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Category: Microscopes

Optical Microscopes

Discover a fantastic microscopic world teeming below the surface of our visual reality with these high-quality microscopes for the home, lab, or classroom. We offer beginner's kits to 2000x magnification lab scopes.

Digital Microscopes

Discover a fantastic microscopic world teeming below the surface of our visual reality with these high-quality digital microscopes for the home, lab, or classroom. Excellent for biology class projections and activities.

Pocket Microscopes

Shop a selection of miniature pocket microscopes and magnifying glasses that can be used for field observations or classroom experiments
Photo of the: 60X Clip-on LED Microscope

60X Clip-on LED Microscope

Item#: 16573


Photo of the: Magnifying Bug Viewer

Magnifying Bug Viewer

Item#: 13849


Photo of the: Mini LED Microscope 160X-200X

Mini LED Microscope 160X-200X

Item#: 16323


Photo of the: LED Pocket Microscope 20x - 40x

LED Pocket Microscope 20x - 40x

Item#: 14646


Prepared Slides

Observe insect samples and plant matter and learn about the microscopic structure of organisms and creatures you encounter every day. We have beginner's slides as well as more complex samples suitable for high school biology.

Photo of the: Wicked Wings Slide Set

Wicked Wings Slide Set

Item#: 11741


3D Specimens

Reveal and explore the complexity of earth's organisms by examining real animal and insect specimens both with the naked eye and microscope. These specimen are encased in plastic blocks, making them perfect for classroom observation.
Photo of the: Spider - Small Specimen

Spider - Small Specimen

Item#: 16539


Photo of the: Trictenotomid Beetle

Trictenotomid Beetle

Item#: 13671


Photo of the: Blackish Stag Beetle

Blackish Stag Beetle

Item#: 13806


Photo of the: Bat Skeleton Specimen

Bat Skeleton Specimen

Item#: 15538


Slide Making Supplies

From comprehensive microscope slide-making kits to individual components such as cover slips, and glass or plastic slides and disposable forceps, use our supplies to make your own slide specimens for scientific observation

Microscope Accessories

Accessorize your microscope in the lab or classroom and enhance your viewing capabilities, revealing the nuances of organic life structure on earth. Zoom in further, protect your wares, and prepare your own slides for viewing.
Photo of the: Carrying Case for GE-5

Carrying Case for GE-5

Item#: 12929


Photo of the: Adjustable Stage for 540X Lens

Adjustable Stage for 540X Lens

Item#: 12931

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