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Back To School Science Supplies Sale
Back To School Science Supplies Sale

New Products: Just Arrived!

Here is a listing of the latest and greatest products in the world of science supplies, toys, gadgets and gifts. This list is updated each time a new item arrives to the xUmp.com warehouse! Keep it bookmarked and come back frequently!

Push-On Push-Off Micro Switch - 18x12mm

Simple and affordable micro locking push-on/push-off switch for hobby science and electronics projects.

Item#: 16696 Age: 18+

Mini COB Spotlight Bulb - E10 3VDC 0.5W White

This mini 3V white COB light bulb is a perfect complement to any electrical science project or demonstration.

Item#: 16693 Age: 18+

Mini LED Conelight Bulb - E10 3VDC White

Great mini white LED bulb with built-in cone light disperser.

Item#: 16694 Age: 18+


18V 30W Waterproof Solar Panel with Connection Leads

This solar panel will produce 18V 30W of electricity with full sun exposure. Great for boating or camping applications.

Item#: 16695 Age: 18+

Mini Digital 2-in-1 Voltmeter Ammeter - 100V 10A

This handy digital module has a built-in 0-100V voltmeter and 0-10A ammeter.

Item#: 16689 Age: 18+

Photoresistor GL5516

Great for light sensor electronic circuits, for Arduino modules, robots, and more.

Item#: 16690 Age: 18+

24AWG Stranded Copper Wire - Four Colors - 10m each

This set of 4 colored wires can be used for a variety of hobby and classroom electronics projects.

Item#: 16691 Age: 18+

Heat-Resistant Polyimide Tape - 2cm x 30m

This heat-resistant polyimide tape is great for science fair projects, electronics and computer circuits, etc.

Item#: 16692 Age: 18+

USB to Alligator Clips Connection Wire 5V - 50cm - 20inch

Great for drawing 5V power from any USB port for electronics hobby projects.

Item#: 16688 Age: 18+


3-in-1 Lab Station: Multimeter, Power Supply and Soldering Iron

This 3-in-1 lab space saving station features a full function multimeter, adjustable power supply and variable temperature soldering iron!

Item#: 16687 Age: 18+

Polished Agate Geode Halves - Matching Pair

These gorgeous matched agate geode halves will add some color and elegance to any room

Item#: 16684 Age: 8+

Gravitrax - Expansion Building Set

The Gravitrax Building Expansion Set offers over 25 additional elements to expand your track vertically, from height tiles to vortexes, cannons, splashes, and more

Item#: 16679 Age: 8+

Gravitrax - Expansion Trax Set

The Gravitrax Building Expansion Set offers over 40 additional elements to expand your track horizontally, from curves and switches to additional lengths of track and extra marbles!

Item#: 16680 Age: 8+

Gravitrax - Gravity Hammer - Add On

The gravity hammer addition to the Gravitrax marble run system will allow you to add some extra momentum to your run - includes 6 additional track pieces as well!

Item#: 16681 Age: 8+

Gravitrax - Magnetic Cannon - Add On

The magnetic cannon addition to the Gravitrax marble run system will allow you to add some extra momentum to your run - includes 3 additional marbles as well!

Item#: 16682 Age: 8+

Gravitrax - Looping - Add On

This exciting vertical loop tile addition to the Gravitrax system will send your marble upside down! includes 6 additional track pieces as well!

Item#: 16683 Age: 8+

Gravitrax Starter Set - STEM Marble Run with VR

This sophisticated marble run features futuristic hexagon platforms, special pieces like a magnetic cannon, and even VR compatibility!

Item#: 16678 Age: 8+

Portable Luggage Scale - up to 50kg/110lbs

Make sure you never have to pay overweight luggage fees ever again with this compact luggage scale - weighs bags up to 110 lbs (50kg)

Item#: 16677 Age: 18+

Flat Nickel-Plated Electrode

Flat nickel-plated electrodes (with iron base).

Item#: 16662 Age: 14+

Geared Micro DC Motor - 60RPM 6V

This 2-in-1 motor and gearbox with red and black leads is perfect for small hobby or science fair projects (especially DIY cars)

Item#: 16655 Age: 14+

Solar Cell - 5V 250mA 110x69mm

This 5V solar cell with leads is perfect for hobby projects or for charging 3.7V Lithium batteries

Item#: 16656 Age: 14+

3.7V Lithium Battery Indicator/Tester

This visual/graphic voltmeter is excellent for checking the levels of 3.7V lithium cells - get the most from your batteries and devices!

Item#: 16657 Age: 14+

Solar DC Motor 400 - 1.5V to 3V

This DC motor with leads is perfect for connecting to small solar cells - use w/ a 2mm propeller to make a solar-powered fan!

Item#: 16658 Age: 14+

Electromagnet Solenoid - 3V 25N

This small but powerful electro-magnet can lift up to 2.5kg with only 3V power (two AA batteries)!

