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New Products: Just Arrived!

Here is a listing of the latest and greatest products in the world of science supplies, toys, gadgets and gifts. This list is updated each time a new item arrives to the xUmp.com warehouse! Keep it bookmarked and come back frequently!

Long-horned Beetle Specimen in Acrylic Block

This is a real specimen of the long-horned beetle encased in an acrylic block.

Item#: 17202 Age: 14+

Glass Graduated Cylinder - 1000ml

This large 1000ml (1L) graduated cylinder is an excellent addition to any chemistry lab or science classroom.

Item#: 17201 Age: 18+

5X Glass Lens Magnifying Glass - 2-inch diameter

Use this handy magnifying glass to magnify 5X small print, rocks, bugs, stamps, and more.

Item#: 17197 Age: 14+

3X Rubberized HandHeld Magnifying Glass - 3-inch diameter

This handy magnifying glass has 3X magnification and a large 3-inch high-quality crystal-clear glass lens.

Item#: 17198 Age: 14+

Alligator Clips with Insulated Grip - 12Pc Set

These handy alligator clips can be attached to any standard 4mm banana plug and used for connecting components in your electric circuit.

Item#: 17199 Age: 14+

Rocks of the US - 9 Rocks Geology Kit

This kit features the nine most common rocks found in the United States.

Item#: 17192 Age: 8+

Sedimentary Rocks Kit - 15 Rocks Geology Kit

Learn to identify and classify 15 sedimentary rocks using the rock guide and magnifier included.

Item#: 17193 Age: 8+

Growing Crystals - Complete Mini Kit

With this complete mini crystal growing kit, you can grow your own crystal. Growing crystals is easy and fun!

Item#: 17182 Age: 10+

Squishy Earth with Core

This squishy Earth's core model half-dome is great for demonstrating geology in the classroom and as a super-satisfying squeezable stress reliever.

Item#: 17183 Age: 3+

Black Light Science Kit - 9 piece set - 6 experiments

Perform six cool experiments with UV black-light. From writing secret invisible messages to making putty glow under the UV light.

Item#: 17184 Age: 5+

Sci-bits: Pump Rockets Kit

Launch micro rockets that fly up to 20 feet. Discover Newtonian rocket science. Blast off!

Item#: 17186 Age: 6+

Sci-bits: Glow T-Rex Skeleton Puzzle with DinoCodes App

Assemble your T-Rex dinosaur skeleton that glows in the dark and bring it to life with the bonus AR dinocodes app.

Item#: 17187 Age: 3+

Paper Making Science STEAM 4M Kit

Master the ancient technique of paper making. Have unlimited fun recycling used paper for making environmentally friendly science craft projects.

Item#: 17189 Age: 3+

Solar System Planetarium 4M Kit - Solar Hybrid Power

This kit includes all the parts needed to make your own motorized solar system model and develop your mechanical skills.

Item#: 17190 Age: 3+

Phosphorescent Powder Test Tube - Glow in the Dark

This glow powder is great for making glow-in-the-dark art, teaching how germs propagate, and more.

Item#: 17177 Age: 8+

KingSeal UltraBlack Nitrile Medical Grade Gloves - Box of 100

These powder-free and latex-free Nitrile Exam Gloves are designed and manufactured for superior comfort and protection.

Item#: 17174 Age: 18+

KingSeal Nitrile Exam Gloves - LARGE - Box of 100

These large, powder-free Nitrile Exam Gloves are designed and manufactured for superior comfort and protection.

Item#: 17175 Age: 18+

1V 85mA Mini Solar Cell with Wire Leads - 30x25mm

A perfect low power, pre-soldered solar panel for DIY solar powered lights, toys, science projects, electronic applications, charging batteries, and much more!

Item#: 17173 Age: 18+

Red Laser Ray Box - 1, 3 or 5 beams - with Adapter

This laser ray box is an excellent classroom tool for demonstrating optical ray paths to students. Comes with five red lasers, which you can control with a provided switch to turn either one, three, or all five beams at a time.

