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Newton's Rings Interference of Light Demo

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Newton's Rings is an optical phenomenon that occurs when a convex lens is placed on top of a flat glass plate. When viewed through the lens, a series of concentric, colored rings appear around the point of contact between the two surfaces. This effect is caused by the interference of light waves reflecting off both surfaces, which creates a pattern of alternating bright and dark rings.

The phenomenon was first discovered by Sir Isaac Newton in 1717 while he was studying the properties of light. He used a glass prism to split white light into its component colors and noted that the rings appeared when he placed the prism on a flat glass plate. Today, the Newton's Rings apparatus is widely used in physics labs and classrooms to demonstrate the principles of interference and the wave-like nature of light.

Bring this fascinating world of interference of light to life with this Newton's Rings demo. This high-quality apparatus is designed to offer an exceptional demonstration of the interference of light, making it the perfect addition to any science classroom, laboratory, or even your own personal collection.

This apparatus is compact and convenient to use in a variety of settings. Whether you're conducting a science experiment, hosting a demonstration, or simply looking to impress your friends and colleagues, the Newton's Rings Interference of Light Demo is the perfect choice.


  • Demonstrate Newton's Rings with this portable apparatus
  • Lens size: 27 mm diameter
  • Holder size: 50 mm diameter x 27 mm thick

14 +
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Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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