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C & A Scientific

Dual Thermometer with Plastic Backing

This dual thermometer has large, easy to read markings mounted on a plastic backing. Great for use in classrooms or home.

Item#: 13153 Age: 13+
5 Stars (3 customer reviews)

Plastic Petri Dishes with Agar - Pack of 2

These petri dishes are essential for teaching about bacteria, mold and more!

Item#: 13611 Age: 9+
4.5 Stars (8 customer reviews)

Microscope Accessory Kit

This accessory kit includes supplies for microscope maintenance and slide preparation!

Item#: 10469 Age: 11+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Prepared Slide Set - Intermediate

Great intermediate set of 25 prepared microscope slides. Skin, penicillium, muscle, and more.

Item#: 10471 Age: 12+

Prepared Slide Set - Elementary

This great beginner set of 12 prepared microscope slides features fibers, pollen, blood and more!

Item#: 10470 Age: 9+

Plastic Test Tubes with Caps - Pack of 2

Excellent for use in the science classroom!

Item#: 13610 Age: 9+
5 Stars (2 customer reviews)

Prepared Slide Set - High School

Great high-school set of 25 prepared microscope slides. Lungs, spinal cord, arteries, and more.

Item#: 10472 Age: 13+
4 Stars (2 customer reviews)


My First Lab Cordless ULTIMATE Microscope

This microscope is so versatile you can even take it with you on a job site!

Item#: 11215 Age: 11+

Wicked Wings Slide Set

Liven up the classroom with these cool winged insect slides!

Item#: 11741 Age: 9+

Microscope Slide Box - 50 Slides Capacity

A great storage unit for all of those microscope slides you have lying around!

Item#: 13160 Age: 13+

Disposable Scalpels - pack of 10

These scalpels are necessary to have on hand for your next lab dissection!

Item#: 13151 Age: 13+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Blood and Guts Prepared Slide Set

EEWW! Blood and guts come alive in a much larger way while looking through your microscope, don’t they?

Item#: 11740 Age: 8+

Creepy Crawlies Prepared Slide Set

Eww, GROSS! Check out the creepy creatures that crawl the earth in this slide set!

Item#: 13154 Age: 9+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Fun Guys Prepared Slide Set

Ewww!! Fungus!! Take a closer look at the fungi that live closer to us than you think!

Item#: 13159 Age: 9+

Incredible Edible Plants Prepared Slide Set

See what makes up some of the food you eat with these awesome plant slides!

Item#: 13156 Age: 9+

Lily Pad Leap Prepared Slide Set

Jump in and look closely at the world of frogs with these slides!

Item#: 13158 Age: 9+

Flower Power Prepared Slide Set

Magnify the parts that make a flower beautiful!

Item#: 13157 Age: 9+

Extraordinary Ordinary Prepared Slide Set

Get an up-close look at common everyday items!

Item#: 13155 Age: 9+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Analyze This - Biology Slide Set Book

Did you just purchase the Biology Slide Set? Then this book is a must-have resource for you!

Item#: 14080 Age: 12+

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