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Mini Neon Bulb - 6mm x 12mm - 5 Color Options - Image One Mini Neon Bulb - 6mm x 12mm - 5 Color Options - Image two
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Mini Neon Bulb - 6mm x 12mm - 5 Color Options

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The static electricity generated by your body is enough energy to power these colorful neon light bulbs and make them glow!

HOW IT WORKS: Hold on to one of the light bulb wires and walk around a carpeted room dragging your feet. This will build up a charge of static electricity which will be discharged through the neon light bulb in your hand. You might have to do this in a darkened room to see the full glow. If you can’t generate enough static electricity to get a small shock when you touch something metal, the bulb won’t work. If you generate a large enough charge, the bulb will glow in free air. Usually it’s easier to do this in the winter when your house is closed up and the air has less humidity. If this does not work for you, place the wire you’re not holding next to but not touching a metal object such as a lamp or TV antenna. This will allow the static electricity to discharge from your body through the bulb thus making it glow. Interesting, isn’t it?

Alternatively, this bulb can be used in tandem with any plasma ball, Van de Graff generator, Wimshurst machine or Tesla Coil, all of which will cause the bulb to glow brightly when it is brought close to the locus of the emitted charge. Great for use in science fair projects!


  • Powered by the static electricity generated by the human body
  • Easy to use, all you need is carpet
  • Also glows when used with a plasma ball, Van de Graff generator, Wimshurst machine or Tesla Coil
  • Great science experiment
  • Excellent gift or stocking stuffer
  • Measures 6mm diameter x 12mm tall
  • Select your prefered color

Plese note that this is not a 5 bulb set. Price is per each. Select prefered color using the pull down menu.

18 +
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Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Customer Reviews

5 star rating   Hans Jørgen Weedon from Salem MA.
The bulbs arrived I soldered them into my instrument and they all worked I needed 10 so I have lots of spares. Thanks,

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