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Product# Product Name Brand Price
15897$300 Scratch and Ding Mystery BoxxUmp.com$179.00
148421 x AA Battery Holder with Leads - 1.5VxUmp.com$0.59
162741 x AA Battery Holder with Switch and Leads - 1.5VxUmp.com$1.29
1466410 Alligator Clip Leads - MediumxUmp.com$4.95
1422510 Color PenToysmith$4.95
1736010 Magnet and Hook Sets$9.95
1663910 pack CR2032 Batteries with Wire Leads (CMOS)xUmp.com$24.90
1626010 pack Mini DC Motors - 1.5-6VxUmp.com$13.50
1623910 pack Piezo Electronic Alarm Buzzers with Leads - 1.5VxUmp.com$15.90
1644910 pack Piezo Electronic Alarm Buzzers with Leads - 3VxUmp.com$15.90
1645010 pack Piezo Electronic Alarm Buzzers with Leads - 9VxUmp.com$15.90
1678610 pack Solar Cells - 1.5V 400mA 80x60mmxUmp.com$39.99
1675610 pack Solar Cells - 2V 130mA 54x54mmxUmp.com$24.99
16259100 Assorted LEDs Pack - 5mm xUmp.com$3.95
17099100 Ohm 10W Ceramic ResistorxUmp.com$2.29
16872100 Prepared Biology Microscope Slides SetxUmp.com$69.00
15378100 Rocks and Minerals of the U.S.A.xUmp.com$85.00
166041000 Lumen COB Rechargeable Floodlight with StandxUmp.com$25.95
161271000 Solar UV BeadsxUmp.com$21.99
161051000g x 0.1g Mini Bench Digital ScaleUS Balance$15.00
144551000g x 0.1g Precision Digital ScaleUS Balance$12.95
169291000mL Plastic Measuring JugxUmp.com$3.99
102411000um Fiber Optic CableElenco$2.99
168711000X HD 1080P Digital Microscope with LCD ScreenxUmp.com$89.00
167571000X HD WiFi Wireless Digital MicroscopexUmp.com$65.00
173391000X USB HD Digital Microscope with LED Illumination$39.00
14771100g Calibration WeightxUmp.com$2.99
16676100g x 0.01g Digital Pocket ScaleUS Balance$12.95
1715310cm 40pin Male-to-Male Breadboard Jumper Cable RibbonxUmp.com$1.49
1721910-in-1 Adventure Excavation Mega Dig Kit$15.00
1660510W COB LED Lantern with CompassxUmp.com$24.95
1611210X Achromatic DIN Microscope ObjectivexUmp.com$25.95
1737310x5mm Neodymium N50 Ring Magnet with Screw Countersink$0.79
1635511.1V 3A Lithium Solar Charge ControllerxUmp.com$11.00
1709812mm Laser Module Holder and HeatsinkxUmp.com$4.95
1482812mm Steel Balls - Set of 12xUmp.com$7.99
1632912V 10W Waterproof Solar PanelxUmp.com$44.99
1694812V 21Ah Lithium-Ion Rechargeable BatteryxUmp.com$129.00
1635612V 4400mAh Lithium BatteryxUmp.com$45.00
1635712V 9800mAh Lithium BatteryxUmp.com$64.99
1639915 Minerals Study KitxUmp.com$25.95
1631815W Stereo Audio AmplifierxUmp.com$7.99
1734015X LED Illuminated Loupe Magnifier$7.95
1676218650 Battery Charge Shield - 3V 5V DC SupplyxUmp.com$5.99
1646518650 Lithium Cell 3.7V Battery Holder with LeadsxUmp.com$1.09
1736318V 100W Solar Panel - Flexible and Waterproof$175.00
1631618V 150mA Solar Panel with Alligator ClipsxUmp.com$14.99
1669518V 30W Waterproof Solar Panel with Connection LeadsxUmp.com$79.95
168881F 5.5V Super CapacitorxUmp.com$2.79
103991in Alnico Horseshoe MagnetDowling Magnets$5.99
170801K Potentiometer - 16mmxUmp.com$0.59
164311N4001 Diode - 1A 50VxUmp.com$0.29
171731V 85mA Mini Solar Cell with Wire Leads - 30x25mmxUmp.com$1.79
101432 inch Alnico Horseshoe MagnetDowling Magnets$9.95
170382 x AA Battery Holder 3V with On/Off Knife SwitchxUmp.com$1.49
158772 x AA Battery Holder B2B with Leads - 3VxUmp.com$0.95
140152 x AA Battery Holder with Leads- 3VxUmp.com$0.95
140162 x AA Battery Holder with Switch and Leads - 3VxUmp.com$1.39
168562 x AAA Battery Holder with Switch and Leads - 3VxUmp.com$1.39
164662 x CR2032 Battery Holder Round Black with SwitchxUmp.com$1.49
164672 x CR2032 Clear Battery Holder Flat with SwitchxUmp.com$1.29
140142 x D Battery Holder with Leads - 3VxUmp.com$1.59
164262.1mm DC Power Jack - Female Chassis MountxUmp.com$1.49
171022.5V Mini E10 Lightbulbs - Pack of 50xUmp.com$9.95
172942000X HD Digital Microscope 7-inch LCD 12MP Rechargeable$195.00
15899200g Calibration WeightxUmp.com$3.99
11289200g x 0.01g High Accuracy Digital ScaleUS Balance$25.95
1634620A 12V Lithium Battery Solar Charge ControllerxUmp.com$29.00
1715420cm 40pin Male-to-Male Breadboard Jumper Cable RibbonxUmp.com$1.79
1677020g x 0.001g Ultra-High Precision Digital ScaleUS Balance$35.95
1040824 Piece Magnet SetToysmith$10.50
1669124AWG Stranded Copper Wire - Four Colors - 10m eachxUmp.com$9.00
1639524LED Adjustable Frequency StrobeVelleman$22.95
1563825ml Plastic Gem Jars - 12pkxUmp.com$5.99
1674825mm Solid Balls - set of 14xUmp.com$29.99
171722ft Black Alligator Clips Cords - 5 pack$2.75
171712ft Red Alligator Clips Cords - 5 pack$2.75
160402-Pack Edible Wilderness and Survival CardsxUmp.com$12.00
173412W USB Solar Panel Phone Battery Charger$14.95
161013 Blade Propeller - 80mmxUmp.com$0.49
166423 inch Steel Horseshoe MagnetxUmp.com$3.95
161083 Laser Pointers Set - Red Green BluexUmp.com$29.99
156113 LED COB Lumifier - 3.4 inch 3XxUmp.com$7.99
172093 x 18650 Lithium Cell Battery Holder - 11.1V$1.29
162723 x AA Battery Holder with Leads - 4.5VxUmp.com$0.89
162753 x AA Battery Holder with Switch and Leads - 4.5VxUmp.com$1.39
166573.7V Lithium Battery Indicator TesterxUmp.com$2.59
159403/4 inch Disc Levitation MagnetxUmp.com$0.25
159413/4 inch Ring Levitation Magnet - 1/4 holexUmp.com$0.25
173653000g x 0.1g US-Scientific Digital Scale$35.95
1714030A 12V/24A Solar Charge ControllerxUmp.com$14.95
1736730ml Clear PET Bottle with Screwcap $0.79
1709230ml Luer Lock Syringe with Cap - Non-SterilexUmp.com$1.19
171693-12V 5A Adjustable DC Power Supply with Digital LCD DisplayxUmp.com$19.95
171683-24V 2A Adjustable DC Power Supply with Digital LCD DisplayxUmp.com$19.95
1462835x25mm Right-Angle Optical Glass PrismxUmp.com$4.59
17133365nm UV Light Blacklight KeychainxUmp.com$1.95
101473D Magnetic Field TubeDowling Magnets$22.95
116923D MirascopeToysmith$10.00
104103D Solar System Mobile 4M Kit4M$19.00
103983in Alnico Cow MagnetDowling Magnets$7.95
172433-in-1 Alternative Energy Car DIY STEM Kit $12.95
153133-in-1 Diffraction GratingxUmp.com$29.95
169763-in-1 Laser Pointer, LED Flashlight KeychainxUmp.com$3.95
167173-in-1 Water Quality Tester - pH EC TEMPxUmp.com$39.95
173893M Double-Sided Adhesive Mounting Dots - 50pcs - 23mm diameter$6.95
161203V-12V DC Variable Power SupplyxUmp.com$59.95
167203W COB Sun-Spectrum Light Chip - 20 mm diameter 9-12VxUmp.com$1.59
171983X Rubberized HandHeld Magnifying Glass - 3-inch diameter$4.95
154664 AA Panasonic Alkaline Plus BatteriesPanasonic$2.15
154684 AAA Panasonic Alkaline Plus BatteriesPanasonic$2.19
167594 Blade Propeller - 56mmxUmp.com$0.49
166414 inch Steel Bar Magnet Red/Blue PairxUmp.com$3.95
162734 x AA Battery Holder with Leads - 6VxUmp.com$1.15
140174 x AA Battery Holder with Switch and Leads - 6VxUmp.com$1.56
1733140 mm 1.58 inch Liquid Filled Compass$1.99
17390400 Resistors Assortment Set for DIY Electronics - 20 Values 1/4W$2.95
1611340X Achromatic DIN Microscope ObjectivexUmp.com$25.95
1698340X Magnifier Loupe with LED LightxUmp.com$4.95
17385450 Ceramic Capacitors Assortment Set for DIY Electronics - 15 Values$13.95
144354D Animal Cell Model4D Vision$35.95
166074D Didactic Exploded Human Skull Anatomy Model4D Vision$34.95
168164D Dog Anatomy Model4D Vision$32.95
154614D Exploded Skull Anatomy Model4D Vision$33.95
138774D Female Reproductive Anatomy Model4D Vision$27.95
138794D Frog Anatomy Model4D Vision$34.00
138814D Great White Shark Anatomy Model4D Vision$34.95
138734D Human Head Anatomy Model4D Vision$34.95
138744D Human Heart Anatomy Model4D Vision$22.95
138134D Human Muscle and Skeleton Model4D Vision$22.99
138724D Human Torso Anatomy Model4D Vision$22.95
138784D Male Reproductive Anatomy Model4D Vision$27.95
168174D Orange Cat Anatomy Model4D Vision$29.95
144364D Plant Cell Model4D Vision$35.95
171954D Vision T-Rex Anatomy Model$34.95
171964D Vision Triceratops Anatomy Model$34.95
138804D Woolly Mammoth Anatomy Model4D Vision$34.00
138254-in-1 Pen ScrewdriverxUmp.com$2.29
162534M Crystal Growing Kit4M$10.00
107054M Diving Submarine4M$6.95
122584M Fridge Rover4M$6.50
170934m Green Pulley StringxUmp.com$1.49
142204M Kitchen Science Kit4M$14.00
171104M Scientific Discovery Kit4M$45.00
172794-Pack of ICR 18650 Blue Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries - 3.7V 2600mAh$19.95
173564-Pack of INR 18650 Red Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries - 3.7V 2200mAh$14.95
165785 VDC Stepper Motor with ULN2003 Driver BoardVelleman$6.95
131495.5 inch Tongue Depressors - box of 500xUmp.com$7.99
16248500 Plastic Pipettes - Graduated 3mlxUmp.com$20.00
16991500F 2.7V Super CapacitorxUmp.com$7.95
10491500g x 0.1g Digital Pocket Scale (US-Magnum)US Balance$15.99
16107500X USB Digital Microscope with StandxUmp.com$39.00
1477050g Calibration WeightxUmp.com$2.59
1657551 LED UV Scorpion Blacklight Flashlight - 395nm xUmp.com$19.95
168825200mAh USB Mobile PowerBank - 5V 1AxUmp.com$14.95
