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Coko Programmable Crocodile Robot

Take the first steps into the world of coding in a simple and fun way.

Item#: 16852 Age: 3+

Pet-Bits Cat - Coding Toy Robot

These amusing pet robots move and dance according to the number of times you clap your hands.

Item#: 16854 Age: 4+

Perfumes & Cosmetics - Educational Fun Kit

A fantastic laboratory kit for safely creating cosmetic products.

Item#: 16851 Age: 8+

Cyber Robot - Programmable Bluetooth Robotics Kit

A brand-new scientific kit for all tech enthusiasts; a fantastic robot to be assembled, equipped with built-in Bluetooth capabilities and as many as 4 play modes!

Item#: 16840 Age: 8+

Mechanics Lab - Cranes - Motorized Construction Models Kit

An incredible scientific kit for discovering the secrets of engineering and mechanics!

Item#: 16843 Age: 8+

Physics and Engineering - Educational Kit

Prove the laws of physics and discover how lever and gear mechanisms work by building real working machines!

Item#: 16848 Age: 8+

Voltaic Pile - Educational Kit

Build a replica of the Voltaic Pile, the first electrical battery that could continuously provide an electric current to a circuit.

Item#: 16850 Age: 8+

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