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Science Fair Supplies Sale

Periodic Table Reference Cards - 10 pack (Image One) @ xUmp.com Periodic Table Reference Cards - 10 pack (Image One) @ xUmp.com

Periodic Table Reference Cards - 10 pack

Item#: 15097   4.5 star rating 7 customer reviews
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Great reference card for chemistry and physics students. Makes a useful bookmark!

On one side this card features a Periodic Table of Elements with element names, symbols, atomic numbers, atomic weights and oxidation states. Element type and state are color coded.

On the other side are:

  • Fundamental Physical Constants
  • Math Constants
  • Air Composition
  • Coefficients of Friction
  • Solar System Data
  • Decimal Prefixes
  • SI to British System Conversions

With this affordable set you get ten of these reference cards which makes it perfect for school classes, homeschool study groups and families.


  • Card size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches (21.5 x 14 cm).
  • Ultra-sharp, colorful print.
  • Printed on glossy, UV coated, recycled card with eco-friendly soy inks.
  • Now includes newly named elements Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine, and Oganesson!

CUSTOM PRINT: We will add your own school or company logo for free with orders over 500 sets.

12 +
Box Size:
8.50 x 5.50 x 0.10 inches
21.59cm x 13.97cm x 0.25cm
0 lb 4 oz
0.11 kg

Customer Reviews

4 star rating  Great size
Kelly Hered from Pensacola, FL, USA
Students prefer this size over the 8.5 x 11 size chart; however, the period and row labels caused my students to get the two mixed up.

5 star rating  
Ned from Chicago
Very good product - excellent quality and a lot of useful information. The backside is filled with all the important constants.

4 star rating  let's stick with SI
John Altounji from California
I like it very much. I give it to my students. Please keep it metric by removing the degree F on the thermometer and replace it with: freezing 0, cold 10, warm 20, hot 30... and boiling 100. I would also remove the conversion table between metric and non metric.

3 star rating  confusing labeling
charmaine t jackson from New Kent, VA
the chart has 2 arrows that seems to show the periods going down and the groups going across, leading the kids to think that there are 18 periods and 7 groups. I realize that the periods are stacked top to bottom and group numbers go across. .. Perhaps a placement of this item over to the left of Hydrogen, and not over column two would alleviate the confusion.

5 star rating  Best handy PT ever!
Jen from USA, IL, Elgin
One word- Awesome!

5 star rating  very good!
S.C. from Santa Cruz, CA
nice colorful design! good for elementary school students.

5 star rating  
Beth from Union City, CA
Excellent will save on copies and its very nicely color coded


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