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Magnetic Levitator - Classic

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Item Description

This Magnetic Levitator is a fascinating near-perpetual motion device that levitates by a magnetic field. Its axle floats by repelling magnets and there is only one small friction point where the metal tip touches the glass. Because of the small friction, the levitator can rotate for a surprising amount of time. Principles of physics can be demonstrated in any science classroom through this great levitator!


  • Magnetic levitator with axle, base and panel
  • Great for classroom demonstrations and science fair projects featuring principles of physics
  • Makes a great desk toy

Recommended for ages 5 and older.

Box Size: 5.75in (14.61cm) x 3.75in (9.53cm) x 3.75in (9.53cm)
Weight: 0 lb 10 oz ( 0.26 kg )

Customer Reviews

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  Learning and fun!
Posted on: Mar 11 2016 by: Marlynn from Oregon

I bought this for my two, 7 year old grandsons to help them learn about magnets and they have more fun trying to get it to spin. In fact the adults have just as much fun playing with the Levitator.

  Magnetic Levitator
Posted on: Nov 27 2015 by: Young. H. Park from Suwon City, Korea

It was good for understanding new energy saving technology of oil free machines and Mag lev rail train,

  Magnetic Levitator - Classic
Posted on: Jun 21 2015 by: Monodb from Longmnt, CO USA

Does what I got it (to give as a present) for: to illustrate the action-at-a-distance phenomenon.

  magnetic Levitator
Posted on: Jun 15 2015 by: john tisdale from Sydney Australia

not as stable as the originals but still very good

  Conversation Piece
Posted on: Jul 18 2013 by: Unknown from USA

Everything was in perfect condition. No defects or damage. This is fascinating to watch and can be a good conversation starter.

  Awesome stuff
Posted on: Jul 16 2013 by: Leroy Maes from Belgium

Everybody has got to love levitating stuff

Posted on: Jan 20 2013 by: Bookseller Guy from St. Paul, MN

Does exactly what it says. I love it and Kids love it. Spins like it's floating in air. Very cool!

  Magnetic Levitator keeps them watching
Posted on: Sep 24 2012 by: Mr. Gibson from Modesto, CA

Excellent item that suports lessons in the classroom. It is difficult to spin it smoothly so it will go on longer, but the operation is simple and fun.

  A Simple and Engaging Desk Toy
Posted on: Jul 12 2011 by: Theo Godlaski from Lexington, KY

This is a simple and very engaging desk toy. There are no batteries to change and it works exactly as advertised.


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