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Periodic Table in the Body Poster (Image One) @ xUmp.com

Periodic Table in the Body Poster

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An informative and highly detailed periodic table poster with a twist: each element with all standard information is included, but an additional description is provided which explains whether or not each element is essential to the functioning of the human body.  Those which have been found to play a role in bodily processes feature a description which describes this role.  Those elements which have no role in biological functioning instead feature a brief description of their properties.  A wealth of additional information can be found in the margins surrounding the table.  These miniature essays explain how elements play a role in human and plant biological processes, as well as the way in which they affect brain metabolism and DNA.  Provides a fascinating and unique perspective on the periodic table, and makes an excellent gift for students of biology and chemistry alike.


  • Full periodic table of elements
  • Atomic number/weight, elemental symbol, group, and electrons for each element
  • Pictures provided where possible
  • 5 mini essays focusing on role of elements in biological processes
  • Detailed descriptions of these roles for each element
  • Handsome and well-made
  • Perfect for students and teachers
  • 39" x 27"

5 +
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27.00 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches
68.58cm x 6.99cm x 6.99cm
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