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Gift Sets

Rubber Band Paddle Boat

Watch as the Rubber Band Paddle Boat zips across your bathtub or cruises in the open water!

Item#: 12637 Age: 5+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Science with Magnets Usborne Kid Kit

An outstanding kit completing experiments and exploring the mysteries of magnets!

Item#: 13271 Age: 6+


$300 Scratch and Ding Mystery Box

Can you get $300 worth of cool science supplies and toys for only $149? Yes, you can now!

Item#: 15897 Age: 10+
4.5 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Agate Bookends - Natural

A beautiful desk or bookshelf accessory for the reading fanatic in your family!

Item#: 13173 Age: 12+

2-in-1 Syringe Highlighter and Pen

These fun realistic novelty syringe pens contain both a standard ink pen and a highlighter!

Item#: 16638 Age: 3+

Agate Bookends - Blue

A beautiful blue geological desk or bookshelf accessory for the reading fanatic in your family!

Item#: 13174 Age: 12+

Dino Skeleton Excavation Dig Mini Kit

Use digging tools and a dusting brush to uncover a hidden dinosaur fossil in this fun and simple kit!

Item#: 16706 Age: 10+

10W COB LED Lantern with Compass

Ultra-bright 1000 lumen COB lantern floodlight featuring 3 incredibly powerful flat surface mounted lights - excellent for camping

Item#: 16605 Age: 18+

8ft Jumbo Green Inflatable Alien

This 8ft tall inflatable green martian is excellent for outer space-themed parties and Halloween celebrations!

Item#: 16636 Age: 5+

Space Exploration Gift Set

Fun gift set for your future astronaut! Explore space with these 'out of this world' items. Ideal for pretend play and science discovery.

Item#: 15814 Age: 6+

Gravitrax - Expansion Building Set

The Gravitrax Building Expansion Set offers over 25 additional elements to expand your track vertically, from height tiles to vortexes, cannons, splashes, and more

Item#: 16679 Age: 8+

Mini Digital 2-in-1 Voltmeter Ammeter - 100V 10A

This handy digital module has a built-in 0-100V voltmeter and 0-10A ammeter.

Item#: 16689 Age: 18+

Fun Building Gift Set

An eclectic collection of building kits and puzzles sure to keep creative craniums cranking out imaginative designs for hours at a time!

Item#: 16085 Age: 6+

Traveling Science Gift Set

Science...on the go! Great gift set for road trips, train rides or any vacation. Keeps kids occupied and learning.

Item#: 15808 Age: 7+

10 pack Solar Cells - 1.5V 400mA 80x60mm

A 10 pack of polycrystalline 1.5V 400mA solar cells great for use with our 1.5V buzzers, motors, lightbulbs and more

Item#: 16640 Age: 18+

4 Blade Propeller - 56mm

Blue 4-blade propeller fan for use with mini DC motors.

Item#: 16759 Age: 14+

Clamp Extension - Four Prong - Chemistry Lab

This four-pronged clamp extension can be used with a stand to securely hold a variety of chemistry glassware in place during classroom experimentation

Item#: 16752 Age: 18+

10 pack Solar Cells - 2V 130mA 54x54mm

Affordable 10-pack of 2V solar cells for science and electronics hobby projects.

Item#: 16756 Age: 14+

Laser Pointer Holder Clamp - 16mm

Finally you can use your laser pointer on your lab or classroom table - hands-free!

Item#: 16767 Age: 18+

Galileo Thermometer Sphere by Kikkerland

Wonder at the beauty of science as colorful globes rise and fall according to the temperature

Item#: 16710 Age: 18+

USA/World Dry Erase Lap Board

This double-sided dry erase board with USA (states labeled) and world map is great for elementary school geography study!

Item#: 16697 Age: 5+

Agate Bookends - Green

A beautiful green geological desk or bookshelf accessory for the reading fanatic in your family!

Item#: 14602 Age: 12+

Pink Tourmaline in Quartz - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)

This large chunk of pink Tourmaline embedded in quartz, 2-3 inches in diameter, is great for any mineral collection.

Item#: 15983 Age: 18+

Chalkboard Flash Cards - Numbers

A set of 20 number chalkboard flash cards with instructions for writing each number and practice space

Item#: 16603 Age: 3+

Push-On Push-Off Micro Switch - 18x12mm

Simple and affordable micro locking push-on/push-off switch for hobby science and electronics projects.