173105A 2.4A PowerBank Lithium 18650 Charging Module$5.95
169785ft 1.5m Tailors Tape Measure - pack of 12xUmp.com$2.99
172965-in-1 Digital Water Tester - TDS, EC, Salinity, SG, Temp$29.95
173595-in-1 Water Quality Tester - Salinity, pH, TDS, EC, Temp$39.95
170755pc 30W Soldering Iron Kit - Lead-Free UL ApprovedxUmp.com$15.00
168835V USB-Powered Micro Tesla CoilxUmp.com$17.95
173425W USB Solar Panel Phone Battery Charger$27.95
171975X Glass Lens Magnifying Glass - 2-inch diameter$2.95
155586 inch Plasma BallTedco$32.00
16822600 Lumen COB FloodlightxUmp.com$9.00
17384600 Resistors Assortment Set for DIY Electronics - 1/4 W 30 Values$6.95
17386600 Transistors Assortment Set for DIY Electronics - 15 Values TO92$14.95
1657360X Clip-on LED MicroscopexUmp.com$5.00
157946-Color Ball of WhacksCreative Whack$39.95
147076ft Audio Cable - Stereo to Stereo PlugxUmp.com$1.59
169746Pc Watch Band Compass SetxUmp.com$1.95
171016V Mini E10 Lightbulbs - Pack of 50xUmp.com$9.95
163546V/12V 10A Solar Charge ControllerxUmp.com$11.00
1039675 Counting Chips with Block MagnetDowling Magnets$7.95
166368ft Jumbo Green Inflatable AlienxUmp.com$22.50
173829 LED UV Blacklight Flashlight - 395nm$3.95
169719Pc Ceramic Magnet SetxUmp.com$1.79
164649V Battery Holder with Switch and LeadsxUmp.com$1.79
158729V Battery Snap Connector with LeadsxUmp.com$0.29
168019V Battery Snap to Alligator Clips Connection WirexUmp.com$0.95
170889V Battery Snap to DC Plug AdapterxUmp.com$0.79
173799V Micro Tesla Coil Module - Fully Assembled$5.95
154699V Panasonic Alkaline Plus BatteryPanasonic$2.95
15347Acrylic Color Optical Filters - pack of 5xUmp.com$9.95
13491Acrylic Equilateral Prism - 25 x 75 mmxUmp.com$3.95
15349Acrylic Lens & Prisms SetxUmp.com$19.95
16944Acrylic Mirror - 4 x 2 inchesxUmp.com$1.99
16290Acrylic Wave PendulumxUmp.com$119.00
17170Adhesive Conductive Copper Foil - 6mm wide x 25 m longxUmp.com$5.95
13619Adhesive Magnetic DotsDowling Magnets$6.95
15592Adjustable Beaker Stand for Micro BurnerxUmp.com$12.99
16726Adjustable Bunsen BurnerxUmp.com$11.99
17239Adjustable DC Switching Power Supply - 0-30V 5A$79.00
15356Adjustable Double Burette ClampxUmp.com$11.00
16765Adjustable Green Laser Module - Line 510nm 5mWxUmp.com$35.95
15879Adjustable Red Laser Module - Dot 650nm 5mWxUmp.com$5.99
16451Adjustable Red Laser Module - Line 650nm 5mWxUmp.com$5.99
12931Adjustable Stage for 540X LensxUmp.com$39.99
16887Adjustable USB Power Supply - DP2F - 0.5V to 30V 2AxUmp.com$10.95
16766Adjustable Violet/Blue Laser Module - Line 405nm 5mWxUmp.com$29.99
15587Advanced All-Purpose Glass Celsius ThermometerxUmp.com$4.95
15170Advanced Fossil CollectionxUmp.com$49.95
15162Advanced SpectrometerxUmp.com$650.00
15993AG-13 Alkaline Batteries - 20 packxUmp.com$2.95
17136AG13 LR44 1.5V Alkaline Batteries - 10 packxUmp.com$1.99
15241Agar Powder - 10g - Petri Dish Biology ExperimentsxUmp.com$15.95
15240Agar Powder - 3g - Petri Dish Biology ExperimentsxUmp.com$8.95
13174Agate Bookends - BlueGeocentral$49.00
14602Agate Bookends - GreenGeocentral$49.00
13173Agate Bookends - NaturalGeocentral$49.00
11817Agate Geode HalfxUmp.com$7.95
14243Air Spectrum Discharge TubexUmp.com$22.95
14476Alcohol Thermometer -20 to 110 deg CxUmp.com$4.99
16278Alien Attack Sling ShotxUmp.com$2.99
17126Alkaline Button Cell Watch Batteries Assortment - set of 20xUmp.com$2.95
17199Alligator Clips with Insulated Grip - 12Pc Set$2.95
16394Alligator Cords - 10 pack - 2ft Red/Black SetxUmp.com$5.95
14484Alligator Cords - 2ft - pack of 6xUmp.com$3.99
11114Alligator Cords - 2ft Red/Black SetxUmp.com$1.39
10386Alnico Bar MagnetDowling Magnets$7.95
12748Alnico Science KitDowling Magnets$19.95
15627Aluminum Compass - 1.75 inchxUmp.com$2.49
15775Aluminum Tuning Forks - Set of 8xUmp.com$54.95
11197Amazonite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
15758Amazonite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$19.95
16724Amber Bottle 8oz - Boston Round w/CapxUmp.com$2.59
10973Amethyst - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
11822Amethyst - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$9.95
15091Amethyst Candle HolderxUmp.com$49.00
15762Amethyst Point - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$14.95
17163AMMEX Ivory Stretch Vinyl Exam Latex-Free Disposable Gloves - MEDIUM - Box of 100$14.95
17165AMMEX X3D Blue Nitrile Industrial Latex-Free Disposable Gloves - Box of 200$39.95
17141AmSci Understanding Coronavirus Science KitxUmp.com$69.00
17114Analog Adjustable USB Power Supply - 1V to 30V 2AxUmp.com$12.95
17349Analog DC Ammeter Module - 5A$5.95
11028Analog DC AmpMeter 0-1AxUmp.com$9.99
16787Ant Habitat Replacement GelxUmp.com$7.95
16831Anti-fog Project Safety GlassesxUmp.com$2.95
16576Anti-Static Adjustable Elastic Wrist StrapVelleman$4.99
16423Apophyllite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$19.95
14246Argon Spectrum Discharge TubexUmp.com$22.95
16629Ask the Alien - Magic 8 BallSchylling$12.95
14925Assembled 7W Mono AmplifierVelleman$20.00
14922Assorted Transistors Set - 100 pcsVelleman$15.95
17048ASTM Level 1 Earloop Face Masks - Pack of 50$29.95
17074ASTM Level 3 Earloop Face Masks - Pack of 50$34.95
16109Atmospheric Mat with HookxUmp.com$24.99
14125Atom BallToysmith$3.95
15890Atom Ball - 4 packxUmp.com$12.00
16187Aura AmethystxUmp.com$3.99
17009Awesome Fossils Collection - 9 Real FossilsCopernicus Toys$7.95
17049AZUR Nitrile Exam Gloves - LARGE - Box of 200$29.95
16373Azurite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$14.95
14732Backlit Digital MultimeterxUmp.com$10.00
16870Bacteria Farm Experiment KitHeebie Jeebies$19.95
14224Balancing EagleToysmith$4.50
17376Balancing Pterosaur$4.00
10871Ball and Ring - Thermal Expansion SetxUmp.com$10.99
15675Ballistics Car Physics DemoxUmp.com$39.00
16741Balloon and Puck SetxUmp.com$25.95
10431Balloon Car RacerToysmith$4.95
10523Balloon HelicopterToysmith$3.49
17288Banded Sandstone Chunks - Pack of 10$14.95
13971Basic Molecular Model SetxUmp.com$24.00
15161Basic SpectrometerxUmp.com$249.00
15538Bat Skeleton SpecimenReal Insect$59.00
14820Beaker TongsxUmp.com$5.99
15089Bear Wise Playing CardsxUmp.com$5.99
14813Bell Jar with Bell and Pressure PlatexUmp.com$98.50
14772Benchtop Pro Digital Scale - 2000g x 0.1gUS Balance$29.95
15593Bernoulli Bag - Pack of 4xUmp.com$8.95
15799Big Ball of Whacks - RedCreative Whack$37.50
17255Big Blue LED with Wire Leads - 5V 10mm$0.99
16610Big Builder Sand BoxxUmp.com$32.00
11952Bi-Metal Compound BarxUmp.com$6.49
16569Bismuth Crystal - LargexUmp.com$14.99
16163Bismuth Crystal - SmallxUmp.com$5.99
17134Bismuth Metal Cube - 10mm 99.95 Pure xUmp.com$14.95
17184Black Light Science Kit - 9 piece set - 6 experimentsToysmith$8.00
15697Black Streak Plates - set of 10xUmp.com$10.95
15765Black Tourmaline In Quartz - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$24.95
13806Blackish Stag BeetleReal Insect$14.99
16492Blobz - Gooey Stress BallPlay Visions$3.99
17226BLOKKO Light FX Runners - 3-in-1 Light-Up Car Racer Kit$12.00
15335Blood Pressure SetxUmp.com$22.99
17400Blue Agate Coaster$9.95
17204Blue Celt Rattleback$1.49
16924Blue Cobalt Bottle with Dropper - 2oz xUmp.com$1.50
15985Blue Kyanite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$19.95
15311Blue Litmus Paper - 100 stripsxUmp.com$1.29
13449Blue Magic Wand KaleidoscopexUmp.com$12.50
16874Blue Neon Bulb - 6mm x 16mm - for Electro-Static ExperimentsxUmp.com$1.95
15531Blue Pi Math T-ShirtxUmp.com$9.95
17085BNC Male to Dual Banana Female T-AdapterxUmp.com$3.99
17084BNC Male to Dual BNC Female T-AdapterxUmp.com$1.99
15760Botryoidal Hematite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$11.95
17207Breadboard 2 x AA Battery Holder 3V - with wire and pins$1.05
17208Breadboard 4 x AA Battery Holder 6V - with wire and pins$1.19
17068Breadboard Jumper Wire to Alligator ClipxUmp.com$5.95
17039Breadboard Jumper Wires - Set of 65xUmp.com$1.99
16758Breadboard Power Supply 3.3V 5V USB ArduinoxUmp.com$2.49
14200Break Open Your Own Single GeodexUmp.com$4.95
10967Break-Your-Own Geodes KitGeocentral$11.99
14735Bubble Science 4M Kit4M$14.00
16116Bumper Cars - PairxUmp.com$7.95
14868Bunsen Burner for Chemistry LabsxUmp.com$8.99
14133Burette Clamp - Single Coated JawsxUmp.com$6.99
17095Bussmann DMM-11AR Multimeter Fuse - 1000V 11AxUmp.com$6.29
17096Bussmann DMM-B-44/100 Multimeter Fuse - 1000V 440mAxUmp.com$6.29
14253Caffeine Glass Beaker MugxUmp.com$14.95
17307Calcite Cleavages - Pack of 10$14.95
17240Calibration Weights Set - 50g 100g 200g - Set of 3$7.95
11820Calymine Trilobite FossilxUmp.com$10.95
16472Camping Solar LED Light Bulb - 0.8W 5V 150 LumensxUmp.com$12.95
14252Carbon Dioxide Spectrum Discharge TubexUmp.com$22.95
12929Carrying Case for GE-5xUmp.com$79.99
14479Cavity Tile - Spotting Tile - PolypropylenexUmp.com$0.79
