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Science Fair Supplies Sale

Air-Stream Machines Kit (Image One) @ xUmp.com Air-Stream Machines Kit (Image One) @ xUmp.com

Air-Stream Machines Kit

by Thames & Kosmos   Item#: 15224  
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Build a working hovercraft that glides across smooth floors or flat water on a cushion of air!  Learn how even though air is invisible, it still has mass and can support very heavy objects under the right circumstances.  Experiment with propellers and impellers to learn about air pressure and air flow. 

The models in this kit use a unique blower motor and a safe, soft-bladed fan to drive a series of models.  The blower motor uses an impeller to increase the air pressure under the hovercraft.  The fan creates a stream of air to push the vehicle forward, Using these components, you can build and investigate the hovercraft and other machines that rely on air pressure to function.  Construct a batting machine that tosses a ball upward on a stream of air.  Assemble a basketball launcher and practice shooting hoops with air power. 

Ten different models, ten opportunities to explore some of the most interesting and perplexing attributes of the air around us.  Makes an excellent gift.

Peace of Mind Guarantee
Rest assured-- when you buy this quality Thames and Kosmos product, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. If there are any missing or broken pieces,we will replace them for free for you. If you lose or break any parts, we will replace them for you. All replacement pieces and refills for chemicals are available directly from Thames and Kosmos anytime! Quality lifetime support with every kit.


  • 10 different models powered by air pressure
  • Hovercraft can float above land or water
  • Unique blower motor and soft-bladed fan
  • Learn about air pressure and flow through experimentation
  • Explore alternative forms of energy
  • Detailed instructions and 59 pieces included

8 +
Box Size:
16.75 x 11.50 x 3.25 inches
42.55cm x 29.21cm x 8.26cm
2 lb 5 oz
1.03 kg

Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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