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Physics Kits

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Buy Cosmic Rocket 4M Kit.
Cosmic Rocket 4M Kit
Launch this rocket 50 feet in the air using vinegar and baking soda!
$14.95 $10
Part#: 10532
In Stock
Buy Floating Magnet Rings Kit.
Floating Magnet Rings Kit
Flip the magnets in this set for hours of fun!
$9.95 $6.95
Part#: 10230
In Stock
Buy Windmill Generator 4M Kit.
Windmill Generator 4M Kit
Build your own windmill generator kit by recycling a plastic bottle!
$16.99 $13.95
Part#: 12260
In Stock
Buy Super Science Magnet Kit.
Super Science Magnet Kit
Exciting magnet exploration for ages 8 and up!
$29.99 $24.95
Part#: 10391
In Stock

Buy 50 Electronics Projects Kit.
50 Electronics Projects Kit
Easy to build circuits teach you the operation of over 50 electronic circuits!
$39.95 $24
Part#: 10212
In Stock
Buy Magnets In Motion Kit.
Magnets In Motion Kit
Create currents and discover gravity while exploring the theory of Lenz's Law with this kit!
$44.99 $37.95
Part#: 10231
In Stock
Buy Physics Workshop Kit.
Physics Workshop Kit
This science kit is an essential introduction to physics knowledge!
$69.99 $49.40
Part#: 10931
In Stock
Buy Electric Plane Launcher 4M Kit.
Electric Plane Launcher 4M Kit
This kit will get your paper plane ready for takeoff!
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 11693
In Stock

Buy Physics Discovery Kit.
Physics Discovery Kit
Use this kit to conduct experiments with models to learn about forces and simple machines!
$39.99 $29.60
Part#: 11366
In Stock
Buy Wind Power Kit.
Wind Power Kit
This wind power kit is an excellent green science project!
$59.99 $44.90
Part#: 12734
In Stock
Buy Hydropower Kit.
Hydropower Kit
Check out this amazing renewable energy science kit featuring the wonders of hydroelectric power!
$59.99 $44.90
Part#: 13443
In Stock
Buy Elements of Science Kit.
Elements of Science Kit
Investigate the most important phenomena in biology, chemistry, and physics by conducting more than 100 fun experiments!
$89.99 $79
Part#: 11635
In Stock  FREE Shipping

Buy Physics Pro Kit.
Physics Pro Kit
This advanced physics kit is perfect for older children already versed in physics knowledge!
$109.99 $89
Part#: 11934
In Stock  FREE Shipping
Buy Attacking Inchworm Solar Robot Kit.
Attacking Inchworm Solar Robot Kit
Attack the use of polluting toys with this great alternative energy worm!!
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 12519
In Stock
Buy 4M Cartesian Diver.
4M Cartesian Diver
Construct your own Cartesian diver with this helpful kit!
$6.99 $3.95
Part#: 14222
In Stock
Buy Thermoelectric Generator.
Thermoelectric Generator
Use this generator to demonstrate the 2nd law of thermodynamics!
$49.99 $32.95
Part#: 14618
In Stock

Buy Fuel Cell 10 Kit.
Fuel Cell 10 Kit
Learn about hydrogen fuel cells with this incredible kit!
$199.99 $175
Part#: 13442
In Stock  FREE Shipping
Buy Rotational Inertia Ring and Disk.
Rotational Inertia Ring and Disk
This set includes disk and ring with equal mass and radius. Great for the classic rotational inertia physics experiment!
$49.99 $39.95
Part#: 13493
In Stock
Buy Dr Johnson
Dr Johnson's Heat Engine
This is a great clean heat demonstration model for the classroom setting!
$69.99 $49
Part#: 14907
In Stock
Buy Coriolis Effect Kit.
Coriolis Effect Kit
Learn about the Coriolis Effect using this helpful kit!
$49.99 $39.95
Part#: 14231
In Stock

Buy Magnetic Globe and Pole Finder.
Magnetic Globe and Pole Finder
Demonstrate the Earth's magnetic field pattern with this apparatus!
$49.99 $44.95
Part#: 14625
In Stock
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