10151Ceramic Bar MagnetDowling Magnets$0.69
10401Ceramic Block MagnetDowling Magnets$1.39
15109Ceramic Color Ring MagnetDowling Magnets$0.89
10152Ceramic Disc MagnetDowling Magnets$0.49
10150Ceramic Horseshoe MagnetDowling Magnets$0.99
10400Ceramic Latch MagnetDowling Magnets$0.39
10229Ceramic Ring MagnetDowling Magnets$0.49
13346Chalcopyrite - Rough Bulk MineralGeocentral$2.95
16985Challenger Safety Goggles - Clear Anti FogxUmp.com$5.95
11203Chrysocolla - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
15757Chrysocolla - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$10.95
16157Circle Sand Art - BluexUmp.com$19.00
11206Citrine Points - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
14136Clamp Holder - Cast IronxUmp.com$3.49
17127Classic Retro-Style Wood Yo-YoxUmp.com$1.69
10392Classroom Magnet Kit - Level 1Dowling Magnets$85.00
10394Classroom Magnet Kit - Level 3Dowling Magnets$125.00
13401Clean Water Science 4M Kit4M$15.00
13840Cloth Tape MeasurexUmp.com$0.99
13993Cloud Forming ApparatusxUmp.com$19.95
17311CN3065 Lithium 18650 Battery Charge Module$3.95
17230Coarse Iron Filings - 500g bottle$9.95
15995Cob LED Stick Light - 100 LumensxUmp.com$4.99
15711Coffee Cup Stirling EnginexUmp.com$49.00
15873Coin Vibration Motor - 3VxUmp.com$0.99
16852Coko Programmable Crocodile RobotClementoni$59.00
13992Color Optical Filters - Gelatin - Pack of 5xUmp.com$9.95
15590Color Paddles - Set of 18xUmp.com$8.99
13423Common Tiger Butterfly Specimen in Acrylic BlockReal Insect$17.95
15604Compass - 1.5 inch diameterxUmp.com$0.95
15910Complete Geometric Optics Demo SetxUmp.com$119.00
15682Concave Glass Mirror - 3 inchxUmp.com$2.99
16744Conducting Dough 16ozxUmp.com$7.95
16743Conducting Dough Classroom KitxUmp.com$79.00
16742Conducting Dough Individual KitxUmp.com$29.95
15159Conductivity of Solutions ApparatusxUmp.com$11.95
13536Constant Velocity CarxUmp.com$11.95
11111Contact Key SwitchxUmp.com$6.29
15683Convex Glass MirrorxUmp.com$3.69
13851Convex Mirror D50mm F75mmxUmp.com$1.49
10548Cool Blue Light Experiment KitCopernicus Toys$17.50
16164Copper - Natural Sculpted SpecimenxUmp.com$2.49
16878Copper Metal Cube - 10mm 99.95 Pure xUmp.com$19.95
13885Copper-Zinc Voltaic CellxUmp.com$13.99
14231Coriolis Effect Science KitxUmp.com$49.95
13989Cork Borers - Set of 11xUmp.com$49.95
15817Cork Borers - set of 6xUmp.com$16.95
15954Cosmic CoilToysmith$14.95
10532Cosmic Rocket 4M Kit4M$14.95
13150Cotton Tipped Applicator Sticks - pack of 100xUmp.com$1.99
17031CR1225 Lithium Battery - 5 packxUmp.com$1.49
17116CR2025 3V Lithium Battery - 5 packxUmp.com$1.29
16763CR2032 Battery Holder with On/Off Switch - LillyPadxUmp.com$1.29
16483CR2032 Battery with Wire Leads and Connector (CMOS)xUmp.com$2.49
15992CR2032 Lithium Cell Batteries - 9 packxUmp.com$2.95
16601Crayola Dry Erase CrayonsxUmp.com$4.95
13494Cristalheat - Supercooled Heat PackxUmp.com$5.99
16860Crookes Radiometer - 7 inch tallHeebie Jeebies$29.95
10094Crookes Solar RadiometerTedco$15.00
14483Crucible Tongs - Plated SteelxUmp.com$2.29
17282Crystal Garden Kit$5.95
16479Crystal Geode Growing 4M Kit4M$14.00
16950Crystal Glass Sphere - 80mm diameterxUmp.com$9.50
17260Crystal Growing Edible Experiment Kit$19.50
10426Crystal Growing Mystical TreeToysmith$3.49
16840Cyber Robot - Programmable Bluetooth Robotics KitClementoni$59.00
16468D Battery Holder with Leads - 1.5VxUmp.com$1.09
14671Dancing Oobleck ApparatusxUmp.com$79.99
17354DC Female 5.5x2.1mm To Alligator Clips Adapter Cable$2.79
17353DC Male 5.5x2.1mm To Alligator Clips Adapter Cable$2.79
17052DC Motor 130xUmp.com$0.95
15874DC Motor 130 - 1.5-6V with leadsxUmp.com$1.39
17330DC Motor 260$1.49
16452DC Motor 260 - 1.5-6V with leadsxUmp.com$1.59
17142DC Motor 300 - 1.5V to 6VxUmp.com$1.29
15153DC Motor KitxUmp.com$10.00
17041DC Power Jack Adapters - 2.1mm - Male and Female SetxUmp.com$1.59
11027DC Voltmeter 0-10VxUmp.com$9.99
16365DDS Signal Generator - 1Hz to 8MHz - 7 WaveformsxUmp.com$29.95
17358Deluxe 3xAA to D Battery Converter$3.49
14816Deluxe Color Mixing DemoxUmp.com$99.99
15239Deluxe DC Crank GeneratorxUmp.com$14.99
15147Deluxe Dissecting Set - 12 PiecesxUmp.com$25.95
15308Deluxe Gold Leaf ElectroscopexUmp.com$37.95
16891Deluxe LCD Digital Microscope - 1000X HD 1080P 4.3TFT 2MPxUmp.com$149.00
16540Deluxe Life Cycle of SilkwormReal Insect$49.00
13972Deluxe Molecular Model SetxUmp.com$65.00
17089Deluxe Multimeter Test Leads - Needle Tip - Set of 2xUmp.com$2.95
16751Deluxe Solar-Powered Car - with Teacher GuidexUmp.com$29.95
17144Deluxe USB Female to Alligator Clips Adapter Cable xUmp.com$3.95
17143Deluxe USB Male to Alligator Clips Adapter Cable xUmp.com$3.95
16951Deluxe Zinc-Alloy Metal Spinning TopxUmp.com$4.95
15747Dendritic CrystalxUmp.com$4.75
15779Density Cube Set - 10 Cubes SetxUmp.com$49.95
15752Desert Rose Cluster - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$11.95
15203Desktop SkeletonxUmp.com$35.00
16890Desktop Solar Engine - Solar Cell Powered DC Motor$79.00
14803Desoldering PumpxUmp.com$4.99
13381Desoldering WickElenco$1.79
11006Detective Science Fingerprint 4M Kit4M$15.00
17123Dice - Pack of 10xUmp.com$1.69
17212Diffraction Grating Slide - 100, 300 and 600 per inch$4.95
13348Dig Into Fossils BookletGeocentral$2.49
17067Digital Adjustable USB Power Supply - 1V to 30V 2AxUmp.com$12.99
16325Digital AnemometerxUmp.com$19.99
16754Digital DC Voltmeter Module - 3V-30VxUmp.com$1.79
16326Digital EMF MeterxUmp.com$44.99
16716Digital Inclinometer - 360 deg Digital LevelxUmp.com$39.95
14475Digital Instant Read Thermometer C/FxUmp.com$9.99
16714Digital Laser Tachometer - up to 99999 RPM MeterxUmp.com$19.99
16080Digital Particle/Temperature Meter - TDS-3xUmp.com$11.99
16123Digital pH MeterxUmp.com$12.99
16715Digital Pocket Oscilloscope - 0-200KHzxUmp.com$79.99
16322Digital Sound MeterxUmp.com$22.99
16937Digital Stopwatch - 100th of secondxUmp.com$4.95
16319Digital Thermometer Module with ProbexUmp.com$3.59
17333Digital Tire Thread Gauge - Pin Vernier Caliper$12.95
17086Digital USB Power Supply - Adjustable 1V-24V 1AxUmp.com$5.95
17277Dino Egg Mini Excavation Kit$3.95
16706Dino Skeleton Excavation Dig Mini KitGeocentral$4.95
17328Dino Skull Hand Puppets - Set of 2$15.00
14679Dinosaur BonexUmp.com$7.95
12467Dinosaur Fossil PuttyToysmith$3.95
17237Dinosaur Poop Natural Educational Box$7.95
11246Dinosaurs Playing CardsxUmp.com$5.99
17213Dinosaurs Reference Cards - 10 pack$2.95
17350Diode Bridge Rectifier Module - KBPC3510 - 35A 1000V$2.49
15984Diopside - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$24.95
13778Discharge Electrode - Hand-HeldWinsco$109.95
13777Discharge Electrode - Large MountedWinsco$279.00
11242Discover America Playing CardsxUmp.com$6.19
10092Discovery PackTedco$15.95
16832Disposable Earplugs - 200 setsxUmp.com$24.95
16835Disposable Foam Safety Ear Plugs - ANSI S3. 19-1974xUmp.com$0.19
16543Distilling ApparatusxUmp.com$99.95
12341Division Tables PlacematxUmp.com$2.50
16873DIY DNA ModelxUmp.com$9.95
16868DIY Galileo Thermometer KitHeebie Jeebies$15.95
17066DIY Model Boat Motor Drive SetxUmp.com$14.95
13398Doodling Robot 4M Kit4M$15.00
17222Doodling Shake Bot DIY STEM Kit$4.95
16768Double 18650 Battery Charge Shield - 3V 5V DC SupplyxUmp.com$9.99
14134Double Burette ClampxUmp.com$15.99
11104Double PulleyxUmp.com$2.19
11106Double Tandem PulleyxUmp.com$2.29
17273Double-Concave Glass Lens - d=50mm f=15cm$1.79
17274Double-Convex Glass Lens - d=50mm f=15cm$1.79
14907Dr Johnson's Heat EnginexUmp.com$49.95
14440Dual Color Z Liquid TimerxUmp.com$7.95
16320Dual Scale C/F Sticker ThermometerxUmp.com$0.79
16889Dual-Cylinder Desktop Stirling Engine$79.00
14074Dynamic Car SetxUmp.com$16.00
10837E=mc2 Science T-ShirtxUmp.com$12.95
17147E10 Torch LED Light Bulb - White - 3V-6V 0.06WxUmp.com$1.29
17221Earth Globe Foam Ball - 2.75inch 70mm$2.95
16855EC TDS Temp 3-in-1 Digital Water Quality MeterxUmp.com$43.95
14392Economy Ceramic Horseshoe MagnetxUmp.com$0.45
14814Economy Color Mixing DemoxUmp.com$44.95
16433Economy DC Crank Generator - USB 5VxUmp.com$5.99
15146Economy Dissecting Set - 7 PiecesxUmp.com$8.95
17378Economy Laser Ray Box - 3 Adjustable Beams$15.95
16769Economy Wire Stripper and CrimperxUmp.com$1.29
15085Edible Wilderness Playing CardsxUmp.com$6.00
17276Egyptian Mummy Mini Excavation Kit$3.95
17278Egyptian Pyramid Mini Excavation Kit$3.95
16945Electicity and Magnetism 29-piece SetxUmp.com$85.95
15595Electric BellxUmp.com$15.00
14848Electric Double Walled CalorimeterxUmp.com$15.95
16340Electric Paint Conductive Ink PenxUmp.com$22.95
17290Electric Paint Conductive Ink Pen$12.75
13780Electric Plume for Van de Graaff GeneratorWinsco$32.95
17249Electrical Shrink Tubing Assortment Pack - 328pcs$4.75
14033Electromagnet - DissectiblexUmp.com$24.95
14852Electromagnet Science KitxUmp.com$29.95
