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DIY Science Supplies Sale 2021
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Winsco Van de Graaff Generator

Provides the power to execute all the basic electrostatic demonstrations on an energetic and dramatic scale with up to 350,000 volts!

Item#: 13773 Age: 18+


Kilovoltron Van de Graaff Generator

This smaller transportable Van de Graaff Generator will easily fit in any classroom!

Item#: 13775 Age: 18+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)


Discharge Electrode - Large Mounted

Large mounted discharge electrode for the Winsco Van de Graaff Generator.

Item#: 13777 Age: 18+


Discharge Electrode - Hand-Held

Hand-held discharge electrode for the Winsco Van de Graaff Generator.

Item#: 13778 Age: 18+


Flame Salts Chemstry Set

A selection of six salts for student use in observing spectra of some fairly common elements.

Item#: 13791 Age: 18+

Fluorescent Liquids Set

A set of permanently mounted vials of liquids which fluoresce brilliantly under ultraviolet light.

Item#: 13790 Age: 18+

Electrophorus - For Electrostatics Experiments

Static charges are created on the plastic base by rubbing it with the included cloth!

Item#: 13785 Age: 18+

Neon Wand for Electrostatic Experiments

Use this wand with a Van d Graaf generator to create a cool visual effect!

Item#: 13783 Age: 18+

Lucite Light Rod - For Fiberoptics Demos

This is a two-foot length of acrylic rod that has been bent into the curlicue form shown.

Item#: 13792 Age: 12+

Replacement Belt for N-105S Kilovoltron

Get this if you just purchased a Kilovoltron Van de Graaf Generator!

Item#: 13776 Age: 18+

Replacement Belt for N-100V Winsco

Get this if you just purchased a Winsco Van de Graaff Generator!

Item#: 13774 Age: 18+
5 Stars (2 customer reviews)

Van de Graaff Demo DVD

An excellent DVD for use with the Winsco Van de Graaf generator!

Item#: 13784 Age: 18+

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