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Science Fair Supplies Sale

Nuclear Watch

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Reliable and safe atomic illumination 24/7!

This unique watch features Heavy Hydrogen gas vials inserted on the hands and dials. These produce continuous night illumination without the use of batteries and LEDs!

Making watches visible in low light or at night has been a perplexing problem since wrist timepieces were first invented. While watchmakers thought the problem was solved 100 years ago with the use of radium, it quickly proved too radio active and dangerous. Radium was outlawed for use in watches over 50 years ago.

Luminous substitutes found in 95% of watches sold today require the use of an external light source to recharge the illumination. Many owners complain that the luminous paint works poorly and fades quickly, often in just minutes of darkness.

Another alternative, using electric back lighting requires the owner to press a button and quickly uses up battery power. It often fails to light the dial evenly and has proven unreliable.

Finally, today we have a new technology that provides bright, even light and will work for 25 years without fail: Heavy Hydrogen gas vials inserted on the hands and dial of the watch.

Our Fascinations signature watch uses this technology and is the easiest in the world to read in low light conditions and even in total darkness. The light emitting devices require no battery power or any other form of charging, and never needs servicing or maintenance.

Heavy Hydrogen is capture in tin, airtight vials, sealed under high pressure and is resistant to water, oil and most corrosive materials. A very safe and very minute quantity of tritium lights up the dye. This same technology is available in many firearms for use in gun sights.

It it is important for you to tell the time quickly and easily in low light or total darkness, then the Fascinations signature nuclear powered watch is exactly what you need. Our watch illuminated up to 100 times brighter than ordinary luminescent watches and require no external light source to recharge the illumination.

Each Fascinations signature nuclear watch contains about 100 quadrillion radioactive hydrogen atoms. From the time of purchase we guarantee that over the next 12.3 years half of those atoms will help light up your watch by destroying themselves. However about 50 quadrillion atoms will remain to continue working for you.

How a Tritium Vial Works

Each disintegrating atom emits an electron which slams into the thin glass tube phosphorescent lining thereby creating visible cold light. So whether at work or play, every second of every day approximately 250 million atoms are disintegrating thereby giving you a continuously reliable light source for your signature Fascinations watch.

Why It Is Safe

No dangerous radiation of any sort ever leaves the vials. But even if you break all the vials contained in the watch the amount of radiation would be around 25mCi which is 1000 times less than radiation from Radon in household or 10 times less than natural cosmic radiation we are exposed to daily. 

Great for military personel, astronomers, or anyone else who wants to own one of the coolest watches out there!



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