16661Electromagnet Solenoid - 3V 25NxUmp.com$6.99
16660Electromagnet Solenoid - 6V 25NxUmp.com$7.99
17214Electromagnetic Spectrum Reference Cards - 10 pack$2.50
16935Electromagnetism - Oersteds Effect Classroom Demo ApparatusxUmp.com$24.95
17291Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers - 4 inch 10 cm$7.50
14937Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers - 6 inch 15 cmxUmp.com$9.99
16430Electronics Project Box - LargexUmp.com$12.95
16429Electronics Project Box - MediumxUmp.com$4.99
16428Electronics Project Box - Small xUmp.com$2.99
16531Electrophoresis TankxUmp.com$149.00
13785Electrophorus - For Electrostatics ExperimentsWinsco$69.00
16968Electrostatic Discharge Tongs - AdjustablexUmp.com$11.95
16421Elestial Quartz - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$24.95
15750Emerald - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$7.99
14257Emerald Quartz - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
14405Emergency Sleeping BagxUmp.com$2.95
16581Emergency Solar Hand-Crank Radio FlashlightxUmp.com$32.95
13555Emergency Space BlanketxUmp.com$1.49
17262Emergency Water-Powered Lamp$19.95
16196Emoji Big Button MagnetsDowling Magnets$5.99
16470Enamelled Copper Wire - 0.1mm 15mxUmp.com$1.59
16903Enamelled Copper Wire - 0.3mm 10m - Electro-Magnet WirexUmp.com$1.95
16553Enamelled Copper Wire - 0.5mm 10mxUmp.com$7.99
16552Enamelled Copper Wire - 1mm 100g 12mxUmp.com$12.99
10612Energy BallxUmp.com$4.95
16739Energy Transfer Balls - Set of 2xUmp.com$36.95
13983Equal Mass Science SetxUmp.com$12.99
16406Equilateral Acrylic Prism - 1 x 2 inchesxUmp.com$3.99
16405Equilateral Glass Prism - 1 x 2 inchesxUmp.com$4.49
14477Equilateral Glass Refraction Prism 75 x 9 mmxUmp.com$4.25
10869Equilateral Optical Glass Prism - 25 x 75 mmxUmp.com$5.95
17372EU to US Wall Plug Adapter$0.79
15797Eureka BallCreative Whack$37.50
16725Evaporating Dish 150mlxUmp.com$2.95
15381Explore Geology - 24 Rocks & Minerals SetxUmp.com$12.50
13155Extraordinary Ordinary Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.99
16649Faceted High Grade Iron Pyrite 2-3 inch Chunk xUmp.com$29.95
16476Fan Micro Car DIY STEM KitxUmp.com$4.95
16542Fan Propeller with Soft BladesxUmp.com$0.99
15785Fanimals - LED Light-up Hand-held FanToysmith$16.95
17115Fast USB Charger Adapter - 5V 2AxUmp.com$3.29
17150Female Banana Socket Terminals - 4mm - Black and Red PairxUmp.com$1.79
17083Ferrite Core Ring 22 x 14 x 8mm xUmp.com$0.89
17180Ferrofluid Science Lab Kit$19.95
13347Fiery Mood RingGeocentral$3.99
17229Fine Iron Filings - 500g bottle$9.95
13434Fire SyringexUmp.com$19.99
16862Fitzroy Storm Glass - 11 inch tallHeebie Jeebies$23.95
13791Flame Salts Chemstry SetWinsco$99.95
16350Flashing LED Circuit DIY Electronics KitxUmp.com$2.59
12254Flashing Neutron BallToysmith$5.49
14624Flask Electroscope for Electrostatic ExperimentsxUmp.com$12.95
15816Flask Stand - PolypropylenexUmp.com$7.95
14102Flat Aluminum ElectrodexUmp.com$0.99
14071Flat Carbon ElectrodexUmp.com$3.95
14069Flat Copper ElectrodexUmp.com$2.95
17148Flat Head Micro Precision Screwdrivers - 10 pack 45mm 1.5mmxUmp.com$2.49
15672Flat Iron ElectrodexUmp.com$1.29
16662Flat Nickel-Plated ElectrodexUmp.com$2.95
14072Flat Pure Nickel ElectrodexUmp.com$8.95
14070Flat Zinc ElectrodexUmp.com$1.99
15909Flexible ClampxUmp.com$29.95
14909Flexinol MuscleWire - 70 deg C - 1mxUmp.com$5.99
13987Flint Dropper Bottle - 1oz SinglexUmp.com$1.99
16156Flip Sand Art - Black and WhitexUmp.com$29.00
17061Flip Sand Art - Blue and WhitexUmp.com$29.95
13390Floating Colors TimerxUmp.com$5.95
10230Floating Magnet Rings KitDowling Magnets$7.95
13157Flower Power Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.99
13790Fluorescent Liquids SetWinsco$84.95
14236Fluorescent Minerals Collection - Short and Long WavexUmp.com$49.00
12300Fluorite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
11602Flying Screaming Sling-Shot MonkeyxUmp.com$7.95
14126Folding BinocularsToysmith$9.95
14075Force and Reaction Fan CarxUmp.com$17.99
13431Force Table - Physics Classroom DemoxUmp.com$195.00
16733Fossil Hunt Geology KitxUmp.com$29.95
14237Fossil Starter BagxUmp.com$19.50
16568Fossils Excavation Mini KitGeocentral$4.95
10127Fresnel Lens Magnifier SheetxUmp.com$1.99
17146Frosted E10 LED Light Bulb - Blue - 4.5V 0.06WxUmp.com$1.29
15764Fuchsite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$14.95
16255Galena - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$10.95
16858Galileo Thermometer - 11 inch tallHeebie Jeebies$22.00
16859Galileo Thermometer - 17 inch tallHeebie Jeebies$47.00
16928Gas Generating Bottle - 250 mLxUmp.com$17.95
14836Gas Law ApparatusxUmp.com$124.95
17037Geared DC Motor 130 3V-12V - for DIY Car and Robot ProjectsxUmp.com$1.79
15866Geared DC Motor and Toy Car Wheel SetxUmp.com$5.99
17370Geared DC Motor with Cable - Arduino DIY - Dual Shaft 200RPM$3.29
16655Geared Micro DC Motor N20 - 60RPM 6V xUmp.com$5.99
16791Gel Ant Habitat with LED LightsxUmp.com$29.95
14025Gems of the USACopernicus Toys$7.95
15169General Fossil CollectionxUmp.com$25.00
14598Genuine Meteorite - Large 40g ChunkxUmp.com$59.00
14599Genuine Meteorite NecklacexUmp.com$22.00
14209Genuine Meteorites - Small 3gxUmp.com$15.00
17238Genuine Shark Tooth Fossil Educational Box$5.95
17236Genuine Turquoise Nugget Educational Box$9.95
16390GeoCentral Crystals Science KitGeocentral$12.50
16389GeoCentral Fossils Science KitGeocentral$12.50
14777GeoCentral Rock Science KitGeocentral$12.50
11418Geometry 2 Study ChartBarCharts$4.99
16827Giant Metal Spring - 3.75 inch diameterxUmp.com$9.95
15547Giant Solar Balloon - 50 feetTedco$18.99
15687Glass Alcohol Thermometer - Dual C/F ScalexUmp.com$5.95
17077Glass Alcohol Thermometer 6 inch -10C-110C xUmp.com$2.95
13607Glass BeadsxUmp.com$12.00
14275Glass Beaker - 1000mlxUmp.com$6.99
14274Glass Beaker - 100mlxUmp.com$2.29
13060Glass Beaker - 250mlxUmp.com$2.99
16244Glass Beaker - 50mlxUmp.com$2.19
13061Glass Beaker - 600mlxUmp.com$3.99
14254Glass Beaker Mug - 400mlxUmp.com$12.50
14282Glass Boiling Flask - 1000mlxUmp.com$15.99
14279Glass Boiling Flask - 100mlxUmp.com$3.49
14280Glass Boiling Flask - 250mlxUmp.com$4.99
14281Glass Boiling Flask - 500mlxUmp.com$5.99
16548Glass Boiling Flask - Round Bottom - 1000mlxUmp.com$12.99
16546Glass Boiling Flask - Round Bottom - 250mlxUmp.com$3.95
16547Glass Boiling Flask - Round Bottom - 500mlxUmp.com$5.95
15353Glass Burette - 25mlxUmp.com$24.95
15354Glass Burette - 50mlxUmp.com$29.95
14276Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 100mlxUmp.com$2.95
13058Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 250mlxUmp.com$4.95
13059Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 500mlxUmp.com$6.49
14362Glass Erlenmeyer Mug - 400mlxUmp.com$14.99
13068Glass Eye DropperxUmp.com$0.79
15891Glass Eye Droppers - 12 packxUmp.com$7.95
15365Glass Filtering Flask - 1000ml xUmp.com$24.99
15363Glass Filtering Flask - 250mlxUmp.com$10.99
15364Glass Filtering Flask - 500mlxUmp.com$16.95
17201Glass Graduated Cylinder - 1000ml$27.95
13062Glass Graduated Cylinder - 100mlxUmp.com$5.39
14278Glass Graduated Cylinder - 250mlxUmp.com$7.99
17132Glass Graduated Cylinder - 25ml$2.99
13063Glass Graduated Cylinder - 500mlxUmp.com$10.99
16243Glass Graduated Cylinder - 50mlxUmp.com$3.99
15350Glass Lens & Prisms SetxUmp.com$34.95
10877Glass Lens Set, Set of 6xUmp.com$17.95
15681Glass Mirror - 4 x 4 inchesxUmp.com$1.79
16246Glass Pipette MOHR - 10mlxUmp.com$1.99
15696Glass Plates - 10 packxUmp.com$24.95
15369Glass Separatory Funnel - 100mlxUmp.com$22.95
15370Glass Separatory Funnel - 250mlxUmp.com$24.99
16448Glass Stir Rod - 6 inchxUmp.com$0.49
16722Glass Stir Rod - 8 inchxUmp.com$0.69
13067Glass Test TubexUmp.com$0.79
15685Glass Tubing CutterxUmp.com$11.99
15367Glass Volumetric Flask - 100mlxUmp.com$7.95
15366Glass Volumetric Flask - 50mlxUmp.com$5.99
17164Gloveworks Black Nitrile Industrial Latex-Free Disposable Gloves - Box of 100$24.95
16478Glow Crystal Growing 4M Kit4M$10.50
13736Glow GluxCopernicus Toys$7.95
17188Glow Planets and 20 Nova Stars Set$7.95
14976Glow Skeleton T-ShirtxUmp.com$9.95
10547Glowing Gel Experiment KitCopernicus Toys$19.95
14579Glow-in-the-Dark MoonstonesPlay Visions$4.99
14633Glow-in-the-Dark RockGeocentral$1.95
14805Gold GluxCopernicus Toys$7.95
15753Golden Mica with Tourmaline - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$24.95
15979Goniatite - 2 inch Real FossilxUmp.com$12.95
15358Graham CondenserxUmp.com$29.95
17211Grain of Wheat Light Bulb - 1.5V$0.29
16678Gravitrax Starter Set - STEM Marble Run with VRGravitrax$59.00
15447Gravitron GyroTedco$9.95
16118Green Cotton Pulley Thread - 15mxUmp.com$3.99
13815Green Laser PointerxUmp.com$19.00
13482Green Laser Pointer - SilverxUmp.com$29.95
