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Wide Range pH Solution Kit - Image One
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Wide Range pH Solution Kit

Item#: 15372  
List Price:$29.99
Sale Price: $20 /each
You Save: $9.99 (33%)
DISCONTINUED This item is not available at the moment. Contact us for product availability update.

pH papers and indicators are used to determine whether a test solution is acidic or basic.  The Wide Range pH Indicator Kit provides a distinct color for each separate pH reading, in a range of 1 to 14, 1 being most acidic, 7 neutral, and 14 most basic.  The kit contains 2oz of liquid wide range indicator in a plastic dropping bottle.  The indicator is added in a ratio of one drop of indicator to 10 drops of test solution; a 1:10 volumetric ratio.  Included as well in the kit are 2 white plastic spot plates with 12 cavities each and 2 eye droppers for the test solutions as well as a color comparison card.  An essential kit for teachers and students alike.


  • 2oz liquid wide range indicator in plastic dropper
  • 2 white plastic spotting plates, 12 cavities each
  • 2 eye droppers for test solutions
  • Color comparison card
  • Great for use in the lab or classroom

13 +
Box Size:
9.50 x 4.50 x 2.75 inches
24.13cm x 11.43cm x 6.99cm
0 lb 8 oz
0.20 kg

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