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Mechanical Engineering: Robotic Arms

by Thames & Kosmos   Item#: 16556  
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Build six mechanical models similar to the arms, grabber claws, and legs found on robotic machines. Explore mechanical engineering principles firsthand as you assemble and operate with these working models.  Each model employs a pneumatic system which uses air pressure to activate the models. Fill the air reservoir using the included the hand pump, then flick the switch to operate the model.  A pneumatic piston enables the grabber claws to open and close rapidly and to grip objects with enough force to lift them. The piston can also move the arms and legs on models back and forth, thus demonstrating how robotic limbs move.

Construct a pivoting robotic laboratory arm with gripper claw, assemble an extra long grabber claw to pick up things that are just out of reach, build a vertical three-fingered claw that can lift a cup up off the table keeping it level, experiment with models of robotic exoskeleton arms and legs, and make a compact grabber claw that you can slip into your shirt sleeve to pretend you have a robotic hand.

Learn how pneumatic and hydraulic systems are used in industrial robots to enable them to manipulate heavy objects, such as automobile components.  A 36-page, full-color manual guides you through the model building process with step-by-step illustrated instructions.


  • Construct 6 different mechanical robot arms similar to those used in industrial warehouses
  • Each arm employs a pneumatic system which uses air pressure to activate the models
  • Build a pivoting lab arm with gripper claw, a long-reach claw, and much more
  • Learn the science how pneumatic and hydraulic systems in relation to industrial robotics
  • 36-page, full-color manual guides you through the model building process with step-by-step illustrated instructions.

7 +
Box Size:
14.50 x 11.25 x 3.75 inches
36.83cm x 28.58cm x 9.53cm
2 lb 9 oz
1.16 kg

Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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