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Back-to-School Science Supplies Sale
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Chemistry Sets

Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit

The bubble gum kit is filled with fun, education and everything you need to create a soft, smooth and delicious treat!

Item#: 10511 Age: 8+

CHEM C1000 Chemistry Kit v2.0

This chemistry learning and experiment kit comes with components and chemicals for over 75 amazing experiments!

Item#: 10494 Age: 10+
(2 customer reviews)


CHEM C2000 Chemistry SuperKit v2.0

This ultimate chemistry set features 250 mind-boggling experiments!

Item#: 10495 Age: 12+
(2 customer reviews)

CHEM C500 Chemistry Set v2.0

Get this great introductory chemistry kit for your favorite young scientist!

Item#: 12148 Age: 10+
(1 customer reviews)

Clean Water Science 4M Kit

Learn the science of cleaning and reusing dirty water by conducting interesting water purification experiments!

Item#: 13401 Age: 8+

CHEM C100 Test Lab

Investigate common chemicals using this great kit!

Item#: 13907 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Basic Molecular Model Set

Use this basic molecular model set for hands-on exploration of organic and inorganic compounds!

Item#: 13971 Age: 12+

Deluxe Molecular Model Set

Use this deluxe molecular model set for teaching of organic and inorganic compounds!

Item#: 13972 Age: 16+
(1 customer reviews)

Glowing Chemistry Kit

Explore the fascinating world of chemical reactions that produce light, called chemiluminescence.

Item#: 15736 Age: 10+

Weird Slime Workshop Kit

Gross out your friends and family with this hands on DIY kit.

Item#: 15731 Age: 10+

Perfume Factory - Wild Science Kit

Invent and blend your own secret formula perfumes and make dreamy scented gifts for your friends... or just keep them all for yourself! Either way, kids will have fun making their scents and learning in the process!

Item#: 16310 Age: 8+

Luxury Soap Factory - Wild Science Kit

Craft your own designer woaps for real luxury at bath and shower time, all thanks to your ingenuity and scientific know-how, as well as the expermients contained within this kit!

Item#: 16311 Age: 8+

Lip Balm Factory - Wild Science Kit

Make your own shimmering lip balms and learn about natural iridescence and UV light!

Item#: 16312 Age: 8+

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