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Science Fair Supplies Sale

Eulers Disk (Image One) @ xUmp.com

Eulers Disk

by Toysmith   Item#: 11168   5 star rating 1 customer reviews
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The Euler’s disk is a chrome-plated steel disk with nine pieces of magnetized holographic foil. A concave mirror base is the setting for the disk to spin like a coin—except it seems like it will never stop! You won’t believe your eyes or ears as the disk spins faster and louder. Great tool for use in teaching Euler’s equations of motion. Makes a great Christmas gift, and is also a good demonstration model for a classroom activity.


  • Euler’s disk model comes with concave mirror base and chrome-plated steel disk
  • Disk will spin and spin continuously
  • Great as a way to teach Euler’s equations of motion

8 +
Box Size:
10.00 x 9.50 x 1.00 inches
25.40cm x 24.13cm x 2.54cm
2 lb 1 oz
0.94 kg

Customer Reviews

5 star rating  Must-Have
Leroy Maes from Belgium
I showed this a few times & my friends are in awe. Result: next time I order something here I'll need some extra Euler's Disks


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