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Digital Microscopes

500X USB Digital Microscope with Stand

Powerful USB Digital Microscope magnifies up to 500X - advanced, adjustable stand w/ specimen tray, and software included.

Item#: 16107 Age: 18+


Celestron 5MP LCD Digital Microscope II

The LCD Digital Microscope II is a professional biological microscope at an affordable price. Up to 1600X with digital zoom!

Item#: 15393 Age: 18+


Celestron Infiniview 5MP LCD Digital Microscope

Infiniview comes with a 3.5" LCD screen and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that will last up to 2 hours in the field.

Item#: 15394 Age: 18+


Celestron PentaView LCD Digital Microscope

Professional-level touchscreen LCD microscope with advanced features at a reasonable price.

Item#: 15436 Age: 14+

Science X: Smartscope Kit

With this 'smartscope,' children can take a close-up look at their environment, delving into a microscopic world and examining natural and everyday objects with ease!

Item#: 16653 Age: 8+

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