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Camping Solar LED Light Bulb - 0.8W 5V 150 Lumens - Image One
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Camping Solar LED Light Bulb - 0.8W 5V 150 Lumens

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This handy camping solar LED light bulb (130 Lumens, equivalent to 15W incandescent bulb) is perfect for conserving energy and ensuring you always have a back-up light source on outdoor excursions if your flashlight's batteries happen to die.  The bulb contains 12 super-bright LEDs and a 3.7V lithium battery that yields 5 hours of light fully charged, and operates via a simple on/off button.  The bulb also features a sturdy metal swivel hook for hanging in your tent or from a tree.  Of course, no solar bulb would be complete without a souce of solar energy to charge it!  As such, this kit also includes a small photovoltaic solar cell (0.8 W 5V) with an 11ft cord.  The solar cell connects to the bulb via a standard micro USB port connection, which means you can also use the solar cell to charge Android phones and tablets!  This kit is perfect for summer camping trips or outdoor activity.


  • Solar light bulb with 12 LEDs, 130 lumens; contains 3.7V lithium battery
  • Bulb yields 5 hours of light once fully charged, operates via on/off button
  • Bulb also features a sturdy metal swivel hook for hanging in your tent or from a tree
  • Includes small photovoltaic solar cell (0.8 W 5V) with an 11ft cord
  • Solar cell connects via a standard micro USB port connection, compatible with Android devices

14 +
Box Size:
5.00 x 3.00 x 2.75 inches
12.70cm x 7.62cm x 6.99cm
0 lb 5 oz
0.14 kg

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