Item#: 16661 Age: 14+

TV Stone - Satin Spar Selenite

Place this television TV stone on an image or printed text. WOW!

Item#: 16654 Age: 8+

Science X: Electronics & Circuitry Kit

Become an electrical engineer and build eight amazing gadgets that really work! Let your kid discover the world with Science X®!

Item#: 16652 Age: 10+

Science X: Smartscope Kit

With this 'smartscope,' children can take a close-up look at their environment, delving into a microscopic world and examining natural and everyday objects with ease!

Item#: 16653 Age: 8+

Mosasaurus Fossil Tooth in Matrix - Large

Superb mosasaurus tooth fossil specimen for the science classroom!

Item#: 16650 Age: 14+


Mosasaurus Jaw Fossil in Matrix

An authentic mosasaur jaw, a prehistoric aquatic animal that was the top marine predator up to the mass extinction event 66 million years ago

Item#: 16651 Age: 14+

Ammonite Fossil Pair - 1.5 - 2 inch

A gorgeous and detailed pair of polished ammonite measuring 1.5 - 2 inches; excellent conversation starter or classroom display

Item#: 16645 Age: 14+

Labradorite Chunk - 1 inch with One Polished Side

1 inch specimen; when light reflects just right on the polished side of the surface, brilliant rainbow color patterns will emerge.

Item#: 16646 Age: 14+

Polished Labradorite with Cut Base

Labradorite specimen w/ cut base for display; when light reflects just right on the polished side of the surface, brilliant rainbow color patterns will emerge.

Item#: 16647 Age: 14+

Selenite Stick - Small 4 - 8 inch

Small and delicate sticks of selenite 4-8 inches in length, perfect for classroom observation

Item#: 16648 Age: 14+

Faceted High Grade Iron Pyrite 2-3 inch Chunk

This large chunk of faceted iron pyrite, 2-3 inches in diameter, is great for any mineral collection.

Item#: 16649 Age: 14+


Laser Fog Light Show

Create your own fog and laser light show using this intuitive and highly customizable self-contained fog machine!

Item#: 16643 Age: 18+

Fridge Robot 4M STEAM Kit

Build a fully-functional stair-stepping robot that can climb vertically up fridges or other metallic/magnetic surfaces

Item#: 16644 Age: 8+

4 inch Steel Bar Magnet Red/Blue Pair

This pair of 4" red/blue steel bar magnets are suitable for experiments and classroom demonstrations on magnets

Item#: 16641 Age: 14+

10 pack CR2032 Batteries with Wire Leads (CMOS)

Save with this 10 pack of CR2032 batteries with wire leads!

Item#: 16639 Age: 18+

10 pack Solar Cells - 1.5V 400mA 80x60mm

A 10 pack of polycrystalline 1.5V 400mA solar cells great for use with our 1.5V buzzers, motors, lightbulbs and more

Item#: 16640 Age: 18+

T-Rex Dinosaur Skull Excavation Dig Activity Kit

Turn your house into a dig site and uncover prehistoric treasures in the form of a model T-Rex skull fossil!

Item#: 16634 Age: 6+

Meteorite Outer Space Excavation Kit

Uncover a real space rock (tektite) with this cool dig kit!

Item#: 16635 Age: 3+

8ft Jumbo Green Inflatable Alien

This 8ft tall inflatable green martian is excellent for outer space-themed parties and Halloween celebrations!

Item#: 16636 Age: 5+

Light-Up Speech Bubble Message Board

Make your message visible with this illuminated speech bubble sign with 2 dry erase markers and display stand!

Item#: 16637 Age: 5+

2-in-1 Syringe Highlighter and Pen

These fun realistic novelty syringe pens contain both a standard ink pen and a highlighter!

Item#: 16638 Age: 3+

Strawbees Maker Kit

Test the creator in you by building an infinite number of structures and designs using a unique flexible straw construction system!

Item#: 16626 Age: 5+

Strawbees Inventor Kit

Test the creator in you by building an infinite number of structures and designs using a unique flexible straw construction system!

Item#: 16627 Age: 5+


Strawbees Crazy Scientist Kit

Test the creator in you by building an infinite number of structures and designs using a unique flexible straw construction system!

Item#: 16628 Age: 5+

Metal Slime Bot

A shiny, slippery, squishy metallic slime encased in a retro plastic robot model

Item#: 16630 Age: 3+

Light-Up Mini Marquee

See your name up in lights with this light-up mini marquee including 90 letter and symbol cards!

Item#: 16632 Age: 8+


This cool chaotic magnetic pendulum will make your decisions for you! Includes 7 party-ready question categories so you never have to make your own decisions again!

Item#: 16633 Age: 6+

VEX Gear Racer

Build a pull back VEX® Robotics Single Gear Racer™.

Item#: 16618 Age: 8+

VEX Explorers Discovery Command

Build a full space exploration playset, including a drone, a command station with astronaut figures, and a space hauler with claw!

