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Here is a listing of the latest and greatest products in the world of science supplies, toys, gadgets and gifts. This list is updated each time a new item arrives to the xUmp.com warehouse! Keep it bookmarked and come back frequently!

Saguaro Cactus Crystal Growing Kit

Based on the world's tallest species of cactus, this crystal growing kit utilizes a cardboard foundation, warm water, and potassium phosphate powder to naturally construct a magnificent Saguaro shaped crystal display.

Item#: 16779 Age: 12+

Volcano Crystal Growing Kit

This crystal growing kit utilizes a cardboard foundation, warm water, and potassium phosphate powder to naturally construct a magnificent volcano themed crystal display.

Item#: 16780 Age: 6+

20g x 0.001g Ultra-High Precision Digital Scale

This high-accuracy (0.001g) digital scale is a sleek and lightweight design perfect for a quick reading in the office, lab, or out in the field.

Item#: 16770 Age: 18+

Adjustable Green Laser Module - Line 510nm 5mW

This high-quality green laser module emits a line laser, has an adjustable focus lens, and operates on 3 to 6V DC

Item#: 16765 Age: 18+

Adjustable Violet/Blue Laser Module - Line 405nm 5mW

This high-quality violet/blue laser module emits a line laser, has an adjustable focus lens, and operates on 3 to 6V DC

Item#: 16766 Age: 18+

Laser Pointer Holder Clamp - 16mm

Finally you can use your laser pointer on your lab or classroom table - hands-free!

Item#: 16767 Age: 18+

Double 18650 Battery Charge Shield - 3V 5V DC Supply

Power all your hobby circuits with this handy battery shield.

Item#: 16768 Age: 18+

Economy Wire Stripper and Crimper

Affordable wire stripper and crimper 2-in-1 tool.

Item#: 16769 Age: 18+

Breadboard Power Supply 3.3V 5V USB Arduino

Affordable breadboard power supply with both 3.3V and 5V output.

Item#: 16758 Age: 14+

4 Blade Propeller - 56mm

Blue 4-blade propeller fan for use with mini DC motors.

Item#: 16759 Age: 14+

Mini Hobby Speaker - Flat 36mm 8ohm 0.5W

This affordable mini hobby speaker with great for various science and electronics projects such as AM/FM radios, amplifiers, sirens, etc.

Item#: 16760 Age: 14+

18650 Battery Charge Shield - 3V 5V DC Supply

Great for teachers - no more wasting AA batteries! With outputs of 3V and 5V DC you can use this shield with a variety of circuits with lightbulbs, buzzers, DC motors, LEDs, etc.

Item#: 16762 Age: 14+

CR2032 Battery Holder with On/Off Switch - LillyPad

This CR2032 battery holder is great for science and electronics hobby projects.

Item#: 16763 Age: 14+

10 pack Solar Cells - 2V 130mA 54x54mm

Affordable 10-pack of 2V solar cells for science and electronics hobby projects.

Item#: 16756 Age: 14+

Digital DC Voltmeter Module - 3V-30V

Affordable digital voltmeter capable of measuring DC voltages from 3V to 30V.

Item#: 16754 Age: 14+

19mm Solid Balls - set of 14

A set of 14 solid balls measuring 19mm in diameter composed of seven different materials; great for collision experiments

Item#: 16747 Age: 18+

25mm Solid Balls - set of 14

A set of 14 solid balls measuring 25mm in diameter composed of seven different materials; great for collision experiments

Item#: 16748 Age: 18+

Human/Animal Prepared Biology Slide Set - 25 slides

This biology slide set contains 25 college-level plant, human, and animal samples packaged in a hard-shell plastic case

Item#: 16749 Age: 18+

37x32mm Right-Angle Optical Glass Prism

Use this right-angle glass prism for optics demonstrations!

Item#: 16750 Age: 14+

Deluxe Solar-Powered Car - with Teacher Guide

This solar-powered car uses a solar panel to turn a motor, propelling a car that you build yourself!

Item#: 16751 Age: 14+

Clamp Extension - Four Prong - Chemistry Lab

This four-pronged clamp extension can be used with a stand to securely hold a variety of chemistry glassware in place during classroom experimentation

Item#: 16752 Age: 18+

Metal Disc Set - 8 Metals - Stamped 1inch

This science lab metals set includes 1 inch (25mm) discs of brass, copper, bronze, nickel silver, mild steel, stainless steel, zinc and aluminum.

Item#: 16734 Age: 18+

Magnetic Putty with Neo Magnet

Made with micron-sized, iron-based particles distributed throughout, the astonishing, moldable Magnetic Thinking Putty takes on the properties of a magnet itself when placed in close contact with the included magnet.

Item#: 16735 Age: 18+

Rubber Tubing - 1/4 inch 10ft

Standard chemistry lab rubber tubing: 1/4 inch diameter, 10 feet long single-piece.

Item#: 16736 Age: 18+

Wash Bottle LDPE 500ml Unitary

This 500ml lab wash bottle comes with a delivery tube on its side for an improved one-piece sturdy design.

