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New Products: Just Arrived!

Here is a listing of the latest and greatest products in the world of science supplies, toys, gadgets and gifts. This list is updated each time a new item arrives to the xUmp.com warehouse! Keep it bookmarked and come back frequently!


N95 FDA NIOSH Approved Makrite 9500 Respirator Face Masks - pack of 20

This set includes twenty (20) N95 FDA registered and NIOSH approved and respirators.

Item#: 17076 Age: 18+

iSmile Nitrile Exam Gloves - MEDIUM - Box of 100

Box of 100 First Touch powder-free MEDIUM Nitrile exam gloves.

Item#: 17062 Age: 18+

Flip Sand Art - Blue and White

Blue and white rectangular sand art, composed entirely of water and sand.

Item#: 17061 Age: 14+

Santa Cruz Bio Nitrile Exam Gloves - SMALL - Box of 100

Great exam quality Nitrile gloves in size SMALL.

Item#: 17055 Age: 18+

PPE Face Shield - Pack of 10

Affordable pack of 10 PPE face shields for protection from liquids.

Item#: 17057 Age: 18+

Solar Grasshopper - Vibration Microbot

This cool solar-powered grasshopper has a mini vibration dc motor in it's belly that allows it to shake and move.

Item#: 17051 Age: 8+

DC Motor 130

This affordable 1.5 to 6V DC motor is perfect for hobby projects. Use it with 1, 2 or 4 AA batteries in series or with a solar cell.

Item#: 17052 Age: 14+

Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer Strip

This liquid crystal thermometer strip will give you an approximate temperature of the object you are placing it on.

Item#: 17053 Age: 14+

ASTM Level 1 Earloop Face Masks - Pack of 50

These disposable surgical-style earloop face masks conform to the ASTM F1862 Level 1 clasification. Box of 50.

Item#: 17048 Age: 18+

AZUR Nitrile Exam Gloves - LARGE - Box of 200

This is a smart value 200 gloves box of Large Nitrile exam gloves.

Item#: 17049 Age: 18+

iShield Disposable Face Shield

These disposable face shields are popular with health professionals, dentists, EMTs, etc. They act as a full-face barrier protection against body fluids.

Item#: 17050 Age: 18+

Medline PRO Nitrile Exam Gloves - LARGE - Box of 100

Professional Powder-Free Textured Nitrile Exam Gloves with Aloe, Size Large

Item#: 17045 Age: 18+

Derma-Lite Nitrile Exam Gloves - LARGE - Box of 100

These large, powder-free, 5mil Nitrile Exam Gloves are designed and manufactured for superior comfort and protection.

Item#: 17043 Age: 18+

Derma-Lite Nitrile Exam Gloves - XTRA LARGE - Box of 100

These extra-large, powder-free, 5mil Nitrile Exam Gloves are designed and manufactured for superior comfort and protection.

Item#: 17044 Age: 18+

Mini Electronics Breadboards - Set of 6

These affordable 170 tie-points mini electronics breadboards are great for hobby electronics projects and prototyping.

Item#: 17036 Age: 14+

Geared DC Motor 130 3V-12V - for DIY Car and Robot Projects

Make your own toy vehicles or robots with this cool geared motor and wheel set.

Item#: 17037 Age: 14+

2 x AA Battery Holder 3V with On/Off Knife Switch

This two AA battery holder has a built-in knife switch. Just flip the knife switch to turn the 3V output on or off.

Item#: 17038 Age: 14+

Breadboard Jumper Wires - Set of 65

This affordable set of 65 breadboard jumper wires are a must have for any DIY electronics enthusiast.

Item#: 17039 Age: 14+

Clear Case 2 x AA Batteries Holder 3V with Switch

This clear box 2-cell AA battery holder with wires is excellent for use in any hobby or science project.

Item#: 17040 Age: 14+

DC Power Jack Adapters - 2.1mm - Male and Female Set

This is a set of male and female DC power connectors (jacks) with easy-to-connect wire terminals.

Item#: 17041 Age: 14+

N300 Nitrile Exam Gloves - MEDIUM - Box of 300

Save with this large package of 300 medium-size nitrile exam gloves!

Item#: 17032 Age: 18+

iSmile Nitrile Exam Gloves - LARGE - Box of 100

Box of 100 First Touch powder-free LARGE Nitrile exam gloves.

Item#: 17035 Age: 18+

CR1225 Lithium Battery - 5 pack

This is an affordable pack of five (5) CR1225 lithium batteries. Each battery is 3 Volts.

Item#: 17031 Age: 14+

Panasonic CR2032 CMOS Lithium Battery with Leads and Connector

High-quality Panasonic CR2032 3V battery with wire leads and MOLEX 51021-0200-B (1.25mm pitch) connector already attached.

