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Line Tracking Car DIY Kit - Image One
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Line Tracking Car DIY Kit

by xUmp.com   Item#: 16327   5 star rating 1 customer reviews
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Build your own line-tracking car with this fun DIY solder kit!  All the necessary components, save for soldering equipment, are included, and you can have your car up and running and tracking lines within about 30 minutes to an hour!  Once completed, the car uses two optical sensors to detect contrast between light and dark; thus, if you draw a thick line on a sheet of white paper, the car will track the line and drive around on the path you've indicated.  You can make straight paths, twists and curvy turns... you can even make the track loop back on itself!  A regular sharpie will work for drawing the line.  Assembly is easy and quick, and the kit serves as an excellent basic introduction to soldering practice.  The circuit board is friendly for beginners, as component locations are clearly demarcated.  Undertaking this project will demonstrate how motors gears are used to propel cars and robots in conjunction with electronic circuitry.  Buy a couple and set and up races with your friends by designing your own custom tracks.


  • An excellent introduction to soldering, and the interaction between motors/gears and electronic circuitry
  • Car uses optical sensors to detect contrast between light and dark
  • Draw your own line courses using a sharpie; make the track as simple or complex as you'd like!
  • Circuit board is friendly for beginners, as component locations are clearly demarcated
  • Buy a couple and set and up races with your friends by designing your own custom tracks

14 +
Box Size:
7.00 x 5.00 x 1.25 inches
17.78cm x 12.70cm x 3.18cm
0 lb 5 oz
0.13 kg

Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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