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CR2450-2P CMOS Lithium Battery with Molex Connector - 3V 1200mAh - Image One CR2450-2P CMOS Lithium Battery with Molex Connector - 3V 1200mAh - Image two CR2450-2P CMOS Lithium Battery with Molex Connector - 3V 1200mAh - Image three
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CR2450-2P CMOS Lithium Battery with Molex Connector - 3V 1200mAh

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We are introducing our latest product - a new-generation, long-lasting 1200mAh 3V CMOS battery designed to meet all your needs. This battery consists of two CR2450 batteries connected in parallel and is packaged with wire leads and MOLEX 51021-0200-B (1.25mm pitch) connector for your convenience.

With a capacity of 1200mAh, this lithium metal cell (non-rechargeable) battery offers almost six times more capacity than the typical CMOS battery (CR2032), which has only 210mAh capacity. This means you will have to replace your battery less frequently and enjoy uninterrupted usage for more extended periods.

This battery has a 7+ year shelf life and is suitable for various devices, including remote controls, computer motherboards (CMOS), laptops, notebooks, etc. Additionally, it is great for powering brush robots, bristle bots, and toothbrush bots projects. Simply add one of our vibration motors, and you are ready to go.


  • Two CR2450 batteries with wire leads and pre-attached connector
  • Wire leads measure approximately 3.5 inches in length for added convenience.
  • Versatile usage for a variety of household needs including remote controls, CMOS, computer motherboards, brush bots, etc.
  • Ideal for hobby electronics, science fair projects, or home DIY maker designs
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Molex 51021-0200-B (1.25mm pitch) connector (refer to photo for connector specifications)

So, if you're looking for a reliable and long-lasting battery that can power your devices for longer periods, this new-generation CMOS battery is the perfect solution.


At our online store, we prioritize providing our customers with brand-new and high-quality lithium batteries. Due to the nature of batteries, we do not accept returns on these batteries as we cannot verify their usage or condition after purchase. By only selling new batteries, we can offer competitive pricing and ensure that all of our customers receive only the best products. Thank you for choosing us for your battery needs.

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