Item#: 16696 Age: 18+

Portable Luggage Scale - up to 50kg/110lbs

Make sure you never have to pay overweight luggage fees ever again with this compact luggage scale - weighs bags up to 110 lbs (50kg)

Item#: 16677 Age: 18+

Polished Agate Geode Halves - Matching Pair

These gorgeous matched agate geode halves will add some color and elegance to any room

Item#: 16684 Age: 8+

Mini COB Spotlight Bulb - E10 3VDC 0.5W White

This mini 3V white COB light bulb is a perfect complement to any electrical science project or demonstration.

Item#: 16693 Age: 18+

Digital Laser Tachometer | 2.5 - 99,999 RPM Meter

This handy digital tachometer measures the working speed of an engine (especially in a road vehicle) in revolutions per minute (RPM) via laser.

Item#: 16714 Age: 18+

Solar-Powered Edison Action Figure

Powered entirely by solar energy, your brilliant Edison figurine will discover the magic of electricity again and again as the lightbulb in his hand illuminates

Item#: 16708 Age: 18+

Solar Radiometer Sphere by Kikkerland

This science fiction gadget spins its pinwheels in sunlight. No batteries needed.

Item#: 16709 Age: 18+

Ores of Common Metals Kit - 15pcs

A mounted collection of 15 commonly mined metal ores important in various industries and trades

Item#: 16732 Age: 14+

Digital Inclinometer | 360 deg Digital Level

This handy digital inclinometer measures the the angle of inclination of something

Item#: 16716 Age: 18+

Digital DC Voltmeter Module - 3V-30V

Affordable digital voltmeter capable of measuring DC voltages from 3V to 30V.

Item#: 16754 Age: 14+

Breadboard Power Supply 3.3V 5V USB Arduino

Affordable breadboard power supply with both 3.3V and 5V output.

Item#: 16758 Age: 14+

Mini Hobby Speaker - Flat 36mm 8ohm 0.5W

This affordable mini hobby speaker with great for various science and electronics projects such as AM/FM radios, amplifiers, sirens, etc.

Item#: 16760 Age: 14+

18650 Battery Charge Shield - 3V 5V DC Supply

Great for teachers - no more wasting AA batteries! With outputs of 3V and 5V DC you can use this shield with a variety of circuits with lightbulbs, buzzers, DC motors, LEDs, etc.

Item#: 16762 Age: 14+

CR2032 Battery Holder with On/Off Switch - LillyPad

This CR2032 battery holder is great for science and electronics hobby projects.

Item#: 16763 Age: 14+

Adjustable Green Laser Module - Line 510nm 5mW

This high-quality green laser module emits a line laser, has an adjustable focus lens, and operates on 3 to 6V DC

Item#: 16765 Age: 18+

Adjustable Violet/Blue Laser Module - Line 405nm 5mW

This high-quality violet/blue laser module emits a line laser, has an adjustable focus lens, and operates on 3 to 6V DC

Item#: 16766 Age: 18+

Double 18650 Battery Charge Shield - 3V 5V DC Supply

Power all your hobby circuits with this handy battery shield.

Item#: 16768 Age: 18+

Economy Wire Stripper and Crimper

Affordable wire stripper and crimper 2-in-1 tool.

Item#: 16769 Age: 18+

3-in-1 Water Quality Tester | pH EC TEMP

Use this handy and versatile water quality testing device to monitor pH levels, temperature in Celsius or Farenheit, or electrical conductivity

Item#: 16717 Age: 18+

Solar System Marble Set

Master your opponents with this set of 10 marbles sized and colored to resemble the nine planets and our Sun!

Item#: 16719 Age: 5+

3W COB Light Chip - 20 mm diameter 9-12V

This affordable and high-powered 3W COB light chip is perfect for hobby projects

Item#: 16720 Age: 18+

1W COB Light Strip - 30 x 5 mm 3V

This affordable and high-powered 1W COB light strip is perfect for hobby projects

Item#: 16721 Age: 18+

Magnetic Lines of Force Viewer

This magnetic lines of force viewer has iron filings dispersed in oil in a flat and sealed clear plexi-box. Perfect for science classroom.

Item#: 16723 Age: 18+

Amber Bottle 8oz - Boston Round w/Cap

High quality and durable, the Boston Round Amber Flint Bottles with caps have countless classroom uses.

Item#: 16724 Age: 14+

Evaporating Dish 150ml

This 150mL glazed porcelain evaporating dish is perfect for heating and evaporating liquids during chemistry experiments

Item#: 16725 Age: 18+

Adjustable Bunsen Burner

Use this adjustable bunsen burner for a wide range of classroom chemistry experiments!

