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Science Fair Supplies Sale

Air + Water Power PLUS Kit (Image One) @ xUmp.com Air + Water Power PLUS Kit (Image One) @ xUmp.com

Air + Water Power PLUS Kit

by Thames & Kosmos   Item#: 15219  
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Build your own models powered by air pressure and water to learn about the laws of physics.  Experiment with powerful models using two different air-and-water-powered systems: water-jet propelled cars and hydro-pneumo (water-air) powered engines!  The hydro-pneumo system uses a self-contained air-and-water turbine system as a motor.  Two pressurized air-water tanks are included, allowing you to build two water-jet propelled cars simultaneously and race them against each other. 

Construct 30 models including pressurized water guns, air-and-water turbine-driven cars, rocket cars, and jet boats.  The water-jet propelled cars are a fun outdoor activity, while the self-contained hydro-pneumo powered models are fun both indoors and out.  Compete with your friends to see whose water-jet propelled car goes the fastest, and whose hydro-pneumo car goes the farthest!


  • 30 different models powered by air pressure and water
  • 2 pressurized air-water tanks included
  • Race your friends with two water-jet propelled cars
  • Learn about air and water pressure through experimentation
  • Detailed instructions and 176 pieces included

Peace of Mind Guarantee
Rest assured-- when you buy this quality Thames and Kosmos product, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. If there are any missing or broken pieces,we will replace them for free for you. If you lose or break any parts, we will replace them for you. All replacement pieces and refills for chemicals are available directly from Thames and Kosmos anytime! Quality lifetime support with every kit.

8 +
Box Size:
19.25 x 13.00 x 3.75 inches
48.90cm x 33.02cm x 9.53cm
3 lb 5 oz
1.50 kg

Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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