16875Green Neon Bulb - 6mm x 16mm - for Electro-Static ExperimentsxUmp.com$1.95
15973Green Rose Chafer Beetle - Small SpecimenReal Insect$3.99
12661Green Rose Chafer Specimen in Acrylic Block$5.95
16375Green Slag - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$3.99
17112Green USB Power Bank - 2600mAh 5V 1A$7.95
16665GreenLine Single Pole Double Throw Knife SwitchxUmp.com$1.59
17182Growing Crystals - Complete Mini KitToysmith$4.95
16728Growing Rock CrystalsxUmp.com$9.95
10975Gypsum Rosettes - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
17315Halls Carriage - Physics Classroom Demo$7.95
10876Hand Held DC GeneratorxUmp.com$14.95
16939Hand Vacuum Pump - without gaugexUmp.com$26.95
17215Hand-Crank Generator DIY STEM Kit$4.95
10166Handheld UV LightxUmp.com$7.95
16746Happy and Sad Balls - Collisions DemoxUmp.com$6.59
15145Harbottle ApparatusxUmp.com$22.95
14408Hard Hat - Head ProtectionxUmp.com$9.50
12465Hatchin Grow DinoToysmith$6.00
17281Heart Mood Ring with Adjustable Size Band$1.79
10875Heat ConductometerxUmp.com$17.95
16789Heat Mantle - for Laboratory UsexUmp.com$129.95
14244Helium Spectrum Discharge TubexUmp.com$22.95
15774Heros Engine FlaskxUmp.com$41.95
17335Hobby Solar Cell - 3V 150mA 60x60mm$2.95
16608Hoberman Mini Sphere - Expanding Universe GlowHoberman$19.00
13948Hoberman Original Mini SphereHoberman$17.00
12538Hoberman Sphere - Universe GlowHoberman$39.50
14835Hoffman Screw Clamp for Chemistry LabxUmp.com$2.95
16550Hook Collar ClampxUmp.com$3.29
13549Hook Magnet - 8lb PullxUmp.com$2.79
15852Hooked Brass Weight - 100gxUmp.com$6.95
15851Hooked Brass Weight - 50gxUmp.com$4.95
16966Hookes Law Spring setxUmp.com$8.99
13415Hook-Up Wire on Spool - BlackElenco$2.99
13416Hook-Up Wire on Spool - RedElenco$2.99
15674Horizontal Cast and Collision TesterxUmp.com$59.95
16970Horizontal Hand BoilerxUmp.com$9.95
15650Hot Plate - 6 inch 1000WxUmp.com$25.95
14157Hot Plate with Magnetic StirrerxUmp.com$189.00
15338How Clean is the Water? KitxUmp.com$49.00
10867Human Brain ModelxUmp.com$49.95
15235Human Kidney Anatomy ModelxUmp.com$44.95
10880Human Skull Biology ModelxUmp.com$54.95
16933Human Torso Model with 15 Removable Parts - 10 inch tallxUmp.com$24.95
14249Hydrogen Spectrum Discharge TubexUmp.com$22.95
16370Ice Calcite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$3.95
15773Ice Melting KitxUmp.com$35.00
17118ICR 18650 Blue Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery - 3.7V 2600mAhxUmp.com$4.95
17117ICR 18650 Green Flat-Top Lithium-Ion Cell Rechargeable Battery - 3.7V 2600mAhxUmp.com$4.95
16729Igneous Rock Bag - 6pcsxUmp.com$10.95
14933Illuminated LED LoupexUmp.com$6.99
15605Illuminated Mini 16X MicroscopexUmp.com$7.50
16738Impact Safety Goggles - Indirect VentilationxUmp.com$4.95
14829Inclined Plane - Physics Classroom DemoxUmp.com$65.95
13156Incredible Edible Plants Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.99
17005Infinite Fidget CubexUmp.com$5.95
14406Inflatable PillowxUmp.com$2.95
10508Inflatable World Globe - 12inxUmp.com$2.49
16909In-Line USB Voltage and Current Meter 3.3-18V 0-3AxUmp.com$5.99
15956Insectoid 4M Robot Kit4M$15.00
16745Insulating Dough 10ozxUmp.com$15.95
15315Interplanetary TattoosCopernicus Toys$7.95
16571Intllab Magnetic Stirrer MS-500xUmp.com$54.95
10570Inventors Playing CardsxUmp.com$7.95
16409Invisible Ink Pen and UV LightxUmp.com$1.19
10153Iron Filings - 12oz BottleDowling Magnets$7.95
13757Iron Filings CasexUmp.com$1.95
17122Iron Filings Variety PackDowling Magnets$14.95
17050iShield Disposable Face Shield$3.49
12255IsoFlex BallToysmith$7.00
10421Jacob's LadderToysmith$6.49
17303JST Connector CR2032 Lithium Battery with Wire Leads (CMOS)$2.49
16412Jumbo Glitter Poppin HopperToysmith$1.95
13758Jumbo Magnetic Marbles - set of 5xUmp.com$4.99
15781Jumbo Spiral Glitter WandToysmith$9.95
10436Kaleidoscope Making 4M Kit4M$14.00
13829Keychain MagnifierxUmp.com$2.19
15986Kids First Physics Lab KitThames & Kosmos$45.95
13793Kids Pi Math T-ShirtxUmp.com$9.95
15957KidzLabs 4M Crystal Science Kit4M$15.00
17191KidzLabs: Magnetic Car Racer$6.95
13775Kilovoltron Van de Graaff GeneratorWinsco$329.95
17175KingSeal Nitrile Exam Gloves - LARGE - Box of 100$19.95
17029KingSeal Nitrile Exam Gloves - MEDIUM - Box of 100$19.95
17174KingSeal UltraBlack Nitrile Medical Grade Gloves - Box of 100$19.95
16545Kjeldahl Bulb with StoppersxUmp.com$14.99
13854Knife Switch - Double Pole Double ThrowxUmp.com$3.49
15149Knife Switch - Single Pole Double ThrowxUmp.com$2.49
14247Krypton Spectrum Discharge TubexUmp.com$22.95
14256Laboratory Counter / TimerxUmp.com$8.49
14874Laboratory GyroscopexUmp.com$39.95
17403Laboratory Scissor Jack - Blue Enamel$39.95
14855Laboratory Scissor Jack - Stainless SteelxUmp.com$49.00
14812Laboratory Vacuum Pump, 110VxUmp.com$215.00
16646Labradorite Chunk - 1 inch with One Polished SidexUmp.com$5.95
14035Lamp Board - 5 lampsxUmp.com$17.95
13702Large DNA Model - Classroom DemoxUmp.com$109.95
16792Large Infinity Mirror - Optics DemoxUmp.com$59.95
14936Large Plastic Vernier CalipersxUmp.com$1.49
16767Laser Pointer Holder Clamp - 16mmxUmp.com$19.99
16554Laser Ray Box - 3 Red BeamsxUmp.com$35.00
17162LAVA-Nado Vortex Generator DIY Kit$24.00
15129Lazer FingersToysmith$3.99
14788Lead-Free Solder Spool - 100gVelleman$14.99
16784Lead-Free Solder with Dispenser 0.5ozVelleman$3.29
13955LED - Green 5mm 565nm 2.6VxUmp.com$0.29
13956LED - Red 5mm 635nm 2.6VxUmp.com$0.29
14646LED Pocket Microscope 20x - 40xxUmp.com$24.95
14784LEDs Set - Assorted 80pcsVelleman$14.95
14617Lemon ClockToysmith$6.50
14638Lenz Law Copper TubexUmp.com$18.99
15766Lepidolite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$19.95
13978Leyden Jar - SeparablexUmp.com$14.95
16923Liebig Condenser - 200mmxUmp.com$11.99
16538Life Cycle of Cabbage Butterfly - Real SpecimenReal Insect$49.95
16537Life Cycle of Honeybee - Real SpecimenReal Insect$49.95
15937Life Cycle of Silkworm - Real SpecimenReal Insect$19.95
10866Life-Size Human Heart ModelxUmp.com$45.00
11958Life-Size Human SkeletonxUmp.com$349.95
13532Light Crystal Prism - LargeTedco$15.95
16632Light-Up Mini MarqueeSchylling$12.95
16637Light-Up Speech Bubble Message BoardxUmp.com$17.95
13158Lily Pad Leap Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.99
17252LilyPad Button Board Switch$1.49
17254LilyPad Buzzer$2.59
17371LilyPad Conductive Thread - 10m$5.95
17253LilyPad LED - Tri-Color RGB$1.95
17251LilyPad LED Blue - 5pcs$2.29
17250LilyPad LED White - 5pcs$2.29
17295LilyPad Slide Switch$1.15
16327Line Tracking Car DIY Electronics KitxUmp.com$9.95
17053Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer StripxUmp.com$0.79
15589Liquid Crystal Thermometer Stickers - 5 packxUmp.com$5.99
15596Liquid Filled Compass - 1.75 inchxUmp.com$1.29
17401Litmus Blue Test Paper - 100 strips$1.25
17402Litmus Red Test Paper - 100 strips$1.25
15472Lodestone Chunk - Automagnetised MagnetitexUmp.com$3.75
13417Logic ProbeElenco$24.95
16119Long Metal Coil Spring - Extends to 30 feetxUmp.com$15.99
17202Long-horned Beetle Specimen in Acrylic Block$5.95
16936Loop The Loop TrackxUmp.com$29.95
13792Lucite Light Rod - For Fiberoptics DemosWinsco$34.95
16099Lunar Light ShowToysmith$22.50
15847Luster Rocks KitxUmp.com$23.99
16068MaBoRun - Amazing ComboMaBoRun$29.00
16072MaBoRun - Mini TornadoMaBoRun$14.95
13429Magdeburg HemispheresxUmp.com$6.99
16095Magic LoopsToysmith$6.49
10228Magic Penny Magnet KitDowling Magnets$25.95
15526Magic RocksToysmith$6.00
16392Magic Sunset EggsGeocentral$4.95
14620Magleads - Black (set of 10)xUmp.com$15.95
14621Magleads - Red (set of 10)xUmp.com$15.95
17158Magma - Squishy Light-Up Meteorite Ball$5.49
14897Magnet Science 4M Kit4M$14.00
10261Magnet Strip Hold ItsDowling Magnets$0.79
16454Magnetic Ferrofluid DisplayxUmp.com$26.95
16529Magnetic Field CubexUmp.com$39.00
14626Magnetic Field ModelxUmp.com$39.99
10441Magnetic Gyro-Fly WheelToysmith$4.95
16793Magnetic Iron Filings SaverxUmp.com$8.95
17366Magnetic LCD Digital Timer and Stopwatch$2.95
16563Magnetic Levitating GlobexUmp.com$99.95
13698Magnetic Levitator - ClassicToysmith$15.00
17054Magnetic Linear AcceleratorxUmp.com$39.95
16723Magnetic Lines of Force ViewerxUmp.com$22.95
15828Magnetic Match RingsxUmp.com$17.00
14913Magnetic Metal Clips - set of 4xUmp.com$2.99
16735Magnetic Putty with Neo MagnetxUmp.com$11.95
13715Magnetic Rings and Stand SetxUmp.com$3.49
15726Magnetic Sand TimerxUmp.com$9.95
16981Magnetic Sphere Desk SculpturexUmp.com$5.95
16397Magnetic Sphere with Iron Filings KitxUmp.com$15.50
10534Magnetic WandDowling Magnets$2.49
13849Magnifying Bug ViewerxUmp.com$4.95
17227Make Your Own Bounce Ball Kit$3.19
13982Mass Force Demo Science KitxUmp.com$12.99
15258Math Magic 4M Kit4M$12.50
14804Mathy TattoosCopernicus Toys$7.95
10882Maxwells Wheel - LargexUmp.com$45.00
14141Measuring Plastic Jug with HandlexUmp.com$2.95