Item#: 17030 Age: 18+

UltraBlue General Purpose Nitrile Gloves - SMALL - Box of 100

Great premium general purpose KingSeal Nitrile gloves in size SMALL. Not for medical use.

Item#: 17027 Age: 18+

UltraBlue PRO Exam Grade Nitrile Gloves - LARGE - Box of 100

These premium 5mil medical-grade Nitrile Exam Gloves are designed and manufactured for superior comfort and protection.

Item#: 17028 Age: 14+

N95 FDA NIOSH Approved Makrite 9500 Respirator Face Mask - pack of 3

This set includes three (3) N95 FDA registered and NIOSH approved and respirators.

Item#: 17026 Age: 18+

SCRIB - Puzzle Line Following and Coding Robot

The newest robot from OWI is ready to go on an adventure right out of the box.

Item#: 17023 Age: 3+


SmartCore 6 Robotics Kit

When connected to one of the six vehicles, OWI SmartCore acts as a digital brain using a patented algorithm that evaluates the best way to control each vehicle.

Item#: 17024 Age: 8+

Kiko Robot Kit 962

This fun 192-piece STEAM kit is both educational, and more importantly, fun!

Item#: 17025 Age: 8+


databot Single

One rugged little cube, 12 sensors, unlimited possibilities. It’s science on the move!

Item#: 17019 Age: 10+


databot Twin Pack

Twice the fun! Two rugged little cubes, 12 sensors each, unlimited possibilities. It’s science on the move!

Item#: 17020 Age: 10+


databot Class Pack 10

Class pack of databot cubes! Ten rugged little cubes, 12 sensors each, unlimited possibilities. It’s science on the move!

Item#: 17021 Age: 10+

Awesome Fossils Collection - 9 Real Fossils

With this affordable specimen card you get 9 real fossil samples.

Item#: 17009 Age: 8+

Bouncing Ball Laboratory Kit

Use polymer powders to create multi-colored bouncing balls.

Item#: 17010 Age: 8+

Cherry Tree Crystal Growing Kit

Watch a festival of micro crystals grow and bloom before your eyes.

Item#: 17011 Age: 6+

Coral Reef Crystal Growing Kit

This fun kit includes everything you need to grow your own crystal coral reef.

Item#: 17012 Age: 6+

Make a Robotic Arm - Wood & Hydraulics Kit

Wood and hydraulics combine into a robotic kit that can be built in a hour.

Item#: 17013 Age: 12+

Infinite Fidget Cube

Flip and turn this puzzle cube for hours of fun.

Item#: 17005 Age: 5+

Rainbow Snapperz

Grab. Snap! Smile. Repeat ... with this amazing fidget and stress releaver.

Item#: 17006 Age: 3+

Unigown Isolation Gown - Yellow - Pack of 10

These light polypropylene isolation gowns are easy to put on and take off and they offer high fluid protection.

Item#: 16999 Age: 18+

SMS Lab Coat with 3 Pockets - White - LARGE

High-protection, fluid-resistant and anti-static disposable lab coat in size Large.

Item#: 17000 Age: 18+

SMS Lab Coat with 3 Pockets - White - EXTRA LARGE

High-protection, fluid-resistant and anti-static disposable lab coat in size Extra Large.

Item#: 17001 Age: 18+


N95 NIOSH Respirator Mask SH9550 - Box of 20

This set includes twenty (20) N95 NIOSH approved respirators.

Item#: 16997 Age: 18+

500F 2.7V Super Capacitor

One of the largest capacitors available on the market today: at 500 Farads, they don’t get much bigger than this.

Item#: 16991 Age: 18+

N95 NIOSH Approved Respirator Face Masks SH9550 - set of 4

This set includes four (4) N95 NIOSH approved respirators.

Item#: 16990 Age: 18+
(4 customer reviews)

Challenger Safety Goggles - Clear Anti Fog

These goggles meet the ANSI Z87.1, 2010 High Impact standards.

Item#: 16985 Age: 18+

40X Magnifier Loupe with LED Light

This loupe has a high 40X magnification, large 25mm diameter lens and built-in LED light.

Item#: 16983 Age: 14+

Plane Glass Mirror Strips - 2 x 6 inches - pack of 12

Simple glass mirror strips great for optics experiments. Affordable pack of 12 mirrors.

Item#: 16979 Age: 14+
(1 customer reviews)

Rectangular Refraction Cell

Excellent for showing refraction and internal reflection in water, and for measuring its refractive index.

Item#: 16980 Age: 14+

9Pc Ceramic Magnet Set

This affordable magnet set includes 9 ceramic magnets for fun scientific experiments.

Item#: 16971 Age: 14+

3-inch 2.5X Glass Lens Magnifier

Classically-styled 3-inch glass magnifier with 2.5X magnification, excellent for school projects or outdoors fun/indoor sleuthing!

