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What Is Biology All About - Illustrated Book

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Why do colds make you hot? Why aren’t spiders insects? Why are plants green? Have you ever wondered about the answers to these questions? Look no further! In What’s Biology All About?, you and your child or students will learn about a variety of different topics within the field of biology. Some of the big questions that biologists are grappling with today include defining life, wondering where it comes from, and figuring out how it works. Just explore these questions as you read about different species, the differences between animals and humans, etc. Just some of the specific topics featured include exploring DNA, how plants get their food, identifying the different neurons that make up your brain, and much more. Fantastic resource for the science classroom or as a reference guide for your next science project!


  • Cover basic fascinating Biology topics
  • Learn about all kinds of species on our planet
  • Explore DNA
  • Learn how plants get their food
  • Identify the neurons that make up the brain
  • Great for a science classroom library or as a science project resource
  • Paperback, 96 pages

8 +
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