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Personal Protection

Kids Chemical Safety Goggles

Recommended for protection against chemical splashes. A must have for every young chemist!

Item#: 13071 Age: 6+

Test Tube Clamp

Great quality stainless steel rust resistant test tube clamp!

Item#: 11223 Age: 13+

Emergency Space Blanket

An essential item to keep on hand to keep warm while hiking or camping!

Item#: 13555 Age: 12+
5 star rating (5 customer reviews)

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Keep this emergency sleeping bag on hand for emergency situations!

Item#: 14405 Age: 5+

Crucible Tongs - Plated Steel

Use these crucible tongs for handling hot crucibles in the lab setting!

Item#: 14483 Age: 13+

Beaker Tongs

Use these beaker tongs for safe handling of glassware in the laboratory setting!

Item#: 14820 Age: 10+

Hard Hat

Use this high-quality hard hat to protect you from falling items!

Item#: 14408 Age: 16+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Emergency PE Tube Tent - 6ft

Waterproof, easy set-up polyethylene tube tent fits two people and measures 8' x 6' - stay out of the rain in the woods

Item#: 15703 Age: 13+

Rubber Grip - For Hot Beakers

Use this grip to handle hot beakers!

Item#: 14478 Age: 12+

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