Item#: 16737 Age: 18+

Fossil Hunt Kit

Item#: 16733 Age: 14+

Magnetic Lines of Force Viewer

This magnetic lines of force viewer has iron filings dispersed in oil in a flat and sealed clear plexi-box. Perfect for science classroom.

Item#: 16723 Age: 18+

Amber Bottle 8oz - Boston Round w/Cap

High quality and durable, the Boston Round Amber Flint Bottles with caps have countless classroom uses.

Item#: 16724 Age: 14+

Evaporating Dish 150ml

This 150mL glazed porcelain evaporating dish is perfect for heating and evaporating liquids during chemistry experiments

Item#: 16725 Age: 18+

Adjustable Bunsen Burner

Use this adjustable bunsen burner for a wide range of classroom chemistry experiments!

Item#: 16726 Age: 18+


Fossils Videolab - 9 Lab Stations, Video DVD and Teacher's Guide

Cover your curriculum for the upcoming school year with this comprehensive kit encompassing a full week's worth of lessons and activities surrounding fossil formation, creation, and identification

Item#: 16727 Age: 18+

Growing Rock Crystals

Explore and discover the growth of Aragonite crystals with this experiment kit that is sure to amaze your budding Geologist!

Item#: 16728 Age: 7+

Igneous Rock Bag - 6pcs

Collection of 6 real igneous rocks formed by the cooling of molten rock via magma or lava, labeled in a convenient carrying bag

Item#: 16729 Age: 7+

Metamorphic Rock Bag - 6pcs

Collection of 6 real specimens of metamorphic rock formed by pressure and heat packaged in a bag with specimens labeled

Item#: 16730 Age: 7+

Sedimentary Rock Bag - 6pcs

Collection of 6 real sedimentary rocks formed from preexisting rocks through the processes of erosion, followed by compaction or chemical precipitation

Item#: 16731 Age: 7+

Ores of Common Metals Kit - 15pcs

A mounted collection of 15 commonly mined metal ores important in various industries and trades

Item#: 16732 Age: 14+

3W COB Light Chip - 20 mm diameter 9-12V

This affordable and high-powered 3W COB light chip is perfect for hobby projects

Item#: 16720 Age: 18+

1W COB Light Strip - 30 x 5 mm 3V

This affordable and high-powered 1W COB light strip is perfect for hobby projects

Item#: 16721 Age: 18+

Solar System Marble Set

Master your opponents with this set of 10 marbles sized and colored to resemble the nine planets and our Sun!

Item#: 16719 Age: 5+


Heritage Periodic Table with Real Element Specimen

This elegant periodic table encased in clear acrylic features real samples of each element, mounted for display

Item#: 16718 Age: 18+

Digital Laser Tachometer | 2.5 - 99,999 RPM Meter

This handy digital tachometer measures the working speed of an engine (especially in a road vehicle) in revolutions per minute (RPM) via laser.

Item#: 16714 Age: 18+

Digital Pocket Oscilloscope - 0-200KHz

This handy digital oscilloscope displays and analyzes the waveform of electronic signals.

Item#: 16715 Age: 18+

Digital Inclinometer | 360 deg Digital Level

This handy digital inclinometer measures the the angle of inclination of something

Item#: 16716 Age: 18+

3-in-1 Water Quality Tester | pH EC TEMP

Use this handy and versatile water quality testing device to monitor pH levels, temperature in Celsius or Farenheit, or electrical conductivity

Item#: 16717 Age: 18+

Peacock Ore - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)

This large chunk of peacock ore (Bornite), 2-3 inches in diameter, is great for any mineral collection.

Item#: 16713 Age: 18+

ShapeApe Kikkerland Cube Puzzle

This wooden block can be unfolded into an ape figurine with fully articulate arms, legs, torso and head! Refolds back into a cube.

Item#: 16707 Age: 13+

Solar-Powered Edison Action Figure

Powered entirely by solar energy, your brilliant Edison figurine will discover the magic of electricity again and again as the lightbulb in his hand illuminates

Item#: 16708 Age: 18+

Solar Radiometer Sphere by Kikkerland

This science fiction gadget spins its pinwheels in sunlight. No batteries needed.

Item#: 16709 Age: 18+

Galileo Thermometer Sphere by Kikkerland

Wonder at the beauty of science as colorful globes rise and fall according to the temperature

Item#: 16710 Age: 18+

Dino Skeleton Excavation Dig Mini Kit

Use digging tools and a dusting brush to uncover a hidden dinosaur fossil in this fun and simple kit!

Item#: 16706 Age: 10+

Guardian Bot Robot - Programmable with RC

Fully programmable robotic companion with infrared remote control with over 50 different functions, facial expressions, recording capability, and so much more!

Item#: 16705 Age: 5+

Crystal Growing: Glow-in-the-Dark

Grow dozens of colorful crystals, including two types of crystals that glow in the dark.

Item#: 16698 Age: 18+

Remote-Control Machines: Farm

Construct four RC models of realistic farm equipment and four models of special attachments for them.

Item#: 16700 Age: 6+


Robotics: Smart Machines - Rovers & Vehicles

This kit gives kids a simple, fun, and customizable introduction to robotics that lets them build 8 motorized machines controlled by programs and an ultrasound sensor.

