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Photo of the Bacteria Farm Experiment Kit

Bacteria Farm Experiment Kit

Safely cultivate and observe bacteria from different samples with a variety of experiments.

Item#: 16870 Age: 8+

Photo of the Galileo Thermometer - 11 inch tall

Galileo Thermometer - 11 inch tall

The Galileo Thermometer is a uniquely styled tool that displays the temperature of it's current environrment using capsules containing different mixtures of mineral oil, isopropyl alcohol, and food coloring.

Item#: 16858 Age: 18+

Photo of the Galileo Thermometer - 17 inch tall

Galileo Thermometer - 17 inch tall

This is a beautiful 17inch tall Galileo Thermometer made of crystal-clear glass. Makes a wonderful gift or desk accessory.

Item#: 16859 Age: 18+

Photo of the Ceramic Pi Mug

Ceramic Pi Mug

A must have for all mathematicians, this mug displays a giant Pi symbol composed of Pi's initial digits expressed numerically

Item#: 16864 Age: 18+
4.5 Stars (2 customer reviews)

Photo of the DIY Galileo Thermometer Kit

DIY Galileo Thermometer Kit

Safely learn about the science behind temperature and density with a series of small experiments, including building a Galileo thermometer!

Item#: 16868 Age: 8+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Photo of the Fitzroy Storm Glass - 11 inch tall

Fitzroy Storm Glass - 11 inch tall

The storm glass was popularised by Admiral Robert Fitzroy after his historic voyage on the HMS Beagle.

Item#: 16862 Age: 18+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

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