Item#: 17167 Age: 18+

3-24V 2A Adjustable DC Power Supply with Digital LCD Display

You can adjust the output of this power supply from 3V to 24V DC, and it will give you a maximum of 2A current - which is more than enough to power all your science projects.

Item#: 17168 Age: 18+

3-12V 5A Adjustable DC Power Supply with Digital LCD Display

Need an affordable DC power supply with an adjustable voltage and digital display? Look no further! This power supply is excellent for DIY hobby electronics projects, science fair projects, and school science labs.

Item#: 17169 Age: 18+

Adhesive Conductive Copper Foil - 6mm wide x 25 m long

Need to connect a wire to a solar cell or DC motor without soldering it? This convenient conductive copper foil tape is self-adhesive, and it gives you an instant connection.

Item#: 17170 Age: 18+

2ft Red Alligator Clips Cords - 5 pack

Connect your electronic components such as batteries, motors, light bulbs, buzzers, etc., with this affordable bulk pack of alligator clips cables.

Item#: 17171 Age: 18+

2ft Black Alligator Clips Cords - 5 pack

This affordable set of five black 2 ft long connection cables features alligator clips on both ends.

Item#: 17172 Age: 18+

AMMEX Ivory Stretch Vinyl Exam Latex-Free Disposable Gloves - MEDIUM - Box of 100

This is a medical-grade glove that offers the fit, feel, and comfort of latex. Because they are latex free, however, there are no concerns about latex sensitivity.

Item#: 17163 Age: 18+

Gloveworks Black Nitrile Industrial Latex-Free Disposable Gloves - Box of 100

These 5mil thick Nitrile gloves are perfect for automotive, industrial, chemical, plumbing, and painting applications.

Item#: 17164 Age: 18+

AMMEX X3D Blue Nitrile Industrial Latex-Free Disposable Gloves - Box of 200

These 3mil thick blue Nitrile gloves are perfect for automotive and industrial. They come in an affordable 200 gloves box!

Item#: 17165 Age: 18+

Gum Ball

A wonderfully vibrant stress ball designed to take your mind off of negative thoughts.

Item#: 17159 Age: 3+

Snow Ball

A creatively themed stress ball that mimics the feel of a snowball!

Item#: 17160 Age: 3+

Sproing - The Spring Thing

Learn about the concepts of Hooke's law by stretching and compressing the Sproing in creative ways.

Item#: 17161 Age: 5+


Set of 8 Gas Tubes for Physics Experiments

This set of eight pure gas tubes is great for physics light emission experiments with a Tesla Coil or Van De Graaff generator.

Item#: 17157 Age: 18+

Reverse Polarity CMOS CR2032 Battery with Molex Connector

A reverse-polarity wrapped CR2032 battery with attached wire leads - excellent for hobby electronics and science fair projects

Item#: 17156 Age: 18+

Pack of 12 DC Motors 130 - 1.5V-6V

This pack includes 12 of the mini DC motors 130 type.

Item#: 17155 Age: 14+

10cm 40pin Male-to-Male Breadboard Jumper Cable Ribbon

This set of 40 jumper wires (10cm) in a cable ribbon with a male connector or pin at each end is great for connecting electronic components on a small breadboard.

Item#: 17153 Age: 18+

20cm 40pin Male-to-Male Breadboard Jumper Cable Ribbon

This is a set of 40 jumper wires (20cm) in a cable ribbon with a male connector or pin at each end.

Item#: 17154 Age: 18+

Deluxe USB Male to Alligator Clips Adapter Cable

This sturdy cable adapter is a must-have when powering your DIY circuits with a USB power source.

Item#: 17143 Age: 14+

Deluxe USB Female to Alligator Clips Adapter Cable

This sturdy cable adapter is a must-have when you need to connect any power source (usually at 5V DC) into a standard USB connector.

Item#: 17144 Age: 14+

Universal Battery Tester - AA AAA C D 9V

This handy universal battery tester can be used to check AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries. A must have for any home or school laboratory or electronics club.

Item#: 17145 Age: 14+

Frosted E10 LED Light Bulb - Blue - 4.5V 0.06W

This mini 4.5V blue LED light bulb is a perfect complement to any electrical science project or demonstration. Power it with any 4.5V DC source (3 x AA batteries will work!)

