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Day & Night Globe - Image One Day & Night Globe - Image One
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Day & Night Globe

Item#: 16699  
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This ten-inch-diameter acrylic globe has a light inside, allowing you to see the earth from two wildly different perspectives. In its non-illuminated day mode, the globe displays a detailed, accurate, and exquisitely designed physical and political map of Earth. At a glance, you can identify country borders, mountains, rivers, and more. When the internal illumination is switched on in night mode, a stunning map image with the most important stars and constellations shines through from the inside, revealing a beautiful representation of the starry sky, reflected gracefully in the curvature of our Earth. A 20-page, full-color manual explains the globe’s features and fucntions and includes useful information about geography and astronomy. The globe plugs into standard wall outlets and has an on-off switch conveniently located on the cord.


  • Elegant acrylic Earth globe equipped with an internal light
  • With the light off, the globe displays a physical and political map of the planet
  • With the light on, the globe lights up with a night sky replete with stars and major constellations
  • Includes 20-page, full-color instruction manual explaining features and functions
  • Plugs into a standard wall outlet; turns on via cord switch

8 +
Box Size:
14.50 x 10.25 x 10.25 inches
36.83cm x 26.04cm x 26.04cm
2 lb 11 oz
1.22 kg

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