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Photo of the: Mood Ring

Mood Ring

Are they mad, sad, or glad? Maybe you'll find out when you check the mood ring you got them!

Item#: 16471 Age: 6+
5 star rating (4 customer reviews)

Photo of the: Mystery Stick

Mystery Stick

Vibrations produced by rubbing the notches on this mystery stick can be controlled to make the prop turn!

Item#: 10465 Age: 6+
5 star rating (4 customer reviews)

Photo of the: Fiery Mood Ring

Fiery Mood Ring

This is one of the coolest mood rings available on the market. It features a fiery swirl design and it changes color depending on your mood.

Item#: 13347 Age: 6+
5 star rating (6 customer reviews)

Photo of the: Ask the Alien - Magic 8 Ball

Ask the Alien - Magic 8 Ball

Shake the alien orb and receive answers to your every question! With this extraterrestrial magic 8 ball you'll never have to decide for yourself again!

Item#: 16629 Age: 6+

Photo of the: Mini Voice Changer

Mini Voice Changer

A fun and simple toy that modifies your voice in 3 different ways, producing surprising vocal effects excellent for pranks or messing with your friends.

Item#: 16093 Age: 5+

Photo of the: Alien Attack Sling Shot

Alien Attack Sling Shot

Fun mini slingshot with two-extra stretchy aliens who double as ammunition!

Item#: 16278 Age: 5+

Photo of the: Shark Hand Puppet

Shark Hand Puppet

Terrorize innocent beachgoers with this malleable rubber shark hand puppet!

Item#: 16857 Age: 3+
5 star rating (6 customer reviews)

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