16121Measuring Tape - 10 pack - 60inch 150cmxUmp.com$4.99
17224Mega Experiment Chemistry Lab Kit$17.00
16815Mega MaboRun - 236pcs Marble Run KitMaBoRun$69.00
16734Metal Disc Set - 8 Metals - Stamped 1inchxUmp.com$8.95
11682Metal Jax and Ball SetToysmith$9.95
15602Metal Vernier Caliper - 6inch/150mm xUmp.com$12.95
16615Metallic Minerals Science KitxUmp.com$11.95
16730Metamorphic Rock Bag - 6pcsxUmp.com$9.95
16635Meteorite Outer Space Excavation KitxUmp.com$4.95
16321Micro Speaker - 8ohm 1W with leadsxUmp.com$2.09
17393Micro Vibration Button Motor with Adhesive - 3V - 10mm x 3.5mm$0.95
16526Micro Vibration Motor - 1.5V 6x12mmxUmp.com$1.17
13606Microscope Cover Glass - 22x22mm 100pcsxUmp.com$1.99
17312Micro-USB to USB 2.0 Adapter$0.95
14613Mighty Magnet SetToysmith$12.50
15084Mind Twisters - Set of 6 Wire PuzzlesxUmp.com$4.00
13218Mineral Science KitToysmith$14.95
14232Mineral Test KitxUmp.com$11.95
17388Mini Adjustable Digital USB Power Supply - 1V-24V 3W$6.95
16905Mini COB Bulb - Blue - E10 3VDC 0.18WxUmp.com$1.29
16906Mini COB Bulb - Green - E10 3VDC 0.18WxUmp.com$1.29
16907Mini COB Bulb - Red - E10 3VDC 0.18WxUmp.com$1.29
16904Mini COB Bulb - White - E10 3VDC 0.18WxUmp.com$1.29
16693Mini COB Spotlight Bulb - E10 3VDC 0.5W WhitexUmp.com$1.49
13975Mini DC Motor with LeadsxUmp.com$3.25
16689Mini Digital 2-in-1 Voltmeter Ammeter - 100V 10AxUmp.com$4.99
17081Mini Digital Voltmeter - 0V-30V - 3-WirexUmp.com$1.95
14127Mini Dinosaur Excavation KitToysmith$5.49
15848Mini E10 Bulb Socket with Terminals - Pack of 10xUmp.com$3.49
15673Mini E10 Lamp Holder with SpringsxUmp.com$2.39
13974Mini E10 Lamp ReceptaclexUmp.com$1.29
17205Mini Electromagnet Solenoid Coil$1.25
15868Mini Electronics BreadboardxUmp.com$2.29
17036Mini Electronics Breadboards - Set of 6xUmp.com$2.95
15700Mini Folding ScissorsxUmp.com$1.29
17181Mini Galileo Thermometer - 6 inch tall$12.50
14665Mini Hobby Speaker - 2 inch 4 OhmsxUmp.com$2.29
16760Mini Hobby Speaker - Flat 36mm 8ohm 0.5WxUmp.com$1.49
11109Mini Knife Switch - SinglexUmp.com$1.59
17090Mini LCD Thermometer and HygrometerxUmp.com$2.95
16694Mini LED Conelight Bulb - E10 3VDC WhitexUmp.com$1.29
16486Mini LED Light Bulb - Blue - 3V DC E10 0.06WxUmp.com$1.29
16487Mini LED Light Bulb - Green - 3V DC E10 0.06WxUmp.com$1.29
16488Mini LED Light Bulb - Red - 3V DC E10 0.06WxUmp.com$1.29
16485Mini LED Light Bulb - White - 3V DC E10 0.06WxUmp.com$1.29
16489Mini LED Light Bulb - Yellow - 3V DC E10 0.06WxUmp.com$1.29
16323Mini LED Microscope 160X-200XxUmp.com$8.00
16484Mini Light Bulb Holder - E10 with wire leadsxUmp.com$1.29
11108Mini Lightbulbs - 1.5-3V E10 - Pack of 10xUmp.com$2.49
16967Mini Lightbulbs - 6.3V E10 - Pack of 10xUmp.com$3.59
17060Mini Liquid Compass - 1 inch (25mm) - Pack of 10xUmp.com$3.99
16309Mini Liquid Compass - 20mm - Pack of 10xUmp.com$3.49
16117Mini Magnetic Pole FinderxUmp.com$5.95
17324Mini Neon Bulb - 6mm x 12mm - 5 Color Options$0.49
17082Mini Phillips Screwdriver - 3mm - 12cm LongxUmp.com$0.59
17352Mini Phillips Screwdriver for DIY Hobby Projects$0.19
13558Mini Plastic Vernier CalipersxUmp.com$0.79
16527Mini Ripple Tank - Physics Classroom DemoxUmp.com$139.99
16884Mini Tesla Coil with 9V Power AdapterxUmp.com$29.95
17332Mini Water Pump - USB-Powered$5.95
14786Miniature RelayVelleman$1.79
17218Mini-Crystal Growing Kit with Granite Base Rock$3.19
15907Modular AA Battery Holders - Block of 4xUmp.com$5.95
13408Modular D Battery Holder - 1.5VxUmp.com$1.55
16798MOLEX Connector CR2032 Battery with Wire Leads (CMOS)xUmp.com$2.49
16034Momentary Push-Button Switch with LeadsxUmp.com$1.99
14898Money Safe 4M Kit4M$19.95
11686Mood MuddToysmith$6.49
16471Mood RingxUmp.com$1.29
14680Mosasaur Dino ToothxUmp.com$7.95
16238Mosasaur Teeth CompositionxUmp.com$99.95
16650Mosasaurus Fossil Tooth in Matrix - LargexUmp.com$19.99
15754Moscovite Mica - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$25.95
16796Motorized Robotic Arm 4M Kit4M$20.00
15071Moving Butterfly - Blue MorphoxUmp.com$29.99
15072Moving Butterfly - MonarchxUmp.com$29.99
15935Multifunction 60 SMD FlashlightxUmp.com$7.50
15198Multi-Function Survival ToolxUmp.com$1.79
16534Multi-Purpose Test Support SetxUmp.com$79.95
14903MuscleWire Demo SpringxUmp.com$9.99
14905MuscleWires Monster Moving Hand KitxUmp.com$34.95
14904MuscleWires Project Book and Sample KitxUmp.com$22.50
16097Mystery Fire - Flame Color SaltToysmith$2.95
16387N50 Neodymium Bar Magnet - 50x10x5mmxUmp.com$4.99
16388N50 Neodymium Cube Magnet - 10x10x10mmxUmp.com$1.85
16385N50 Neodymium Disc Magnet - 10x3mmxUmp.com$0.99
16386N50 Neodymium Disc Magnet - 20x5mmxUmp.com$1.95
17026N95 FDA NIOSH Approved Makrite 9500 Respirator Face Mask - pack of 3$17.95
16087Neon Bulb - 6mm x 16mm - for Electro-Static ExperimentsxUmp.com$0.59
14245Neon Spectrum Discharge TubexUmp.com$22.95
13783Neon Wand for Electrostatic ExperimentsWinsco$79.00
15312Neutral Litmus Paper - 100 stripsxUmp.com$1.29
15348Neutralization Lens SetxUmp.com$4.95
13886New York Demonstration BalancexUmp.com$45.95
15591Newtons Color DiscxUmp.com$39.95
10063Newtons Cradle - Large - 7 inchesxUmp.com$19.00
10808Newtons Cradle - Regular - 5.5 inchesxUmp.com$17.00
16876Nickel Metal Cube - 10mm 99.95 Pure xUmp.com$17.95
16952Niobium Metal Cube - 10mm 99.95 Pure xUmp.com$17.95
16342Nitinol Wire - 1ftxUmp.com$3.95
14250Nitrogen Spectrum Discharge TubexUmp.com$22.95
11163Noise PuttyToysmith$4.95
17091Non-Hardening Modeling Clay - 2ozxUmp.com$1.79
15727Nostalgic Pack GyroscopeTedco$8.95
12837Number Slide PuzzleToysmith$3.75
15694Oceanic Fossils SetxUmp.com$6.95
14623Oersteds Law ApparatusxUmp.com$23.95
10435Old World KaleidoscopeToysmith$9.50
17323Open DC Motor Demo Model with Propeller 3-6V$3.95
10968Optical Calcite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$3.95
10544Optical Illusions Playing CardsxUmp.com$8.00
12472Oral Hygiene Anatomy ModelxUmp.com$39.00
11199Orange Calcite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
16371Orange Calcite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$3.99
16732Ores of Common Metals Kit - 15pcsxUmp.com$42.95
12528Original SlinkyPOOF-Slinky$4.95
13531Original TEDCO Gyroscope - Retro Twin PackTedco$15.95
15981Orthoceras - 1 inch Real FossilxUmp.com$3.95
14206Orthoceras Fossil in a BoxxUmp.com$4.95
15345Overflow CanxUmp.com$8.49
12970Owl PelletCopernicus Toys$7.95
15728Owl Puke KitTedco$15.95
14251Oxygen Spectrum Discharge TubexUmp.com$22.95
17155Pack of 12 DC Motors 130 - 1.5V-6VxUmp.com$8.95
16795Paint Your Own Derby Racer CarToysmith$8.95
17030Panasonic CR2032 CMOS Lithium Battery with Leads and MOLEX ConnectorxUmp.com$2.79
17189Paper Making Science STEAM 4M KitToysmith$15.00
15522Parafoil KiteToysmith$9.95
16922Parallel Laser Ray Box - 5 Independent BeamsxUmp.com$39.95
16443PCB Copper Board - 7x10cmxUmp.com$1.49
16432PCB Copper Prototype Board - 5x10cmxUmp.com$2.99
16713Peacock Ore - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$17.95
14119Peg Game - Wooden Triangle PuzzleToysmith$4.50
14916Peltier Thermo-Electric Cooling Module - 12VxUmp.com$4.99
15908Pendulum Wave DemoxUmp.com$45.00
16851Perfumes & Cosmetics - Educational Fun KitClementoni$39.00
15324Periodic Table Banner PenxUmp.com$1.95
16954Periodic Table Banner Pens - 10 packxUmp.com$17.90
15243Periodic Table LampxUmp.com$39.95
16861Periodic Table Magnets$13.95
15097Periodic Table Reference Cards - 10 packxUmp.com$2.95
17398Periodic Table with Real Elements$39.00
10250Pet TornadoTedco$5.49
13066Petri Dish - 100mm GlassxUmp.com$2.79
13065Petri Dish - 60mm GlassxUmp.com$1.49
13341Petrified Wood - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
17235Petrified Wood Educational Box$4.75
16307PH Meter Calibration Buffer Powder - 10 packxUmp.com$4.99
15598pH Paper Test Strips - Book of 100xUmp.com$1.19
16324PH TDS Temp 3-in-1 Digital Water Quality Tester xUmp.com$42.99
17149Phillips Head Micro Precision Screwdrivers - 10 pack 45mm 1.5mmxUmp.com$2.49
16271PhiTOP - Physics Spinning TopPhiTop$21.00
17177Phosphorescent Powder Test Tube - Glow in the Dark$5.39
17334Photo Sensor Switch - 220A 10A 2200W$9.95
16690Photoresistor GL5516xUmp.com$0.29
16848Physics and Engineering - Educational KitClementoni$48.00
16826Physics Vortex Coin BankxUmp.com$19.95
10931Physics Workshop KitThames & Kosmos$55.00
16864Pi MugHeebie Jeebies$9.95
14657Pi-Day T-ShirtxUmp.com$9.95
13409Piezo Electronic Alarm Buzzer with Leads - 1.5VxUmp.com$1.49
14845Piezo Electronic Alarm Buzzer with Leads - 3VxUmp.com$1.59
15858Piezo Electronic Alarm Buzzer with Leads - 9VxUmp.com$1.59
17293Piezo Electronic Alarm Electronic Buzzer with Leads - 6V$1.59
10252Pin Art - Large - 7 inchesToysmith$22.50
17306Pink Dolomite Chunks - Pack of 10$15.95
15983Pink Tourmaline in Quartz - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$24.95
