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Real Insects Specimen Set 1 - 8 pieces - Image One
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Real Insects Specimen Set 1 - 8 pieces

Item#: 16308  
List Price:$69.99
Sale Price: $44.99 /each
You Save: $25.00 (35%)
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A set of 8 different insect specimen preserved in clear acrylic blocks that can be studied from all angles or viewed under a microscope.  Durable enough for classroom use and the three larger specimen can be used as unique paperweights in the home or office.  Makes a great gift for teachers or students of entomology.  Set includes a spider (small), another spider (large), scorpion, wasp, green rose chafer beetle, stag beetle, rhinoceros beetle, and black scorpion.  The set comes packaged in a disorientingly cutsie, yet sturdy, box for storage.


  • 8 different insect specimen
  • Each specimen preserved in a clear acrylic block
  • Great for study under a microscope
  • Spider (small), spider (large), scorpion (small), wasp
  • Green rose chafer beetle, stag beetle, rhinoceros beetle, black scorpion (large)

10 +
Box Size:
8.75 x 7.25 x 2.00 inches
22.23cm x 18.42cm x 5.08cm
1 lb 9 oz
0.71 kg

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