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Gift Sets

Glass Stir Rod - 8 inch

This 8-inch glass stirring rod can be used in a wide variety of chemistry projects to safely mix and mingle chemicals in the laboratory.

Item#: 16722 Age: 18+


$300 Scratch and Ding Mystery Box

Can you get $300 worth of cool science supplies and toys for only $149? Yes, you can now!

Item#: 15897 Age: 10+
4.5 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Fun Building Gift Set

An eclectic collection of building kits and puzzles sure to keep creative craniums cranking out imaginative designs for hours at a time!

Item#: 16085 Age: 6+

Subwoofer Speaker

This subwoofer speaker is a great addition to your home theater!

Item#: 14669 Age: 18+

Traveling Science Gift Set

Science...on the go! Great gift set for road trips, train rides or any vacation. Keeps kids occupied and learning.

Item#: 15808 Age: 7+

Battery DIY Micro Car Kit - STEM Maker Kit

A miniature, lightweight, and durable vehicle propelled by a small DC motor and two AA batteries.

Item#: 16753 Age: 14+

Ant Habitat Replacement Gel

A package of replacement gel for ant habitats.

Item#: 16787 Age: 14+

Big Builder Sand Box

Start your own company and start accepting building contracts with this open-ended construction-themed sand box!

Item#: 16610 Age: 5+

Mini COB Spotlight Bulb - E10 3VDC 0.5W White

This mini 3V white COB light bulb is a perfect complement to any electrical science project or demonstration.

Item#: 16693 Age: 18+

Mini LED Conelight Bulb - E10 3VDC White

Great mini white LED bulb with built-in cone light disperser.

Item#: 16694 Age: 18+

Space Mission Sand Box

Send your imagination on a mission to the moon with this open-ended space-themed sand box complete with astronauts and asteroids!

Item#: 16609 Age: 5+

1000X HD WiFi Wireless Digital Microscope

This digital microscope features WiFi connectivity that allows the user to view magnified images up to 1000X on their mobile devices.

Item#: 16757 Age: 14+

Simple Machines Kit

Jump-start your study of mechanical physics by learning all about simple machines and how they’re used to make complex tasks easier to do.

Item#: 16771 Age: 8+


Robotics Smart Machines: Tracks & Treads

This kit gives kids a simple, fun, and customizable introduction to robotics that lets them build eight motorized machines controlled by programs and an ultrasound sensor.

Item#: 16772 Age: 8+

Architectural Engineering Kit

Build your foundation in architectural design with this fascinating STEM experiment kit that explores the engineering principles behind planning and developing buildings and structures.

Item#: 16773 Age: 8+

Air-Walker Kit

A four-legged bot that uses an ingenious system of suction cups and pumps to crawl along smooth, vertical surfaces like windows.

Item#: 16774 Age: 8+

Gumball Machine Maker Kit

Build your own gumball machines and learn physics lessons in the process.

Item#: 16775 Age: 6+

My Robotic Pet - Tumbling Hedgehog

Build your own adorable robotic pet hedgehog!

Item#: 16776 Age: 7+

Kids First Robot Safari Kit

Build a series of adorable, motorized robotic animals with this introductory mechanical engineering kit for kids ages five and up.

Item#: 16777 Age: 5+

Kids First Coding & Robotics Challenge Pack

This add-on pack for Kids First Coding & Robotics, a Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner, introduces eight new mechanical robots and devices with engineering challenges to perform with each one.

Item#: 16778 Age: 4+

Small Tesla Coil Demonstration

A small Tesla Coil powered by a 12v power supply that can create visible electric discharge.

Item#: 16788 Age: 18+


Heat Mantle - for Laboratory Use

This heat mantle provides an efficient and safe alternative to hotplates and bunsen burners, heating glassware safely and evenly.

Item#: 16789 Age: 18+

Test Tube Peg Rack

This blue test tube peg rack comes with 66 pegs and is perfect for storing and drying many various types of test tubes, beakers, flasks, and other laboratory glassware.