12268Pinky BallToysmith$3.95
13603Plain Microscope Slides - Pack of 12xUmp.com$1.99
10873Plain Microscope Slides - Pack of 72C & A Scientific$8.99
16979Plane Glass Mirror Strips - 2 x 6 inches - pack of 12xUmp.com$24.95
13990Plastic Beaker - 250mlxUmp.com$1.79
13991Plastic Beaker - 500mlxUmp.com$2.79
10427Plastic BubblesToysmith$4.95
15360Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask - 250mlxUmp.com$5.49
15361Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask - 500mlxUmp.com$6.29
14158Plastic Magnifying Lens - Dual 3X 6XxUmp.com$0.89
14817Plastic Measuring Cylinder - 100mLxUmp.com$2.49
14818Plastic Measuring Cylinder - 250mLxUmp.com$4.95
14819Plastic Measuring Cylinder - 500mlxUmp.com$7.95
16343Plastic Nesting Beakers - Set of 8xUmp.com$14.99
16457Plastic Petri Dish - 55mmxUmp.com$0.49
16942Plastic Petri Dish - 70mm - SinglexUmp.com$0.59
16456Plastic Petri Dish - 85mmxUmp.com$0.79
16447Plastic Petri Dishes - 55mm - pack of 20xUmp.com$9.49
16941Plastic Petri Dishes - 70mm - pack of 20xUmp.com$12.95
16250Plastic Petri Dishes - 85mm - pack of 20xUmp.com$12.50
13557Plastic Syringe - 20ml Non-SterilexUmp.com$0.99
16490Plastic Vernier Calipers - 2pc SetxUmp.com$2.49
10258Plastic-Encased Block MagnetDowling Magnets$1.49
10259Plastic-Encased Disc MagnetDowling Magnets$1.39
13985Plexiglass Mirror - 3 x 2.5 inches - For Optics Experiments and School Craft ProjectsxUmp.com$2.49
14791PN2222A TransistorxUmp.com$0.19
13841Pocket Level KeychainxUmp.com$1.29
12256Pocket Star FinderToysmith$8.95
16380Polished Fossil CoralxUmp.com$24.95
14031POP ToobxUmp.com$1.29
13492Pop-Up Butterfly HabitatxUmp.com$19.99
16927Porcelain Buchner Funnel - 100mmxUmp.com$8.39
14856Porcelain Buchner Funnel - 120ml 70mmxUmp.com$3.99
14482Porcelain Mortar and Pestle - 150mmxUmp.com$11.95
14481Porcelain Mortar and Pestle - 75mmxUmp.com$5.95
16677Portable Luggage Scale - up to 50kg/110lbsxUmp.com$7.95
16533Portable Micro BurnerxUmp.com$49.99
17256Portable USB-Powered Soldering Iron - 5V 8W$9.50
14926Power Pro DC Adapter - 12V 1000mAxUmp.com$4.99
14242Power Supply for Spectrum Discharge TubesxUmp.com$219.00
17057PPE Face Shields - Pack of 10$15.00
12659Praying Mantis Specimen in Acrylic BlockReal Insect$5.95
17336Precise Wire Stripper and Cutter Pliers -24AWG to 14AWG$7.00
17337Precision Diagonal Wire Cutting Pliers - 5 inch$5.95
15850Precision Weight Masses Set - 8 PiecesxUmp.com$8.95
15600Professional Solder Tip CleanerVelleman$9.99
17200Projector of Magnetic Line of Force Kit$29.00
15770Pulley Table ClampxUmp.com$8.95
15678Pulley with Table ClampxUmp.com$10.99
16401Pumice - Bulk MineralxUmp.com$1.95
17071PureLife ASTM Level 1 Earloop Face Masks - Pack of 50$22.95
15048Purple Laser PointerxUmp.com$19.00
16696Push-On Push-Off Micro Switch - 18x12mmxUmp.com$0.39
17313Pyramid Balancing Bird$3.95
10971Pyrite - Fools Gold - Bulk MineralxUmp.com$1.95
15749Pyrolusite GeodexUmp.com$24.95
14045Quadruple PulleyxUmp.com$3.49
13661Quartz - Tumbled Bulk MineralxUmp.com$1.49
17304Quartz Chalcedony Chunks - Pack of 10$14.95
14635Quartz Cluster - SmallGeocentral$1.95
15751Quartz Crystal Cluster - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$19.95
15763Quartz Crystal Point - Large Chunk (1-2 inch)xUmp.com$17.95
10970Quartz Point - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
16404Quartzite - Bulk MineralxUmp.com$1.95
17308Quartzite Chunks - Pack of 10$12.95
17069Quick Release Plastic C-Clamp - 2 inch xUmp.com$4.95
17355Quick Wire Connector Splice$0.25
15996Rain GaugexUmp.com$2.00
17392Rainbow Bamboo Toothbrush$0.79
14611Rainbow Glow DoughToysmith$6.49
15524Rainbow Pom BallToysmith$4.95
17006Rainbow SnapperzToysmith$5.49
14486Rattleback - Multicolor Pack of 10xUmp.com$12.95
16555RC Machines: Construction VehiclesThames & Kosmos$75.00
15989RC Machines: Space Explorers KitThames & Kosmos$79.00
13988Reagent Bottle - 500mlxUmp.com$4.99
17399Real Ammonite Fossil - Small 1 inch$4.95
17286Rechargeable COB LED Flashlight$11.00
17287Rechargeable COB LED Head Lamp$12.50
16886Rechargeable Pocket Digital Oscilloscope - 20MS/s 5MHzxUmp.com$79.95
16980Rectangular Refraction CellxUmp.com$6.95
16442Red Laser PointerxUmp.com$19.00
17167Red Laser Ray Box - 1, 3 or 5 beams - with AdapterxUmp.com$29.95
15310Red Litmus Paper - 100 stripsxUmp.com$1.29
16139Red Pi Mathematics T-ShirtxUmp.com$9.95
16079Red/Black Alligator-to-Banana Cable Pair - 1mxUmp.com$1.95
16463Red/Black Banana-to-Banana Cable Pair - 1mxUmp.com$5.95
16911Red/Blue North/South Magnet MarblexUmp.com$0.29
16482Reed Magnetic SwitchxUmp.com$0.39
15911Refraction CupxUmp.com$2.99
16528Refraction Cup with MeasurementsxUmp.com$3.49
16700Remote-Control Machines: FarmThames & Kosmos$65.00
13774Replacement Belt for N-100V WinscoWinsco$24.95
13776Replacement Belt for N-105S KilovoltronWinsco$24.95
14155Replacement Wicks - Pack of 12xUmp.com$2.49
14779Resonance BowlxUmp.com$149.00
17138Retractable Metal Tape Measure 10ft/3m - Both Imperial and Metric ScalexUmp.com$1.95
17361Reverse Polarity JST Connector CR2032 Battery with Wire Leads (CMOS)$2.49
17156Reverse Polarity MOLEX Connector CR2032 Battery with Wire Leads (CMOS)xUmp.com$2.49
16407Right-Angle Acrylic Prism - 1 x 2 inchesxUmp.com$4.79
14629Ring Tripod StandxUmp.com$9.99
15662Rock and Mineral Excavation Mini KitGeocentral$4.95
13217Rock Science KitToysmith$14.95
17283Rocket Bubble Popper Fidget Toy$5.95
14024Rocks and Minerals of the USACopernicus Toys$7.95
17192Rocks of the US - 9 Rocks Geology Kit$9.50
13887Roman Arch KitxUmp.com$29.99
11200Rose Quartz - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
15756Rose Quartz - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$11.95
13493Rotational Inertia Ring and DiskxUmp.com$49.99
17338Round Piezo-Electric Buzzer - 3V to 24V$2.39
14478Rubber Grip - For Hot BeakersxUmp.com$10.95
14144Rubber Stopper - Size 1xUmp.com$0.59
14145Rubber Stopper - Size 2xUmp.com$0.59
14146Rubber Stopper - Size 3xUmp.com$0.79
14147Rubber Stopper - Size 4xUmp.com$0.79
14148Rubber Stopper - Size 5xUmp.com$0.79
14149Rubber Stopper - Size 6xUmp.com$0.99
14150Rubber Stopper - Size 7xUmp.com$0.99
14151Rubber Stopper - Size 8xUmp.com$1.29
14152Rubber Stopper - Size 9xUmp.com$1.49
16736Rubber Tubing - 1/4 inch 10ftxUmp.com$6.95
16067Rubiks CubeRubiks$12.95
14047Safe Plastic Slide Set - AnimalsxUmp.com$9.00
14048Safe Plastic Slide Set - InsectsxUmp.com$9.00
14049Safe Plastic Slide Set - PlantsxUmp.com$9.00
17245SafeMask Premier Elite ASTM Level 3 - Pink - Made in USA Face Mask$19.95
17261SafeMask Premier Elite ASTM Level 3 - White - Made in USA Face Mask$19.95
17248SafeMask Premier Pediatric Kids Earloop Face Masks - Polka Dot Design - ASTM Level 1$19.95
16247Safety Pipette FillerxUmp.com$4.95
16797Salt-Water Powered Truck 4M Kit4M$14.00
10978Sandstone - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
16408Scale of Hardness Minerals KitxUmp.com$24.95
17187Sci-bits: Glow T-Rex Skeleton Puzzle with DinoCodes AppToysmith$6.95
17186Sci-bits: Pump Rockets KitToysmith$7.00
17185Sci-bits: Table Top Volcano Kit$9.95
16197Science Pics Magnet SetDowling Magnets$16.95
13271Science with Magnets Usborne Kid KitUsborne Books$11.99
10569Scientists Playing CardsxUmp.com$7.95
16098Sci-Fi Tube - Energy StickToysmith$12.50
16398Screen Sieves - set of 4xUmp.com$69.95
13330Sea Monkeys MagiQuariumSchylling$18.00
11793Sea Monkeys Ocean ZooSchylling$15.00
11795Sea Monkeys Original Instant LifeSchylling$8.00
16731Sedimentary Rock Bag - 6pcsxUmp.com$10.00
17193Sedimentary Rocks Kit - 15 Rocks Geology Kit$10.95
14230Seed Germination KitxUmp.com$6.95
15714Seismic AcceleratorxUmp.com$12.95
13343Selenite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.95
16702Sensors Alive: Bring Physics to LifeThames & Kosmos$99.00
16167Septarian SlabxUmp.com$3.99
17157Set of 8 Gas Tubes for Physics ExperimentsxUmp.com$99.95
16857Shark Hand PuppetSchylling$8.00
15088Shark Smart Playing CardsxUmp.com$5.99
16381Shark Tooth Fossil - 1 to 2 inchxUmp.com$7.95
15978Shark Tooth NecklacexUmp.com$9.95
15906SHINCO-Scope Microscope with 5 Prepared SlidesxUmp.com$79.00
17302Short Stem Glass Funnel - 45mm$2.59
17097SIBA FF 10A 600V Ceramic Multimeter Fuse - 6.3 x 32mmxUmp.com$2.95
17152Signal/Function Generator Module Board - 50Hz-50kHz - Sine/Square/Triangle WavexUmp.com$9.95
14975Silicone Mat for Chemistry LabsxUmp.com$9.95
15344Simple Halls CarriagexUmp.com$7.99
16823Simple Touch Rocker Light - COB 200 LumenxUmp.com$2.49
17369Single 18650 Lithium Battery USB Charger$2.49
17210Single CR2032 Battery Holder with Leads - 3V$1.29
17301Single Lithium Battery Charge Controller 5V 1A$2.95
16180Single Orthoceras Fossil in MatrixxUmp.com$9.95
11103Single PulleyxUmp.com$1.99
16932Skeleton Model With Nerves - 34 inches tallxUmp.com$39.95