Item#: 16972 Age: 14+

2.5-inch 3X Glass Lens Magnifier

Affordable 2.5-inch glass magnifier with 3X magnification and sturdy metal handle.

Item#: 16973 Age: 14+

6Pc Watch Band Compass Set

These compasses can slide on watches, wristbands, and straps up to 3/4 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick.

Item#: 16974 Age: 14+

Compass Ball Keychain - Liquid Filled

Never get lost with this handy compass ball keychain.

Item#: 16975 Age: 14+

3-in-1 Laser Pointer, LED Flashlight Keychain

Convenient three-in-one red laser pointer, LED flashlight and keychain.

Item#: 16976 Age: 18+

3ft 1m Measuring Tape Keychain

This affordable measuring tape is great for home or classroom use.

Item#: 16977 Age: 14+

5ft 1.5m Tailors Tape Measure - pack of 12

This set includes twelve (12) assorted colors cloth/tailors tape measures with both metric (mm/cm) and SAE (inches) markings.

Item#: 16978 Age: 14+

Snaky Spring Wave Demonstration

Use this item to study and illustrate wave motion.

Item#: 16965 Age: 14+
(1 customer reviews)

Hookes Law Spring set

Set of 5 springs. Great for physics experiments with springs and demonstrating Hooke's Law.

Item#: 16966 Age: 14+

Mini Lightbulbs - 6.3V E10 - Pack of 10

Small E10 base incandescent light bulbs that work at 6.3 volts. Affordable pack of 10 bulbs.

Item#: 16967 Age: 14+

Electrostatic Discharge Tongs - Adjustable

These are a must for electrostatic experiments.

Item#: 16968 Age: 14+

Horizontal Hand Boiler

This is a classic example of thermodynamics in action!

Item#: 16970 Age: 14+

Periodic Table Pens - 10 pack

A 10 pack of retractable pens that include a roll out banner, which displays an up to date periodic table of elements and important physical constants.

Item#: 16954 Age: 14+

Acrylic Mirror - 4 x 2 inches

Safe and virtually unbreakable acrylic mirror for science and optics experiments.

Item#: 16944 Age: 12+


Electicity and Magnetism 29-piece Set

This comprehensive 29-piece kit introduces students to the basic principles of electricity and magnetism.

Item#: 16945 Age: 14+

Space Shot - The Anti-Gravity Game

This nostalgic skill game from the 40's is incredibly addictive.

Item#: 16943 Age: 6+

Human Torso Model with 15 Removable Parts - 10 inch tall

Learn human anatomy with this 10" Torso Model teaching tool. Shows all of the major systems: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, urinary, and musculature.

Item#: 16933 Age: 14+


Electrolysis of Water Classroom Demo Apparatus

This innovative, portable, plastic, and safe Hoffman apparatus enables your students to actually observe the decomposition of water into its two components of Oxygen and Hydrogen.

Item#: 16934 Age: 18+


Electromagnetism - Oersteds Effect Classroom Demo Apparatus

This fascinating kit presents a modern version of Oersted's historical magnetic field experiment.

Item#: 16935 Age: 18+

Loop The Loop Track

Demonstrate the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy in a fun and interesting way!

Item#: 16936 Age: 14+

Digital Stopwatch - 100th of second

This electronic stop watch comes complete with battery and carrying cord.

Item#: 16937 Age: 14+

Wind Turbine Demo Apparatus

This exciting kit allows students to build and test a fully-functional wind turbine.

Item#: 16938 Age: 14+

Hand Vacuum Pump - without gauge

Displaces up to 725ml of air and is fitted with a valve to release the vacuum without disconnecting the pump.

Item#: 16939 Age: 14+

Metal Alcohol Burner

This alcohol burner is designed to be used with any experiment requiring low heat.

Item#: 16940 Age: 18+

Plastic Petri Dishes - 70mm - pack of 20

Petri Dishes are essential lab materials used for growing and studying cultures.

Item#: 16941 Age: 14+

Plastic Petri Dish - 70mm - Single

Plastic petri dish with cover and a diameter of 70mm (2.75 inch) -- affordable classroom and laboratory supply

Item#: 16942 Age: 14+

Liebig Condenser - 200mm

Made from heat resistant borosilicate glass, this condenser is designed for efficiency and high-speed condensing.

Item#: 16923 Age: 18+

Blue Cobalt Bottle with Dropper - 2oz

This Boston Round Cobalt Blue dropping bottle is a necessity in any lab for dispensing indicator stains or prepared reagents.

Item#: 16924 Age: 14+


Van De Graaff Generator - up to 250kV

This excellent quality generator consists of an aluminum collector sphere (mounted above the neoprene belt) and a sturdy base with removable terminal housing.

Item#: 16925 Age: 18+

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