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Measuring Scales

Cloth Tape Measure

Use this tape measure to measure items that don't have straight lines or edges!

Item#: 13840 Age: 8+
(5 customer reviews)

Mini Plastic Vernier Caliper

Super affordable vernier caliper for classroom use. Measurements in both inches and millimeters!

Item#: 13558 Age: 8+
(3 customer reviews)

Large Plastic Vernier Calipers

Great large plastic vernier calipers for classroom use!

Item#: 14936 Age: 8+
(2 customer reviews)

Plastic Balance Scale

Use this simple balance scale for measuring or for balance demonstrations!

Item#: 14198 Age: 8+

500g x 0.1g Digital Pocket Scale (US-Magnum)

Compact digital scale with 500g capacity and 0.1g accuracy.

Item#: 10491 Age: 8+
(3 customer reviews)

200g x 0.01g High Accuracy Digital Scale

Compact high-accuracy digital scale with 200g capacity and 0.01g accuracy.

Item#: 11289 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

100g Calibration Weight

Use this 100g weight for calibrating scales!

Item#: 14771 Age: 14+

Dual Scale C/F Sticker Thermometer

Peel and stick on glass, plastic and metal surfaces for a visual indication of temperature changes

Item#: 16320 Age: 8+

Slotted Weight Set with Hanger

Use this weight set for a variety of physics demonstrations and classroom projects!

Item#: 14076 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)

50g Calibration Weight

Use this 50gweight for calibrating scales!

Item#: 14770 Age: 14+

Benchtop Pro Digital Scale - 2000g x 0.1g

Great 2000g x 0.1 g digital scale!

Item#: 14772 Age: 14+
(3 customer reviews)

1000g x 0.1g Digital Pocket Scale (DigiWeigh)

This 1000g X 0.1 scale is lightweight, compact, and perfect for use in the classroom or lab setting!

Item#: 16276 Age: 10+

Round Stacking Mass Set

A set of 52 durable plastic color-coded masses - forty 1 gram, eight 5 gram, four 10 gram - great for use in the classroom or with young children.

Item#: 15680 Age: 6+

Digital Vernier Calipers

Use this digital vernier caliper for a variety of measuring applications!

Item#: 14937 Age: 10+
(1 customer reviews)

Newton Spring Scale 20N

A 20N/2000gram spring scale used for measuring forces and weights in the classroom.

Item#: 15383 Age: 12+

Hooked Brass Weight - 50g

High-quality weight with a hook fitted through the center allow you to hook weights together in tandem or use them one at a time.

Item#: 15851 Age: 14+

Metal Vernier Caliper - 6inch/150mm

Affordable steel vernier caliper. Great for schools, home, garage and workshop.

Item#: 15602 Age: 14+
(2 customer reviews)

Measuring Tape - 10 pack - 60inch 150cm

A set of 10 cloth measuring tapes, each measuring up to 60in/150cm

Item#: 16121 Age: 8+

Hooked Brass Weight - 100g

High-quality weight with a hook fitted through the center allow you to hook weights together in tandem or use them one at a time.

Item#: 15852 Age: 14+

Tubular Spring Scale - Yellow 5000g

This 5000 grams/50 Newtons tubular spring scale is essential for any science classroom!

Item#: 15849 Age: 14+

1000g x 0.1g Mini Bench Digital Scale

This high-accuracy 1000g X 0.1g digital scale features a sleek and lightweight design perfect for a quick reading in the office, lab or out on the field.

Item#: 16105 Age: 14+

Precision Weight Masses Set - 8 Pieces

Precisely weighted masses, which are useful with most student balances, are supplied in a plastic storage container.

Item#: 15850 Age: 14+

200g Calibration Weight

This 200g calibration weight is perfect for general laboratory, commercial or classroom use.

Item#: 15899 Age: 14+

Torpedo Level

An affordable and compact level perfect for use in a variety of home, garden, office, or lab improvement projects

Item#: 16416 Age: 8+

Finger Tally Counter

Digital finger tally counter attaches to your finger via small plastic watch-band, and the LCD display counts anywhere from 0 to 99,999

Item#: 16445 Age: 8+

Yellow Hand Tally Counter

Count with style with this classically designed hand counter. Features a four-digit display and key chain attachment, and can be easily reset using the right knob. Counts from 0-9999

Item#: 16446 Age: 8+

Tubular Spring Scale - White 3000g

This 3000 grams/30 Newtons tubular spring scale is essential for any science classroom!

Item#: 16455 Age: 14+

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