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Science Fair Supplies Sale

Astro Aimer Green Laser Pointer

Item#: 10857   5 star rating 3 customer reviews
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The Astro Aimer by HoTech is one of the most useful and handy astronomer tools on the market today. This amazing product has three spectacular features which are great for stargazing, business presentations or just impressing your friends! The Green Laser Pointer is very bright and perfect for pointing out objects by day or night. The Super bright red LED is great for reading maps, and the white LED is a great multipurpose flashlight. The sturdy, sleek and contoured metal housing is very comfortable to hold and you may find yourself referring to the Astro Aimer as “the light saber”. We believe the Astro Aimer is the coolest and most versatile green laser pointer on the market, so get them while they last!

The HoTech Astro Aimer Gen. II is a beautifully engineered product with the ultimate green laser pointer and multifunctional flashlights, all in one compact unit.  The green laser is perfect for pin-pointing star locations as well as any other laser pointing needs.  The two-color LED flashlights are ideal for indoor and outdoor illuminations. The Astro Aimer is a very useful tool for astronomers, educators, hikers, campers, military, law enforcement and many more!
The powerful innovative features:

  • 5mW high power green laser: the green laser is 20 times brighter than red lasers utilizing the same output power as perceived by the human eye. This allows you to clearly follow the laser line to the exact pointed star or object. 
  • Laser ON light indicator: when the laser is turned on, the blue LED light under the laser switch will illuminate. This is to indicate that the green laser is powered on. A useful safety feature to prevent accidentally pointing the laser beam at yourself and/or others.
  • Red and white LED flashlights: The milled knurled finish flashlight cap allows for easy turning.  The Astro Aimer includes three variable brightness modes of red LED, low and intermediate modes for map reading, and a high brightness mode (4,000 mcd) for night illumination without disrupting other stargazers.
  • High efficient super bright white LEDs for any indoor and outdoor illumination.  The three true white LED’s flashlight provides true color and bright illumination.  One of the best sources of illumination for packing up gear at a campground, searching for lost items, or identifying colored items.
  • Time delayed laser switch: this setting makes for easy telescope aiming adjustment. This allows for your hands to be free while adjusting your telescope aiming, without having to hold down the laser ON button. This feature is unique to the Astro Aimer.
  • Universal Mounting: The 1” diameter fits nicely onto most existing 6x30 finder scope mounts, and the standard ¼”-20 tripod mounting hole is ready for any tripod or ball mount.
  • Precision machined housing: this features aero-space grade aluminum and anodized surfaces for a rugged and lasting crafted instrument.
  • Extra long battery life: operated by three economical AAA batteries, approximately 20 continuous hours.
  • Convenient field carrying: package comes with one belt clip pouch and detachable 15” adjustable strap to hang on your neck or wrist.

Dimensions & Weight: 1” diameter x 5-3/4” length, 5.3 oz. with batteries.

Warning: Avoid direct eye exposure. Not intended to be used by children. Adult supervision recommended.

18 +
Box Size:
9.75 x 4.25 x 2.00 inches
24.77cm x 10.80cm x 5.08cm
0 lb 12 oz
0.32 kg

Never look directly into the laser beam. Never point a laser beam at a person. Do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces. Do not allow children to use laser pointers unless under the supervision of an adult.

Customer Reviews

5 star rating  Works wonders
Ton L from Everett, WA
I bought this mostly because of an absent minded referral. A person in my astronomy club had one and I absolutely loved how well it worked as a pointer, a night vision retaining light and the regular LED flashlight. You couldn't ask for a better multipurpose light.

5 star rating  Hold quality in your hand!
Frank from Pleasanton, CA
The compact instrument feels weighty and provides variable red, fixed white, and bright green laser. The rotating lens could make a more intentional click when returning to the home location, but otherwise a near perfect tool for the star gazer in all of us.

5 star rating  astro aimer
Randy from USA, Arizona
Good product. A bit pricy. Appears to be American made. Good prompt service from Xump.


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