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Solar Cells & Panels

Harness the power of the sun and explore alternative energy solutions with these hobby solar cells and professional solar panels. Also find lithium batteries and charge controllers, as well as solar car kits.
Photo of the: Solar Cell - 2V 130mA 54x54mm

Solar Cell - 2V 130mA 54x54mm

Item#: 16574


Photo of the: Solar Cell - 5V 250mA 110x69mm

Solar Cell - 5V 250mA 110x69mm

Item#: 16656


Photo of the: 12V 10W Waterproof Solar Panel

12V 10W Waterproof Solar Panel

Item#: 16329


Solar Charge Controllers

Large selection of solar charge controllers for Lithium recheargeable batteries.

Solar Kits

Build solar-powered robots and vehicles, create shadow art using solar print paper, conduct electronics experiments using solar cells, and even cook food using nothing but solar heat with these solar energy kits!
Photo of the: Solar Rover 4M Kit

Solar Rover 4M Kit

Item#: 14218


Solar Toys

These solar toys harness the power of the sun to demonstrate the power of alternative energy sources! Make solar print art using light exposure and shadows, fly a giant solar balloon, and build solar-powered robot pals!
Photo of the: Super-Tiny Solar-Powered Car

Super-Tiny Solar-Powered Car

Item#: 17348


Photo of the: Solar Print Refill Paper

Solar Print Refill Paper

Item#: 10432


Photo of the: Solar UV Beads - 250pcs

Solar UV Beads - 250pcs

Item#: 13709


Photo of the: Crookes Solar Radiometer

Crookes Solar Radiometer

Item#: 10094


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