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ShapeApe Kikkerland Cube Puzzle - Image One ShapeApe Kikkerland Cube Puzzle - Image two
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ShapeApe Kikkerland Cube Puzzle

by Kikkerland   Item#: 16707  
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Straight out of the packaging, this deceptive creature resembles a simple wooden cube, with some curious crevices and details.  However, with a little play and experimentation, you can unfold the cube to reveal a wooden ape companion with fully articulate legs, arms, torso, and head!  Pose your ape into a power stance and have him guard your desk at work.  Open his claws and have him hang from a bookshelf in your room.  Or, place him in a planter so he can can reconnect to his primitive jungle instincts.  Once you're done playing and the ShapeApe is ready to hibernate, use your puzzle-solving skills to refold him into himself so that he again becomes a perfect cube!  Makes an excellent stocking stuffer or party favor!


  • Wooden cube unfolds into an ape figurine
  • The ape playmate features fully articulate legs, arms, torso, and head
  • Pose your ape however you like and display him in your living room, bedroom, or office
  • Use his claws to hang him from furniture and fixtures
  • When you're done playing, use puzzle skills to fold him back into a cube

13 +
Box Size:
3.50 x 3.50 x 3.50 inches
8.89cm x 8.89cm x 8.89cm
0 lb 11 oz
0.31 kg

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