Item#: 16701 Age: 10+


Sensors Alive: Bring Physics to Life

Demystify abstract physics phenomena like light, sound, and heat as never before — with this highly innovative, gamified sensor physics lab.

Item#: 16702 Age: 8+


The Big Engineering Makerspace Kit

Discover physical laws with vehicles, machinery, and technical equipment across three scientific disciplines and five experiment types Make cool models like a dragster, microscope, submarine, and more.

Item#: 16703 Age: 8+

USA/World Dry Erase Lap Board

This double-sided dry erase board with USA (states labeled) and world map is great for elementary school geography study!

Item#: 16697 Age: 5+

Push-On Push-Off Micro Switch - 18x12mm

Simple and affordable micro locking push-on/push-off switch for hobby science and electronics projects.

Item#: 16696 Age: 18+

Mini COB Spotlight Bulb - E10 3VDC 0.5W White

This mini 3V white COB light bulb is a perfect complement to any electrical science project or demonstration.

Item#: 16693 Age: 18+

Mini LED Conelight Bulb - E10 3VDC White

Great mini white LED bulb with built-in cone light disperser.

Item#: 16694 Age: 18+

18V 30W Waterproof Solar Panel with Connection Leads

This solar panel will produce 18V 30W of electricity with full sun exposure. Great for boating or camping applications.

Item#: 16695 Age: 18+

Mini Digital 2-in-1 Voltmeter Ammeter - 100V 10A

This handy digital module has a built-in 0-100V voltmeter and 0-10A ammeter.

Item#: 16689 Age: 18+

Photoresistor GL5516

Great for light sensor electronic circuits, for Arduino modules, robots, and more.

Item#: 16690 Age: 18+

24AWG Stranded Copper Wire - Four Colors - 10m each

This set of 4 colored wires can be used for a variety of hobby and classroom electronics projects.

Item#: 16691 Age: 18+

Heat-Resistant Polyimide Tape - 2cm x 30m

This heat-resistant polyimide tape is great for science fair projects, electronics and computer circuits, etc.

Item#: 16692 Age: 18+

USB to Alligator Clips Connection Wire 5V - 50cm - 20inch

Great for drawing 5V power from any USB port for electronics hobby projects.

Item#: 16688 Age: 18+


3-in-1 Lab Station: Multimeter, Power Supply and Soldering Iron

This 3-in-1 lab space saving station features a full function multimeter, adjustable power supply and variable temperature soldering iron!

Item#: 16687 Age: 18+

Polished Agate Geode Halves - Matching Pair

These gorgeous matched agate geode halves will add some color and elegance to any room

Item#: 16684 Age: 8+

Gravitrax - Expansion Building Set

The Gravitrax Building Expansion Set offers over 25 additional elements to expand your track vertically, from height tiles to vortexes, cannons, splashes, and more

Item#: 16679 Age: 8+

Gravitrax - Expansion Trax Set

The Gravitrax Building Expansion Set offers over 40 additional elements to expand your track horizontally, from curves and switches to additional lengths of track and extra marbles!

Item#: 16680 Age: 8+

Gravitrax - Gravity Hammer - Add On

The gravity hammer addition to the Gravitrax marble run system will allow you to add some extra momentum to your run - includes 6 additional track pieces as well!

Item#: 16681 Age: 8+

Gravitrax - Magnetic Cannon - Add On

The magnetic cannon addition to the Gravitrax marble run system will allow you to add some extra momentum to your run - includes 3 additional marbles as well!

Item#: 16682 Age: 8+

Gravitrax - Looping - Add On

This exciting vertical loop tile addition to the Gravitrax system will send your marble upside down! includes 6 additional track pieces as well!

Item#: 16683 Age: 8+

Gravitrax Starter Set - STEM Marble Run with VR

This sophisticated marble run features futuristic hexagon platforms, special pieces like a magnetic cannon, and even VR compatibility!

Item#: 16678 Age: 8+

Portable Luggage Scale - up to 50kg/110lbs

Make sure you never have to pay overweight luggage fees ever again with this compact luggage scale - weighs bags up to 110 lbs (50kg)

Item#: 16677 Age: 18+

100g x 0.01g Digital Pocket Scale

Affordable 100g x 0.01g digital pocket scale for use in the classroom or science lab.

Item#: 16676 Age: 18+

Flat Nickel-Plated Electrode

Flat nickel-plated electrodes (with iron base).

Item#: 16662 Age: 14+

Geared Micro DC Motor - 60RPM 6V

This 2-in-1 motor and gearbox with red and black leads is perfect for small hobby or science fair projects (especially DIY cars)

Item#: 16655 Age: 14+

Solar Cell - 5V 250mA 110x69mm

This 5V solar cell with leads is perfect for hobby projects or for charging 3.7V Lithium batteries

Item#: 16656 Age: 14+

3.7V Lithium Battery Indicator/Tester

This visual/graphic voltmeter is excellent for checking the levels of 3.7V lithium cells - get the most from your batteries and devices!

Item#: 16657 Age: 14+

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