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Puzzles & Mindbenders

Shop a selection of geometric puzzles and wooden and metal mindbenders sure to keep your brain and hands busy for hours! Also find a large collection of design blocks that allow you to unleash your creativity and build problem-solving skills!
Photo of the: Number Slide Puzzle

Number Slide Puzzle

Item#: 12837


Photo of the: Wooden Tangram Puzzle

Wooden Tangram Puzzle

Item#: 16824


Photo of the: Wood Fidget Puzzle

Wood Fidget Puzzle

Item#: 15528


Photo of the: Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder

Item#: 10421


Photo of the: Money Maze Bank

Money Maze Bank

Item#: 15857


Photo of the: 6-Color Ball of Whacks

6-Color Ball of Whacks

Item#: 15794


Photo of the: Star-Ball Magnetic Puzzle

Star-Ball Magnetic Puzzle

Item#: 14589


Photo of the: X-Ball - Magnetic Puzzle

X-Ball - Magnetic Puzzle

Item#: 13469


Photo of the: Rubiks Cube

Rubiks Cube

Item#: 16067


Photo of the: Build Your Own Rubiks Cube Kit

Build Your Own Rubiks Cube Kit

Item#: 16612


Photo of the: Eureka Ball

Eureka Ball

Item#: 15797


Photo of the: Big Ball of Whacks - Red

Big Ball of Whacks - Red

Item#: 15799


Photo of the: Rubiks Tower Puzzle

Rubiks Tower Puzzle

Item#: 16613


Photo of the: Infinite Fidget Cube

Infinite Fidget Cube

Item#: 17005


Card Games

Play a game of poker and learn a little bit about dinosaurs, wilderness survival, famous scientists and more! We also have memory games and knowledge cards perfect for studying for your next biology, physics, or chemistry exam
Photo of the: Two Decks of Playing Cards

Two Decks of Playing Cards

Item#: 17125


Photo of the: Shark Smart Playing Cards

Shark Smart Playing Cards

Item#: 15088


Photo of the: Bear Smart Playing Cards

Bear Smart Playing Cards

Item#: 15089


Photo of the: Discover America Playing Cards

Discover America Playing Cards

Item#: 11242


Photo of the: Inventors Playing Cards

Inventors Playing Cards

Item#: 10570


Photo of the: Scientists Playing Cards

Scientists Playing Cards

Item#: 10569


Photo of the: Dinosaurs Playing Cards

Dinosaurs Playing Cards

Item#: 11246


Photo of the: Dinosaurs Wild Cards

Dinosaurs Wild Cards

Item#: 16611


Other Games

Challenge your mental skill with classic table-top games like jax, catch balls using a velcro helmet with Head Games, and compete with family and friends in fun board games like Strain, a bioengineering-themed competition
Photo of the: Dice - Pack of 10

Dice - Pack of 10

Item#: 17123


Photo of the: Metal Jax and Ball Set

Metal Jax and Ball Set

Item#: 11682


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