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Robots & Kits

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Buy Tin Can Robot 4M Kit.
Tin Can Robot 4M Kit
You don’t think recycling is cool? Get a look at this, we’re sure you’ll change your mind!
$19.99 $16.95
Part#: 12259
Sold Out
Buy Solar Grasshopper.
Solar Grasshopper
Easy to build mini grasshopper robot powered by solar energy!
$14.99 $12.95
Part#: 12005
In Stock
Buy Solar King Crab.
Solar King Crab
Build a solar King Crab which actually moves across the table when exposed to light!
$19.99 $13.95
Part#: 12006
In Stock
Buy Robotic Arm EDGE Kit.
Robotic Arm EDGE Kit
A cool kit that helps you build your very own robotic arm!
$69.99 $59.95
Part#: 13411
In Stock

Buy Smart Robot 4M Kit.
Smart Robot 4M Kit
Build your very own smart robot!
$22.99 $14
Part#: 12831
In Stock
Buy Jungle Robot Kit.
Jungle Robot Kit
Build a jungle robot which moves hand over hand like an orangutan or walks like a gorilla.
$59.99 $34.95
Part#: 10200
In Stock
Buy Snap Circuits Jr. .
Snap Circuits Jr.
Build over 100 exciting electronic projects with this easy to use kit!
$44.99 $34.95
Part#: 11998
In Stock
Buy Robot Duck 4M Kit.
Robot Duck 4M Kit
Make a crazy robot that walks like a silly ducky!
$19.99 $14
Part#: 13219
In Stock

Buy Doodling Robot 4M Kit.
Doodling Robot 4M Kit
Build a robot that's an artist too!
$19.99 $16.95
Part#: 13398
In Stock
Buy Attacking Inchworm Solar Robot Kit.
Attacking Inchworm Solar Robot Kit
Attack the use of polluting toys with this great alternative energy worm!!
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 12519
In Stock
Buy Brush Robot 4M Kit.
Brush Robot 4M Kit
Get swept away by this fantastic robot kit that uses vibrations to move!
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 13397
In Stock
Buy ATR - All Terrain Robot Kit.
ATR - All Terrain Robot Kit
This kit allows to build up to 3 different robots!
$69.99 $54.95
Part#: 14431
In Stock

Buy RC Snap Rover.
RC Snap Rover
Build your own remote control rover! Easy, educational and great fun!
$99.99 $79.95
Part#: 11999
In Stock  FREE Shipping
Buy Metal Detector Robot 4M Kit.
Metal Detector Robot 4M Kit
Build your own metal detector robot!
$29.99 $22.95
Part#: 14221
In Stock
Buy Ein-O Morse Code Kit.
Ein-O Morse Code Kit
Send and receive coded messages with this cool Morse Code kit!
$12.99 $8.95
Part#: 13533
In Stock
Buy USB Interface for Robotic Arm EDGE.
USB Interface for Robotic Arm EDGE
Check this out if you've just purchased a Robotic Arm EDGE Kit!
$49.99 $39.95
Part#: 13510
In Stock

Buy Solar Bullet Train Kit.
Solar Bullet Train Kit
Learn about the environmental benefits of solar energy with this fast-powered solar train!
$16.99 $14.95
Part#: 13678
In Stock
Buy MuscleWires Monster Moving Hand Kit.
MuscleWires Monster Moving Hand Kit
Build a hand that realistically moves its fingers using shape memory allow technology!
$39.99 $29.95
Part#: 14905
In Stock
Buy Flexinol MuscleWire - 70 deg C - 1m.
Flexinol MuscleWire - 70 deg C - 1m
Use this Flexinol Musclewire for a variety of electronics applications!
$9.99 $5.95
Part#: 14909
In Stock
Buy Hyper Peppy Robot Kit.
Hyper Peppy Robot Kit
Explore the fundamentals of robotics with this informative and entertaining touch/sound robot kit!
$49.99 $36.95
Part#: 14432
In Stock

Buy Salt Water Fuel Cell Arachnoid.
Salt Water Fuel Cell Arachnoid
Power this creepy arachnoid toy with simple salt water!
$19.99 $16.95
Part#: 14929
In Stock
Buy Binary Player Robot Kit.
Binary Player Robot Kit
Check out this amazing robot that is controlled by binary code!
$49.99 $39.95
Part#: 13677
In Stock
Buy Eco Biker Kit.
Eco Biker Kit
Eco-friendliness, sustainability and energy consciousness is the name of the game with this wind-powered kit!
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 14430
In Stock
Buy Flashing LEDs Solder Kit.
Flashing LEDs Solder Kit
Use this flashing LEDs kit for a variety for applications!
$7.99 $3.95
Part#: 14919
In Stock

Buy Crawling Microbug Solder Kit.
Crawling Microbug Solder Kit
Build a bug-shaped robot with this fun kit!
$24.99 $15.95
Part#: 14921
In Stock
Buy Solar Energy Electronics Experiment Kit.
Solar Energy Electronics Experiment Kit
Perform up to 10 solar-powered projects with this great kit!
$39.99 $29.95
Part#: 14917
In Stock
Buy IR Light Barrier Solder Kit.
IR Light Barrier Solder Kit
Build an infrared light barrier with this unique soldering kit!
$17.99 $11.95
Part#: 14920
In Stock
Buy Space Wings Kit.
Space Wings Kit
Build unique space wings using shape memory alloy technology!
$29.99 $19.95
Part#: 14908
In Stock

Buy Pocket Dice Electronics Solder Kit.
Pocket Dice Electronics Solder Kit
Use this pocket dice electronics solder kit for a science project!
$19.99 $14.95
Part#: 14802
In Stock
Buy HEXBUG Warriors Stadium Kit.
HEXBUG Warriors Stadium Kit
The ultimate large scale battleground for all HEXBUG Warriors!
$39.99 $32.95
Part#: 14949
In Stock
Buy Super Solar Recycler.
Super Solar Recycler
State-of-the-art, eco-friendly educational toy kit that will stretch your child’s imagination while allowing them to take part in the joy of recycling.
$24.99 $19.95
Part#: 15834
In Stock
Buy T4 Transforming Solar Robot.
T4 Transforming Solar Robot
Make a solar-powered robot, T-Rex dino, insecta or drill vechicle with this cool kit!
$24.99 $19.95
Part#: 15833
In Stock

Buy Salt Water Fuel Cell Motorcycle.
Salt Water Fuel Cell Motorcycle
Look out Gotham, salt water fuel technology has invaded the city.
$29.99 $24.95
Part#: 15832
In Stock
Buy Assembled 7W Mono Amplifier.
Assembled 7W Mono Amplifier
Use this amplifier for your home stereo system, hobby projects and more!
$24.99 $19.95
Part#: 14925
In Stock
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