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Final Clearance - save up to 75% OFF
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Human-Powered Light Bulb

The static electricity generated by your body is enough energy to power this neon light bulb and make it glow!

Item#: 10444 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Mini Plasma Ball

A touch of joy. A touch of science. Light responds to your touch and to the music in your room!

Item#: 10616 Age: 5+
(10 customer reviews)

Fun Fly Stick

Check out this award-winning toy that allows you to levitate flying objects!

Item#: 13585 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Wimshurst Machine

The Wimshurst Machine is a high quality static machine for student labs.

Item#: 10887 Age: 13+
(3 customer reviews)

6 inch Plasma Ball

This large 6 inch plasma ball will add some excitement to any room!

Item#: 15558 Age: 14+

Replacement Belt for N-105S Kilovoltron

Get this if you just purchased a Kilovoltron Van de Graaf Generator!

Item#: 13776 Age: 18+


Kilovoltron Van de Graaff Generator

This smaller transportable Van de Graaff Generator will easily fit in any classroom!

Item#: 13775 Age: 18+

Van de Graaff Demo DVD

An excellent DVD for use with the Winsco Van de Graaf generator!

Item#: 13784 Age: 18+

Electric Plume for Van de Graaff Generator

This is an accessory that can be used with any Van de Graaff generator.

Item#: 13780 Age: 18+

Deluxe Gold Leaf Electroscope

High-quality electroscope with scale, grounding connectors, and the option to replace gold leaves!

Item#: 15308 Age: 13+

Plasma Bulb Night Light by Kikkerland

This incredible and unique night light features a fully functional plasma ball in the bulb that responds to your touch!

Item#: 16045 Age: 16+


Static charges are created on the plastic base by rubbing it with the included cloth!

Item#: 13785 Age: 18+

Neon Wand

Use this wand with a Van d Graaf generator to create a cool visual effect!

Item#: 13783 Age: 18+


Discharge Electrode - Hand-Held

Hand-held discharge electrode for the Winsco Van de Graaff Generator.

Item#: 13778 Age: 18+


Discharge Electrode - Large Mounted

Large mounted discharge electrode for the Winsco Van de Graaff Generator.

Item#: 13777 Age: 18+


Winsco Van de Graaff Generator

Provides the power to execute all the basic electrostatic demonstrations on an energetic and dramatic scale with up to 350,000 volts!

Item#: 13773 Age: 18+

Electrostatic Kit

Learn about static electricity and how to deposit it on various materials.

Item#: 15343 Age: 12+

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