Item#: 16619 Age: 6+

VEX Catapult Kit

This construction kit challenges you to flex your mechanical engineering skills and build an exciting, fully-functional catapult using over 100 construction pieces!

Item#: 16620 Age: 14+

VEX Robotic Arm Kit

Build a functional model of real-life industrial robotic arms with this 350-piece hands-on robotic construction kit!

Item#: 16621 Age: 8+

HEXBUG Nano Nitro 5-pack

Welcome to the next generation of HEXBUG nano, with a full throttle kick!

Item#: 16622 Age: 3+

HEXBUG Nano Space Discovery Station

Travel to another galaxy and step aboard the HEXBUG nano Space Discovery Station - includes two nano critters!

Item#: 16623 Age: 3+

HEXBUG Fire Ant with IR Remote Control

The HEXBUG® Fire Ant is a high-speed robotic creature that you can control!

Item#: 16624 Age: 3+

Deluxe Gyro Wheel with Lights

This unique light-up spin on the classic magnetic gyro flywheel toy is simple, but guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours

Item#: 16617 Age: 3+

Metallic Minerals Science Kit

This exploratory kit including 9 metallic minerals and all the tools you need to learn to test, classify, and identify them!

Item#: 16615 Age: 8+


TroneX 288+ Science Center

This Science Workshop includes more than 288 exciting educational experiments concerning electricity, electronics, and circuitry

Item#: 16616 Age: 8+

Tarantula and Black Scorpion - Real Specimens

Excellent specimens of both tarantula and black scorpion encased

Item#: 16606 Age: 14+

1000 Lumen COB Rechargeable Floodlight with Stand

Ultra-bright 1000 lumen lantern floodlight featuring 3 incredibly powerful flat surface mounted lights - excellent for camping and night work

Item#: 16604 Age: 18+

10W COB LED Lantern with Compass

Ultra-bright 1000 lumen COB lantern floodlight featuring 3 incredibly powerful flat surface mounted lights - excellent for camping

Item#: 16605 Age: 18+

Chalkboard Placemats - Learning Set of 4

These 4 learning placemats will make dinner more exciting and creative with dinosaurs, picture stories, maps, and outer space!

Item#: 16599 Age: 3+

Chalkboard Placemats - Blank Set of 4

These 4 blank chalkboard placemats are perfect for dinnertime doodling, math practice, hangman, and more!

Item#: 16600 Age: 3+

Crayola Dry Erase Crayons

These 8 washable dry erase crayons will allow you or your kids to get imaginative without the risk of leaving a mess!

Item#: 16601 Age: 3+

Chalkboard Flash Cards - Alphabet

A set of alphabet chalkboard flash cards with handwriting instructions and practice space along with cute animal drawings!

Item#: 16602 Age: 3+

Chalkboard Flash Cards - Numbers

A set of 20 number chalkboard flash cards with instructions for writing each number and practice space

Item#: 16603 Age: 3+

Light Up Spin Ball

The Light-Up Spin Ball has the same great design as the original, but uses an LED panel to create an awesome light show!

Item#: 16596 Age: 18+

Giant Stress Ball

Wow! What a relief! Just squeeze and knead this giant stress ball to experience true tranquility.

Item#: 16597 Age: 8+

Floof Dino Babies

An amazing compound that feels lighter than air!

Item#: 16598 Age: 3+

Butterfly Feeder Deluxe

Introduce your child to some of the most beautiful and delicate creatures on our Earth, right there in your own backyard or garden with this colorful butterfly feeder kit!

Item#: 16586 Age: 6+

Dodeca 12-in-1 Robot Kit

Build 12 different robotic models, each powered by both solar and hydraulic energy, teaching kids about valuable alternative energies!

Item#: 16584 Age: 8+

Kiko Robot Kit

Build a friendly robot companion equipped with infrared sensors and two activity modes that allow him to avoid obstacles, or follow objects!

Item#: 16585 Age: 8+

MeeperBOT V2.0 - Blue Wheels

Build and customize a remote-control car using any compatible brick playset and drive and program your creation using your smartphone

Item#: 16583 Age: 5+

Möbi Math Game

Möbi is the ultimate, fast, fun number game in which players assemble mathematical operations in a crossword-style grid!

Item#: 16582 Age: 6+

Emergency Solar Hand-Crank Radio Flashlight

This emergency combination flashlight, radio, and electronic device charger includes a built-in solar panel and dynamo hand crank

Item#: 16581 Age: 18+

Anti-Static Adjustable Elastic Wrist Strap

This universal anti-static wrist strap can be used with all or our anti-static mats (see related products).

Item#: 16576 Age: 18+

Anti-Static Mat with Ground Cable - 11.8 x 22 inches

Affordable 11.8 x 22 inches anti-static mat with ground cable included!

Item#: 16577 Age: 18+

5 VDC Stepper Motor with ULN2003 Driver Board

This 5 VDC stepper motor controlled by the ULN2003 driver can be used with any Arduino® or compatible boards via jumper leads.

Item#: 16578 Age: 18+

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