14076Slotted Weight Set with HangerxUmp.com$15.95
17374Small Hand Boiler - 4 inch tall$4.95
17231Small Van de Graaff Generator - 4 inch dome$125.95
12831Smart Robot 4M Kit4M$15.00
17001SMS Lab Coat with 3 Pockets - White - EXTRA LARGE$5.95
17000SMS Lab Coat with 3 Pockets - White - LARGE$5.95
16965Snaky Spring Wave DemonstrationxUmp.com$19.99
16360Snap Circuits 3D Illumination KitSnap Circuits$53.00
11998Snap Circuits Jr. Snap Circuits$35.00
15008Snap Circuits Light KitSnap Circuits$89.00
17160Snow BallSchylling$4.49
17289Snowflake Obsidian Chunks - Pack of 10$14.95
14822Soft Iron RodxUmp.com$3.99
16785Solar & Battery Fan DIY STEM KitxUmp.com$5.95
13844Solar CarxUmp.com$21.00
16240Solar Cell - 1.5V 400mA 80x60mmxUmp.com$4.95
16574Solar Cell - 2V 130mA 54x54mmxUmp.com$2.99
16656Solar Cell - 5V 250mA 110x69mmxUmp.com$5.00
16802Solar Fan: DC Motor 130 + Solar Cell 2V + Propeller$3.98
17051Solar Grasshopper - Vibration MicrobotxUmp.com$2.95
16090Solar Micro Car Kit DIY STEM KitxUmp.com$4.95
10543Solar Print KitToysmith$15.00
10432Solar Print Refill PaperToysmith$9.95
14218Solar Rover 4M Kit4M$19.50
15042Solar SpinnerxUmp.com$9.95
17190Solar System Planetarium 4M Kit - Solar Hybrid PowerToysmith$19.50
13709Solar UV Beads - 250pcsxUmp.com$5.99
17391Soldering Iron Replacement Tip - 3.8mm x 65mm - 30W$1.29
15155Solenoid / Electromagnet with Iron CorexUmp.com$45.95
17063Solid Steel Ball - 16mm 0.63 inch Diameter xUmp.com$1.09
17064Solid Steel Ball - 19mm 0.75 inch Diameter xUmp.com$1.29
17314Solid Steel Ball - 25mm 1 inch Diameter $3.95
16609Space Mission Sand BoxxUmp.com$32.00
10450Space Wonder GyroscopeTedco$10.50
15309Spare Gold Leaves - Pack of 6xUmp.com$7.49
16781Spare Golden Curls for Pro Solder Tip CleanerVelleman$3.59
15158Spark Timer AcceleratorxUmp.com$34.99
13984Specific Gravity SetxUmp.com$10.99
16969Spectroscope - Direct VisionxUmp.com$59.95
16539Spider - Small SpecimenReal Insect$3.99
17223Spirowhiz Spirograph Drawing Activity Kit$10.00
17087Spring Cord Lanyard KeychainxUmp.com$1.59
17161Sproing - The Spring ThingSchylling$5.00
17183Squishy Earth with CoreToysmith$6.49
17343Stackable 4mm Banana Plug Cable - 1m Long - Colorful Set of 5 $14.95
17206Stackable AA Battery Holder - 1.5V$1.15
16349Standalone USB Temperature Data Logger ThermometerxUmp.com$24.95
14589Star-Ball Magnetic PuzzleCreative Whack$37.50
14821Steel Balls - Pack of 100xUmp.com$4.99
16572Stir Bar for Magnetic StirrerxUmp.com$3.99
16740Stringless PendulumxUmp.com$49.95
14792Student Electronics BreadBoardxUmp.com$4.50
14669Subwoofer Speaker xUmp.com$29.95
16402Sulfur - Bulk MineralxUmp.com$1.95
13863Sun Art Solar Imprint Paper - 8 x 10 inch - 15 sheets setTedco$13.95
15880Super Capacitor - 100F 2.7VxUmp.com$3.99
10391Super Science Magnet KitDowling Magnets$27.00
12125Super Stacking TopsToysmith$10.50
17383Super-Loud 120dB Car Alarm Buzzer - 6V to 12V DC$7.95
17348Super-Tiny Solar-Powered Car$4.95
14138Support Ring and Clamp - 4 inchxUmp.com$6.49
14139Support Stand with RodxUmp.com$22.95
15729Switch PitchHoberman$8.95
16564Switching Power Supply - 3V to 12VVelleman$19.99
14854Swivel Clamp HolderxUmp.com$10.99
16403Talc - Bulk MineralxUmp.com$1.95
12249Tape Measure KeychainToysmith$3.95
13862Tedco Light Crystal PrismTedco$8.95
16165Tektite - Rough SpecimenxUmp.com$1.95
14143Test Tube BrushxUmp.com$1.39
11223Test Tube ClampxUmp.com$1.79
16790Test Tube Peg RackxUmp.com$11.95
16703The Big Engineering Makerspace KitThames & Kosmos$89.00
10091The Original GyroscopeTedco$8.95
12938The Original SuperballxUmp.com$2.95
15316The SpillNot xUmp.com$22.95
13735Thermochromic GluxCopernicus Toys$7.95
10179Thermodynamic Drinking BirdxUmp.com$7.95
10216Thermodynamic Hand BoilerxUmp.com$8.95
14618Thermoelectric GeneratorxUmp.com$36.95
15357Thermometer ClampxUmp.com$8.55
12259Tin Can Robot 4M Kit4M$14.00
17234Tippe Tops - set of 3$4.95
17362Tipsun AA Alkaline Batteries 2-pack - Mercury and Cadmium Free$0.75
16877Titanium Metal Cube - 10mm 99.95 Pure xUmp.com$9.00
16491Toggle Switch with Wire LeadsxUmp.com$1.49
16341Touch Board Starter KitxUmp.com$239.00
10704Touchable BubblesToysmith$2.95
17275Treasure Chest Mini Excavation Kit$3.95
17297T-Rex Dino Mood Ring with Adjustable Size Band$1.79
17284T-Rex Dinosaur Bubble Popper Fidget Toys - Set of 2$9.95
16634T-Rex Dinosaur Skull Excavation Dig Activity KitxUmp.com$4.95
17298Triceratops Dino Mood Ring with Adjustable Size Band$1.79
17119Triceratops Dinosaur LED Night Light - Battery or USB Powered$19.95
13671Trictenotomid BeetleReal Insect$14.99
11105Triple PulleyxUmp.com$2.99
14046Triple Tandem PulleyxUmp.com$2.99
15244Tripod Periodic Table LampxUmp.com$35.00
13703Tubular Spring Scale - Blue 250gxUmp.com$3.95
13705Tubular Spring Scale - Brown 1000gxUmp.com$3.95
13704Tubular Spring Scale - Green 500gxUmp.com$3.95
13706Tubular Spring Scale - Red 2000gxUmp.com$3.95
16455Tubular Spring Scale - White 3000gxUmp.com$3.95
15849Tubular Spring Scale - Yellow 5000gxUmp.com$3.95
16953Tungsten Metal Cube - 10mm 99.95 Pure xUmp.com$17.95
16654TV Stone - Satin Spar SelenitexUmp.com$2.49
17125Two Decks of Playing CardsxUmp.com$1.95
16209Two Legged ALLBOT - Arduino Robot KitVelleman$79.00
13973Two Potato Powered ClockxUmp.com$16.95
17345Two USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion AA Batteries with Cable$12.95
13986Two Way Burner StandxUmp.com$5.95
17216Ultimate Light-Up Crystal Growing Kit$19.95
16417Ultrabright COB Keychain LightxUmp.com$3.59
16999Unigown Isolation Gowns - Yellow - Pack of 10$39.99
17145Universal Battery Tester - AA AAA C D 9VxUmp.com$4.95
16530Universal Multi Test Tube RackxUmp.com$19.95
16315US Treasure MiningxUmp.com$12.50
17131USB Female to USB Male Extension Cable - 5ft 1.5mxUmp.com$1.99
17381USB Male to Micro-USB Male Adapter Cable - 1 meter$1.95
17344USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 9V Battery with Cable$9.95
17135USB Rechargeable Red Laser + UV LED + White LED Flashlight$9.95
16088USB Temperature Sensor Thermometer with Probe - PCSensor TEMPer2xUmp.com$32.95
16688USB to Alligator Clips Connection Wire 5V - 50cm - 20inchxUmp.com$1.79
17113USB to DC Adapter 5.5mm x 2.1mm CablexUmp.com$1.79
17346USB-Powered Flexible Portable Fan$4.95
17347USB-Powered Flexible Portable Reading Light$3.95
17351USB-Powered Light Bulb with Cable$7.95
17139USB-Powered Mini Plasma Ball - 3 inch DomexUmp.com$15.00
17285UV Blacklight COB LED Flashlight$5.95
16083UV Light Blacklight KeychainxUmp.com$1.59
16481UV Ultraviolet LED 5mm 400nm 3.5VxUmp.com$0.29
13784Van de Graaff Demo DVDWinsco$18.00
16925Van De Graaff Generator - up to 250kVxUmp.com$425.00
16420Vanadinite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$11.95
16919Variable Inertia Set - pack of 2 discsxUmp.com$14.50
17232Vibration and Wave Demonstration Set$295.00
16453Vibration DC Motor + AA Battery Holder w/SwitchxUmp.com$3.39
16441Vibration DC Motor 130 - 1.5-6V with leadsxUmp.com$1.39
17329Volcanic Dino Popper$6.95
15741Volcanoes and Earthquakes Playing CardsxUmp.com$6.19
14073Voltaic Cell with Porous Cup and Electrodes SetxUmp.com$35.95
14834Vortex Bottle Connector for Tornado in a Bottle - SinglexUmp.com$1.79
13710Vortex Bottle Connector for Tornado in a Bottle Classroom Set of 20xUmp.com$32.95
16737Wash Bottle LDPE 500ml UnitaryxUmp.com$5.95
17269Watch Glass 90mm Diameter with Fire Polished Edges$1.49
15671Water ClockxUmp.com$19.95
13845Water Wheel TimerxUmp.com$5.75
16910Wave Wires Magnet Station KitDowling Magnets$49.00
14860Wax Dissecting PanxUmp.com$14.99
15677Wheel and AxlexUmp.com$12.50
14233White Streak Plates - set of 10xUmp.com$10.95
11741Wicked Wings Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.99
17368Wide Range Sticker Thermometer - 39-97F 4-36C$0.59
16114Widefield DIN 10X Microscope EyepiecexUmp.com$25.95
16473Wilderness Survival Cards 4-pack SetxUmp.com$24.95
12701Wilderness Survival Playing CardsxUmp.com$6.00
10887Wimshurst Lightning MachinexUmp.com$89.00
12260Windmill Generator 4M Kit4M$14.95
13773Winsco Van de Graaff GeneratorWinsco$859.00
17100Wire Caps 22-14 AWG - 10 pack - HS P1 Type Screw TerminalsxUmp.com$0.49
16800Wire Cutting and Adjustable Stripping PliersxUmp.com$5.95
14140Wire Gauze 5 x 5 inchesxUmp.com$1.29
15528Wood Fidget PuzzleToysmith$3.95
10798Wooden BoomerangxUmp.com$5.99
16824Wooden Tangram PuzzlexUmp.com$2.79
14971World's Simplest MotorTedco$6.95
13469X-Ball - Magnetic PuzzleCreative Whack$37.00
14248Xenon Spectrum Discharge TubexUmp.com$22.95
14177xUmp Gift BagxUmp.com$1.99
16446Yellow Hand Tally CounterxUmp.com$2.95
16477Yellow LED Bulb - 2.3V - with wire leadsxUmp.com$0.59
16879Zinc Metal Cube - 10mm 99.95 Pure xUmp.com$9.95
17130Zoom Focus 365nm LED UV Blacklight FlashlightxUmp.com$5.95
17395Zoom Focus White LED Flashlight$3.95

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