Item#: 17146 Age: 14+

E10 Torch LED Light Bulb - White - 3V-6V 0.06W

These cool LED E10 mini-lightbulbs have a 50,000 hrs lifespan!

Item#: 17147 Age: 14+

Flat Head Micro Precision Screwdrivers - 10 pack 45mm 1.5mm

Great little flat-head screwdriver for mini DIY projects.

Item#: 17148 Age: 14+

Phillips Head Micro Precision Screwdrivers - 10 pack 45mm 1.5mm

Great little Phillips-head screwdriver for mini DIY projects.

Item#: 17149 Age: 14+

Female Banana Socket Terminals - 4mm - Black and Red Pair

Standard banana (female) terminals / sockets for your next DIY electronics project.

Item#: 17150 Age: 14+

Signal/Function Generator Module Board - 50Hz-50kHz - Sine/Square/Triangle Wave

Get a sine, square or triangle wave signal at an adjustable frequency, anywere from 50Hz to 50kHz.

Item#: 17152 Age: 18+

DC Motor 300 - 1.5V to 6V

This DC motor with leads is perfect for connecting to small solar cells - use w/ a 2mm propeller to make a solar-powered fan!

Item#: 17142 Age: 14+


AmSci Understanding Coronavirus Science Kit

Learn about COVID-19, how diseases spread, and the nature of scientific understanding – how it develops and evolves.

Item#: 17141 Age: 12+

Retractable Metal Tape Measure 10ft/3m - Both Imperial and Metric Scale

Use this measuring tape for a variety of applications!

Item#: 17138 Age: 14+

USB-Powered Mini Plasma Ball - 3 inch Dome

This is a USB-powered version of a popular classic physics desk toy and static electricity demo for the science classroom.

Item#: 17139 Age: 14+

30A 12V/24A Solar Charge Controller

30A Solar Charge Controller, suitable for 12V/24V DC units. Solar charge controllers are essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of a solar panel and its battery.

Item#: 17140 Age: 18+

AG13 LR44 1.5V Alkaline Batteries - 10 pack

A blister pack of ten AG-13 LR44 alkaline batteries, ideal for watches, clocks, calculators, electronics, cameras, LED tools, and so much more!

Item#: 17136 Age: 18+

365nm UV Light Blacklight Keychain

A compact and affordable 365nm UV ultraviolet keychain flashlight that can be used for fluorescent rocks.

Item#: 17133 Age: 18+

Bismuth Metal Cube - 10mm 99.95 Pure

This product is a 10mm x 10mm x 10mm cube of almost pure (99.95% pure) Bismuth metal. It features a laser-etched symbol, name, atomic number, and atomic weight in the front of the cube and density (9.87 g/cm^3), and purity in the back.

Item#: 17134 Age: 18+

USB Rechargeable Red Laser + UV LED + White LED Flashlight

This cool 4-in-1 red laser pointer, UV LED light, white LED light, and keychain is rechargeable with any standard USB.

Item#: 17135 Age: 18+

Zoom Focus 365nm LED UV Blacklight Flashlight

Great for getting fluorescent rocks or scorpions to glow, for ID verification, hotel sanitary checks, detecting counterfeit money and more.

Item#: 17130 Age: 18+

USB Female to USB Male Extension Cable - 5ft 1.5m

This universal USB extension cable features USB Male on one end and USB Female connector on the other end.

Item#: 17131 Age: 18+

Dice - Pack of 10

High-quality game dice assortment - 10pcs. Great for games and math activities.

Item#: 17123 Age: 6+

3.5X Magnifying Glass with COB LED Light

A handy magnifying glass with built in COB LED lighting. It has a powerful 3.5X magnification and ultra-bright lights for illumination of your viewing object.

Item#: 17124 Age: 14+

Two Decks of Playing Cards

Get two sturdy and colorful decks of standard playing cards for less than what most stores sell each one.

Item#: 17125 Age: 3+

Alkaline Button Cell Watch Batteries Assortment - set of 20

Great assortment of button cell watch batteries at a great price! Must-have for any household.