Item#: 16790 Age: 14+

Gel Ant Habitat with LED Lights

This Gel Ant Habitat comes with LED lights that allow you to observe ant behaviors during the day and night.

Item#: 16791 Age: 6+

Large Infinity Mirror - Optics Demo

With this special mirror, you can peer into the infinite as LED lights recede into the distance and behold a fascinating optical illusion

Item#: 16792 Age: 5+

Iron Filings Saver

A jar that both stores iron filings, and creates 3D representations from the filings of the force field generated by an interior magnet

Item#: 16793 Age: 14+

Gold Pin Art

This Gold Pin Art serves as a great gift for all ages and is able to stay perfectly balanced with or without a pin imprint.

Item#: 16794 Age: 8+

Paint Your Own Derby Racer Car

The Paint Your Own Derbery Racer car comes pre-assembled and ready to be custom painted.

Item#: 16795 Age: 5+

Motorized Robotic Arm 4M Kit

An easy to assemble battery powered mechanical arm that is able to grab, lift, move, and drop small objects.

Item#: 16796 Age: 5+

Salt-Water Powered Truck 4M Kit

Build a small truck that is powered by 100% salt-water.

Item#: 16797 Age: 8+

Wire Cutting and Adjustable Stripping Pliers

This adjustable pair of pliers comes with a sliding lock mechanism that allows for a wide range of diameter lengths.

Item#: 16800 Age: 18+

9V Battery Snap to Alligator Clips Connection Wire

Great for drawing power from 9V batteries for electronics hobby projects.

Item#: 16801 Age: 18+

4D Dog Anatomy Model

This 29 piece model has a transparent cut-away to show the internal structures of a common household dog.

Item#: 16816 Age: 8+

4D Orange Cat Anatomy Model

This 25 piece model has a transparent cut-away to show the internal structures of a common household cat.

Item#: 16817 Age: 8+

Swat Survival Kit in Waterproof Case

A set of 9 essential tools for survival in the wilderness, or in the midst of natural disaster

Item#: 16821 Age: 16+

600 Lumen COB Floodlight

Ultra-bright 600 lumen floodlight with magnetic backing and shock-resistant casing - excellent for camping and night work

Item#: 16822 Age: 18+

Wooden Tangram Puzzle

The Tangram Puzzle is a 7-piece puzzle that develops pattern recognition and spatial awareness skills.

Item#: 16824 Age: 5+

Vortex Coin Bank

The Vortex Coin Bank provides a fun and entertaining way to save spare change and learn about momentum and centripetal force.

Item#: 16826 Age: 8+

Giant Metal Spring - 3.75 inch diameter

This long metal coil spring is ideal for visually demonstrating wave properties, such as frequency, wavelength, and interference both in the classroom and at home.

Item#: 16827 Age: 8+

Nitrile Medical Grade Gloves - Powder Free - Large

Large nitrile exam gloves designed and manufactured for superior protection against viral, bacterial, and certain checmical hazards.

Item#: 16830 Age: 18+

Anti-fog Project Safety Glasses

Durable, anti-fog safety glasses that fit comfortably on any head size.

Item#: 16831 Age: 12+

Face Masks - 3 Ply Earloop General Purpose

These fluid resistant earloop face masks are excellent for filtering bacteria, dust, pollen, and smoke.

Item#: 16833 Age: 12+

Nitrile Gloves for Kids - Powder Free X-Small

Extra-small nitrile exam gloves designed and manufactured for superior protection against viral, bacterial, and certain checmical hazards.

Item#: 16834 Age: 8+

Disposable Foam Safety Ear Plugs - ANSI S3. 19-1974

These ear plugs are made of self adjusting foam that provides a comfortable, low pressure fit and excellent sound filtration.

Item#: 16835 Age: 14+

Kids First Crystals, Rocks & Minerals Kit

Unearth the secrets of geology as you dig deep into the science of rocks and minerals and the crystals that form them.

Item#: 16836 Age: 8+

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