Item#: 16726 Age: 18+


Fossils Videolab - 9 Lab Stations, Video DVD and Teacher's Guide

Cover your curriculum for the upcoming school year with this comprehensive kit encompassing a full week's worth of lessons and activities surrounding fossil formation, creation, and identification

Item#: 16727 Age: 18+

Growing Rock Crystals

Explore and discover the growth of Aragonite crystals with this experiment kit that is sure to amaze your budding Geologist!

Item#: 16728 Age: 7+

Igneous Rock Bag - 6pcs

Collection of 6 real igneous rocks formed by the cooling of molten rock via magma or lava, labeled in a convenient carrying bag

Item#: 16729 Age: 7+

Metamorphic Rock Bag - 6pcs

Collection of 6 real specimens of metamorphic rock formed by pressure and heat packaged in a bag with specimens labeled

Item#: 16730 Age: 7+

Sedimentary Rock Bag - 6pcs

Collection of 6 real sedimentary rocks formed from preexisting rocks through the processes of erosion, followed by compaction or chemical precipitation

Item#: 16731 Age: 7+

Fossil Hunt Kit

Item#: 16733 Age: 14+

19mm Solid Balls - set of 14

A set of 14 solid balls measuring 19mm in diameter composed of seven different materials; great for collision experiments

Item#: 16747 Age: 18+

25mm Solid Balls - set of 14

A set of 14 solid balls measuring 25mm in diameter composed of seven different materials; great for collision experiments

Item#: 16748 Age: 18+

Human/Animal Prepared Biology Slide Set - 25 slides

This biology slide set contains 25 college-level plant, human, and animal samples packaged in a hard-shell plastic case

Item#: 16749 Age: 18+

37x32mm Right-Angle Optical Glass Prism

Use this right-angle glass prism for optics demonstrations!

Item#: 16750 Age: 14+

Deluxe Solar-Powered Car - with Teacher Guide

This solar-powered car uses a solar panel to turn a motor, propelling a car that you build yourself!

Item#: 16751 Age: 14+

Digital Pocket Oscilloscope - 0-200KHz

This handy digital oscilloscope displays and analyzes the waveform of electronic signals.

Item#: 16715 Age: 18+

Mini LED Conelight Bulb - E10 3VDC White

Great mini white LED bulb with built-in cone light disperser.

Item#: 16694 Age: 18+

24AWG Stranded Copper Wire - Four Colors - 10m each

This set of 4 colored wires can be used for a variety of hobby and classroom electronics projects.

Item#: 16691 Age: 18+

Heat-Resistant Polyimide Tape - 2cm x 30m

This heat-resistant polyimide tape is great for science fair projects, electronics and computer circuits, etc.

Item#: 16692 Age: 18+

ShapeApe Kikkerland Cube Puzzle

This wooden block can be unfolded into an ape figurine with fully articulate arms, legs, torso and head! Refolds back into a cube.

Item#: 16707 Age: 13+

Crystal Growing: Glow-in-the-Dark

Grow dozens of colorful crystals, including two types of crystals that glow in the dark.

Item#: 16698 Age: 18+


Robotics: Smart Machines - Rovers & Vehicles

This kit gives kids a simple, fun, and customizable introduction to robotics that lets them build 8 motorized machines controlled by programs and an ultrasound sensor.

Item#: 16701 Age: 10+


The Big Engineering Makerspace Kit

Discover physical laws with vehicles, machinery, and technical equipment across three scientific disciplines and five experiment types Make cool models like a dragster, microscope, submarine, and more.

Item#: 16703 Age: 8+

Guardian Bot Robot - Programmable with RC

Fully programmable robotic companion with infrared remote control with over 50 different functions, facial expressions, recording capability, and so much more!

Item#: 16705 Age: 5+

Light-Up Speech Bubble Message Board

Make your message visible with this illuminated speech bubble sign with 2 dry erase markers and display stand!

Item#: 16637 Age: 5+

Space Mission Sand Box

Send your imagination on a mission to the moon with this open-ended space-themed sand box complete with astronauts and asteroids!

Item#: 16609 Age: 5+

Big Builder Sand Box

Start your own company and start accepting building contracts with this open-ended construction-themed sand box!

Item#: 16610 Age: 5+

Slime Time Mix-It - Make Your Own Slime Kit

Use this all-in-one kit to mix three different types of oozy, stretchy, squishy slime right in the can!

Item#: 16614 Age: 7+

3-D Alien Illusion Saucer

This extraterrestrial saucer uses parabolic mirrors to create an illusory 3D project of whatever is placed at the mirror's focal point!

Item#: 16631 Age: 5+


Celestial Star Globe

Study the stars with your own planetarium that allows you to adjust your point of observation! Perfect for any science classroom.

Item#: 15165 Age: 14+

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