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Science Party Supplies

Handheld UV Light

Turbo charge your glow-in-the-dark collection with this handy 6 inch UV black light!

Item#: 10166 Age: 8+
(3 customer reviews)

Mini Plasma Ball

A touch of joy. A touch of science. Light responds to your touch and to the music in your room!

Item#: 10616 Age: 5+
(10 customer reviews)

Micro FiberOptic Light

This fun mini fiber optic light is perfect for parties or special events!

Item#: 15082 Age: 8+

9 LED UV Blacklight Flashlight

This compact 9 LED UV flashlight is perfect for lab applications, detection purposes and more!

Item#: 15994 Age: 18+

4-in-1 Burning Torch Flame Light

Use this neat flame light for a variety of decorative applications!

Item#: 14043 Age: 16+
(6 customer reviews)

Mini Light Base - 6 pack

Six miniature light bases containing one superstrong LED light each, with adhesive on the opposite side. Create impromptu lamps out of old bottles, vases, and more!

Item#: 15668 Age: 6+

Kalightoscope (Kaleidoscope) Lamp

Perfect for a kid's room or anywhere you want to add a little fun.

Item#: 15527 Age: 6+

6 inch Plasma Ball

This large 6 inch plasma ball will add some excitement to any room!

Item#: 15558 Age: 14+

Invisible Ink - 2oz

Here's that hard to find invisible ink for hand stamps, date stamps, part marking and other unique applications.

Item#: 15455 Age: 18+
(1 customer reviews)

Cob LED Stick Light - 100 Lumens

Compact COB stick features 1 high-quality LED and a flat, super-powerful light strip on the side that utilizes Surface Mount Technology.

Item#: 15995 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)

8 White LED + Red Laser Flashlight

High-quality aluminum flashlight with 8 LEDs and a red laser pointer

Item#: 15927 Age: 13+

9 LED Glow-in-the-Dark Flashlight

Affordable flashlight features 9 high-quality LEDs, wrist strap, and glow-in-the-dark outer casing

Item#: 15936 Age: 8+

Crystal Nightlight Kit

Learn about the chemistry of crystal formation and the physics of light and color as you build your own fully functional crystal nightlight with this fun, hands-on kit!

Item#: 15738 Age: 8+

Plasma Bulb Night Light by Kikkerland

This incredible and unique night light features a fully functional plasma ball in the bulb that responds to your touch!

Item#: 16045 Age: 16+

Plasma Light Gift Set

Makes a unique gift for teen or college student. This gift is sure to add a little light to anyone's day.

Item#: 15805 Age: 8+

Illooms Light-up Balloons - Marble 5 Pack

This set includes 5 marble balloons with LED lights. Perfect for parties!

Item#: 15856 Age: 8+

Blacklight Glow Gift Set

Cosmic fun for anyone! Make every day a party with these specially selected glow items.

Item#: 15812 Age: 7+

Crushed Crystals Fiber-Optic Lamp

This classic Fiber & Crystal Lamp with Crushed Tips white lighted crystal rocks in the bottom and a white lighted fiber optic spray on the top.

Item#: 15864 Age: 18+

Colorflame Tea Lights

A set of six tea light candles in four different colors that produce flames that burn the same color as the candle itself!

Item#: 16199 Age: 16+

4 inch Mirror Ball

High-quality, classic 4 inch mirror ball.

Item#: 15861 Age: 14+

FairyBerries - White

Place these small 3/4 inch diameter clear balls everywhere around your party venue.

Item#: 15451 Age: 12+

EL MotionWire - Pink

Pink EL MotionWire with constant chasing / moving light.

Item#: 15459 Age: 12+

Invisible Ink - 8oz

Large 8oz bottle of hard to find blue invisible ink. Visible under UV blacklight.

Item#: 15454 Age: 18+

10 White + 5 UV LED + Red Laser Flashlight

Quality compact flashlight features 10 white LEDs, 5 UV LEDs, and a red laser pointer.

Item#: 15926 Age: 18+

Star Sphere - 8 inch with 36 LEDs

The StarSphere produces a brilliant holographic cluster of white stars inside a clear plastic globe.

Item#: 15863 Age: 18+

Light Up Rail Twirler

This simple but amusing light-up magnetic toy will keep you busy for hours!

Item#: 16094 Age: 6+

Mirror Ball Spinning Motor - Battery Power

Battery operated motor for 8 inch diameter or smaller mirror balls.

Item#: 15859 Age: 14+

Lunar Light Show

Illuminate your room in a spectrum of vibrant colors with the Lunar Light Show moon!

Item#: 16099 Age: 6+

Bing Bang Bounce

Fun ball launching game that teaches players about angles, momentum, trajectory, and game design as they try to launch a series of balls into a series of targets, finally landing one in the victory basket - play alone, in a group, or on teams

Item#: 16175 Age: 8+

Insta-Glow UV Pen Black Light

A nifty UV light pen that lets you charge any glow-in-the-dark or UV-reactive object in seconds - draw glowing lines on the object wherever you move the pen light

Item#: 16205 Age: 5+


RGB Fiber-optic Kit

A fiber optic lighting kit with 150 strands of 6ft long wires, powered by LEDs, with a 16-color selection remote control featuring 4 lighting modes

Item#: 16154 Age: 18+

Mirror Ball String Light

A groovy set of 12 disco-era mirror balls arranged at intervals of 8 inches on an 8 foot string - each ball is internally lit by LED light!

Item#: 16155 Age: 14+

8 inch Mirror Ball

High-quality, classic 8 inch mirror ball.

Item#: 15862 Age: 14+

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