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Science With Air Book

by Usborne Books   Item#: 12651  
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It’s everywhere. It’s above you, below you, to your left and your right. Near your mother and your father. What are we talking about? Air! So much can be done with this awesome and essential part of our planet. Now you can do amazing science experiments using the Science With Air – Usbourne book. This colorful book is packed with exciting scientific activities, such as steering a model glider, finding the direction of the wind and making an air-powered rocket balloon. These experiments and tricks are all carefully designed to help young scientists explore the intriguing properties of air, using only household equipment. Usborne Science Activities is an innovative series which responds to the growing emphasis on scientific exploration for young children. The text and illustrations are simple and clear so children can enjoy using the books by themselves. Further notes give fuller scientific explanations for adults who wish to work with their children. This book is a great resource for any student needing a cool science fair project, or for a teacher needing new ideas for a classroom project to teach their students!


  • Amazing science experiments with air
  • Steering a model glider
  • Finding wind direction
  • Making an air-powered rocket balloon
  • Much more!
  • Designed to serve as an exciting introduction to science for young children
  • Simple text and illustrations
  • Annotation for adults included
  • Great for science project ideas!
  • Paperback, 24 pages



5 +
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