Item#: 17126 Age: 18+

Classic Retro-Style Wood Yo-Yo

Durable lightweight classic retro-style wooden yo-yo.

Item#: 17127 Age: 3+

Iron Filings Variety Pack

Includes three jars, each with a different particle size of iron filings: FINE/100 mesh, MEDIUM/40 mesh, and COARSE/20 mesh.

Item#: 17122 Age: 6+

Triceratops Dinosaur LED Night Light - Battery or USB Powered

This cool Triceratops LED Night Light is perfect for night stand or on a desk.

Item#: 17119 Age: 5+

CR2025 3V Lithium Battery - 5 pack

A blister pack of 5 CR2025 Lithium batteries, ideal for LED remote controls, watches, clocks, calculators, electronics, cameras, LED tools, and so much more!

Item#: 17116 Age: 18+

18650 Green Lithium-Ion Cell Rechargeable Battery - 3.7V 2600mAh

This standard rechargeable 18650 Lithium battery cell is perfect for science fair projects involving solar panels.

Item#: 17117 Age: 18+

18650 Blue Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery - 3.7V 2600mAh

This standard 3.7V rechargeable Lithium 18650 battery cell is perfect for solar science fair projects involving panels.

Item#: 17118 Age: 18+

USB to DC Adapter 5.5mm x 2.1mm Cable

Use this handy adapter cable to supply 5V to a standard DC adapter from a USB plug.

Item#: 17113 Age: 18+

Analog Adjustable USB Power Supply - 1V to 30V 2A

With this handy USB power supply you can get any voltage from 1V to 30V and up to 2A current with potentiometer (analog) adjustments.

Item#: 17114 Age: 18+

Fast USB Charger Adapter - 5V 2A

This fast charge (5V 2A) power adapter can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets and other devices. It can also be used as a power supply for various science and electronics experiments.

Item#: 17115 Age: 18+

Sentinel L2 - ASTM Level 2 Face Masks - 50pack

These blue disposable earloop face masks conform to the ASTM F1862 Level 2 clasification.

Item#: 17111 Age: 18+

4M Scientific Discovery Kit

Discover different science principles with this fascinating kit. Over 40 fun projects!!

Item#: 17110 Age: 8+

100 Ohm 10W Ceramic Resistor

This powerful 10 W 100 Ohm ceramic resistor can be used on ends of power supplies to prevent failure due to short circuit, and more.

Item#: 17099 Age: 18+

Wire Caps 22-14 AWG - 10 pack - HS P1 Type Screw Terminals

These small wire caps can be used to protect your twisted wire connections.

Item#: 17100 Age: 18+

6V Mini E10 Lightbulbs - Pack of 50

Use three or four AA batteries (4.5V - 6V) to power this lightbulb.

Item#: 17101 Age: 18+

2.5V Mini E10 Lightbulbs - Pack of 50

This affordable 50pcs bulk pack of E10 mini-lightbulbs is a must have for any science classroom or electronics workshop.

Item#: 17102 Age: 18+

Bussmann DMM-11AR Multimeter Fuse - 1000V 11A

This original powerful 11A Bussmann fuse is frequently used in multimeters to protect from over-current damage.

Item#: 17095 Age: 18+

Bussmann DMM-B-44/100 Multimeter Fuse - 1000V 440mA

This original 440mA 1000V Bussmann fuse is frequently used in multimeters.

Item#: 17096 Age: 18+

SIBA FF 10A 600V Ceramic Multimeter Fuse - 6.3 x 32mm

This ceramic fuse is designed for multimeter use. It protects against overloads and short curcuits.

Item#: 17097 Age: 18+

12mm Laser Module Holder and Heatsink

This high quality aluminum laser module holder serves as both a holder and a heat sink for 12mm laser modules.

Item#: 17098 Age: 18+

Non-Hardening Modeling Clay - 2oz

This is approx 2oz chunk of non-hardening clay for use in science experiments.

Item#: 17091 Age: 18+

30ml Luer Lock Syringe with Cap - Non-Sterile

This non-sterile 30ml syringe comes with a luer lock cap and it great for gas law experiments.

Item#: 17092 Age: 18+

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