $44.95
Part#: 10213
In Stock
Buy 50 Electronics Projects Kit.
50 Electronics Projects Kit
Easy to build circuits teach you the operation of over 50 electronic circuits!
$39.95 $24
Part#: 10212
In Stock
Buy Telephone Bug Kit.
Telephone Bug Kit
This kit allows you to build your very own telephone bug!
$12.95 $8.95
Part#: 10207
In Stock

Buy Electronics 1 - Part 1 Study Chart.
Electronics 1 - Part 1 Study Chart
The chart covers the fundamentals of electronic devices and basic electronic circuits!
$5.99 $5.99
Part#: 10054
In Stock
Buy 4AA Battery Holder - w/Wires and Switch.
4AA Battery Holder - w/Wires and Switch
This 4 AA battery holder includes an on-off switch, making it perfect for any hobby project!
$4.99 $1.95
Part#: 14017
In Stock
Buy 3V DC Motor 350mA 13800RPM.
3V DC Motor 350mA 13800RPM
Use this mini 3V DC motor for your next science demonstration on electricity!
$2.99 $1.69
Part#: 14655
In Stock
Buy Electronics Components Course.
Electronics Components Course
Excellent course for introducing students to basic electronic components!
$12.95 $10.95
Part#: 10211
In Stock

Buy Radio Control Car Kit.
Radio Control Car Kit
Build a fully functional radio controlled race car. Comes with the remote control!
$49.95 $34.95
Part#: 10318
In Stock
Buy 2D Battery Holder - w/Wires.
2D Battery Holder - w/Wires
This battery holder holds 2 D batteries--great for use in your next science fair project!
$3.99 $1.95
Part#: 14014
In Stock
Buy Hobby Solar Cell - Encapsulated 0.5V/400mA.
Hobby Solar Cell - Encapsulated 0.5V/400mA
This hobby solar cell is great for a variety of applications requiring a solar energy source!
$7.99 $6.49
Part#: 14653
In Stock
Buy 6V DC Motor 340mA 14400RPM .
6V DC Motor 340mA 14400RPM
This mini 6V DC motor is perfect for small hobby projects!
$5.99 $2.95
Part#: 14656
In Stock

Buy Dynamo/Solar Keychain Flashlight.
Dynamo/Solar Keychain Flashlight
This key chain is powered by both solar energy and hand crank power!
$9.99 $6.95
Part#: 14918
In Stock
Buy Thyristor PUT 2N6027G.
Thyristor PUT 2N6027G
This thyristor comes in handy for many electrical applications!
$0.79 $0.39
Part#: 14790
In Stock
Buy Snap Circuits Extreme 750-in-1 with PC interface.
Snap Circuits Extreme 750-in-1 with PC interface
Do micro-controller projects and program them using your own computer!
$179.95 $135
Part#: 14487
In Stock  FREE Shipping
Buy Elenco Soldering Station.
Elenco Soldering Station
This is a deluxe soldering station that can handle any kind of application!
$49.99 $37.95
Part#: 13418
In Stock

Buy Peltier Thermo-Electric Cooling Module - 12V.
Peltier Thermo-Electric Cooling Module - 12V
Use this thermo-electric cooling module for a variety of applications!
$14.99 $7.95
Part#: 14916
In Stock
Buy Miniature Relay.
Miniature Relay
You can use this miniature relay for your next electronics science project!
$2.99 $1.95
Part#: 14786
In Stock
Buy Elenco 830 Bredblox.
Elenco 830 Bredblox
This quality bredblox is great for all kinds of electrical applications!
$12.99 $8.95
Part#: 14794
In Stock
Buy Magnet Wire - 16 AWG.
Magnet Wire - 16 AWG
This magnet wire can be used for all kinds of electronics applications!
$14.99 $10.95
Part#: 13959
In Stock

Buy Digital Multimeter - Velleman DVM93U.
Digital Multimeter - Velleman DVM93U
High quality Velleman digital multimeter at an affordable price!
$39.99 $22.95
Part#: 14660
In Stock
Buy Pocket Dice Electronics Solder Kit.
Pocket Dice Electronics Solder Kit
Use this pocket dice electronics solder kit for a science project!
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 14802
In Stock
Buy Solar Energy Electronics Experiment Kit.
Solar Energy Electronics Experiment Kit
Perform up to 10 solar-powered projects with this great kit!
$39.99 $29.95
Part#: 14917
In Stock
Buy LEDs Set - Assorted 80pcs.
LEDs Set - Assorted 80pcs
Use this set of LEDs for a variety of electrical applications!
$24.99 $15.95
Part#: 14784
In Stock

Buy Elenco 830 Bredblox with Binding Posts.
Elenco 830 Bredblox with Binding Posts
This quality bredblox comes with binding posts!
$19.99 $16.95
Part#: 14795
In Stock
Buy Student Electronics BreadBoard.
Student Electronics BreadBoard
Use this solderless electronics for a variety of electrical applications!
$19.99 $12.95
Part#: 14792
In Stock
Buy Sony 13W Speaker 30 Hz to 20 kHz.
Sony 13W Speaker 30 Hz to 20 kHz
Check out this top of the line hobby projects Sony speaker!
$19.99 $9.95
Part#: 14662
In Stock
Buy Handheld Pocket Scope - Velleman HPS140I.
Handheld Pocket Scope - Velleman HPS140I
Great portable oscilloscope for your science lab or your home electronics project!
$299.95 $179.95
Part#: 14658
In Stock  FREE Shipping

Buy Ceramic Capacitors Set - 224pcs.
Ceramic Capacitors Set - 224pcs
Use these ceramic capacitors for your next electronics project!
$25.99 $19.95
Part#: 14782
In Stock
Buy Anti-Static Mat with Ground Cable.
Anti-Static Mat with Ground Cable
Use this anti-static mat for a variety of applications!
$29.99 $16.95
Part#: 14924
In Stock
Buy Deluxe Digital Soldering Station.
Deluxe Digital Soldering Station
This professional soldering station features a digital temperature display!
$179.99 $119.95
Part#: 14799
In Stock  FREE Shipping
Buy Handheld Pocket Scope with USB - Velleman HPS50.
Handheld Pocket Scope with USB - Velleman HPS50
Connect this cool pocket oscilloscope to your computer via USB and view and capture screens in real-time!
$399.95 $349.95
Part#: 14659
In Stock  FREE Shipping

Buy Assembled 7W Mono Amplifier.
Assembled 7W Mono Amplifier
Use this amplifier for your home stereo system, hobby projects and more!
$24.99 $19.95
Part#: 14925
In Stock
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