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Red Laser Pointers

Adjustable Focus Red Laser Pointer

This Adjustable Focus Red Laser Pointer allows the user to adjust the diameter of the beam by simply turning the aperture.

Item#: 13478 Age: 18+
5 star rating (5 customer reviews)

Laser Pet Toy

Drive your pet up the wall, under the couch, through the kitchen, and in circles round the living room; this red laser pet toy is sure to bamboozle cats and dogs as they try in vain to catch the bright red dot

Item#: 15928 Age: 18+

Adjustable Red Laser Module - Line 650nm 5mW

This high-quality red laser module emits a line laser shape, has an adjustable focus lens, and operates on 3 to 6V DC.

Item#: 16451 Age: 18+

Red Laser Pointer

High-quality all-metal construction red laser pointer.

Item#: 16442 Age: 18+

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