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Gags, Pranks & Magic

Magic Worm

This magic worm provides plenty of creepy crawly fun!

Item#: 12275 Age: 6+
3.5 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Fart Bombs

These fart bombs will let out the stinkiest smell ever!

Item#: 14610 Age: 8+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Fun Straws

Use this drinking straw set to create all kinds of cool designs!

Item#: 14510 Age: 5+
3 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Alien Attack Sling Shot

Fun mini slingshot with two-extra stretchy aliens who double as ammunition!

Item#: 16278 Age: 5+

Colorflame Candles

A set of twelve birthday candles in six different colors that produce flames that burn the same color as the candle itself!

Item#: 16200 Age: 16+

Fart Bombs XL - 3 pack

3 Pack of the Fart Bombs XL (total of 18 fart bombs!) These fart bombs will let out the stinkiest smell ever!

Item#: 16393 Age: 8+

8 inch Mirror Ball

High-quality, classic 8 inch mirror ball.

Item#: 15862 Age: 14+

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