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Welcome to the world's most popular educational and lab science supply store! We ship over 2,000 scientific and educational products to customers in over 110 countries worldwide. Here, you will find science fair project supplies, school science lab equipment, fun gadgets, science toys and science gifts. From robots, to chemistry glassware, to magnets, to insects and fossils ... we got it covered!
STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

8 Cool Science Experiments for Kids to Inspire STEM Education

Put away the boring textbooks and worksheets; it’s time to make science fun again! Check out our list of eight exciting, engaging, and cool science experiments that will invigorate a love and passion for STEM education in your child or student. We feature science experiment ideas from renewable energy solar-powered model car kits to magnetic field observations, crystal growing, and DIY robots. Click here for this science article.

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Seismic Accelerator

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