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Other Small Toys

Mystery Stick

Vibrations produced by rubbing the notches on this mystery stick can be controlled to make the prop turn!

Item#: 10465 Age: 6+
(4 customer reviews)

4M Diving Submarine

Watch this submarine dive and re-surface, over and over again!

Item#: 10705 Age: 5+
(3 customer reviews)

Sparkling Wheel

A colorful wheel that produces bright sparks of light whilst spinning

Item#: 15404 Age: 5+
(3 customer reviews)

Fiery Mood Ring

Are they mad, sad, or glad? Maybe you'll find out when you check out the mood ring you got them!

Item#: 13347 Age: 6+
(6 customer reviews)

Multi Voice Changer

The Multi Voice Changer by Tech-Gear brings innovative fun and creativity to a young mind.

Item#: 10802 Age: 5+

Rubber Band Paddle Boat

Watch as the Rubber Band Paddle Boat zips across your bathtub or cruises in the open water!

Item#: 12637 Age: 5+
(1 customer reviews)

Wall Bugs

Fling these cute bugs at a window and watch them "crawl" down with their super-sticky legs!

Item#: 13697 Age: 8+
(2 customer reviews)

Tedco Rattleback

A science curiosity whose ancient and mysterious properties capture the attention of all ages.

Item#: 15552 Age: 6+

Die Cast Potato Gun

Metal potato gun which shoots potato pellets, cap gun caps, and doubles as a mini water gun!

Item#: 15405 Age: 5+

Robot Finger Push Puppet

Great stress reliever for your desk!

Item#: 15479 Age: 12+

Mini Voice Changer

A fun and simple toy that modifies your voice in 3 different ways, producing surprising vocal effects excellent for pranks or messing with your friends.

Item#: 16093 Age: 5+

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