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World Map Placemat - Image One
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World Map Placemat

Item#: 11248   5 star rating 13 customer reviews
List Price:$4.99
Sale Price: $2.50 /each
You Save: $2.49 (49%)
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This place mat is not just any place mat; it is a map of the world! Practice memorizing all the countries and capitals, and then flip the place mat over and use a dry erase marker and try and label them all. This place mat is fully functional; use a dry erase marker and then just use a damp cloth to wipe it off. These place mats have a high quality image and are laminated in heavy duty laminate.


  • Complete political map of the world
  • Countries and capitals
  • Oceans and islands
  • Black and white backside includes a blank map
  • Great study tool
  • Dry erase friendly

5 +
Box Size:
17.50 x 12.00 x 0.00 inches
44.45cm x 30.48cm x 0.00cm
0 lb 3 oz
0.06 kg

Customer Reviews

5 star rating  World Map Placemat
Linda from Oakland, Ca
It is such a terrific product, that I had to buy more of them.

5 star rating  Terrific map
Linda from U.S., California, Oakland
Heavy laminate and the perfect size for my needs with good clear information.

5 star rating  World Map Placemat
Gerald Grubb from Nashville, TN
One word, GREAT. Thanks, Gerald Grubb

5 star rating  Not just for kids
Ellen from Hawaii
This placemat is great--large and sturdy. It is a good reference while reading world news and can be educational for all ages.

5 star rating  Around the world in a minute!
TerryAnn from Kalispell, Montana
What a great purchase! We have a 5th grader and every once in a while at dinner time we will discuss current events. We love having the world at our finger tips now so we can show our daughter just where it is we are talking about. It's a lot of fun, and a great learning tool.

5 star rating  World Map Placemap
Unknown from Lake Worth, FL
The U.S. placemats are at my grandsons' home. The World placemats are at ours! The boys (ages 6 and 9) love learning about the countries and where they're located in relation to the U.S. It expands their tiny little world a bit!

5 star rating  Fabulous Fun Map Placemats
Kim D. from Columbus, Ohio
I got these for a travel theme birthday party. I did trivia where I asked questions and they had to guess the country... find it on the map... THEN on the backside there is a blank, unlabeled version so they had to locate the country and color it in. once they did that I gave them a sticker "stamp" in their passport books they made. Nice quality, Kids loved them and parents thought it was a great idea!... These made for an interesting game/ were used at each place setting and kids took them home as goodie gifts. They thought it was so cool. Would Highly recommend!!

5 star rating  Subtle background world reminders.
Carl Slawski from Newbury Park, CA
Without the need for pedantic lectures, the world under one's plate engages the mind and helps interpret the news on radio or TV.

5 star rating  World Map Placemat
Cristin from Fairfax, VA
Great placemat. My 3 year old is learning his countries. I loved that it came delivered nice and flat. I have ordered a place mat in the past from somewhere else and it came rolled up in the mail and after over a year it still won't lay flat. This placemat is nice and flat!

5 star rating  
Shelley Swindler from St. Augustine FL
The map came in RECORD time...I ordered on Friday and it was on our school table on Monday!!! The map is great quality and is exactly what we were looking for!! We are using it as a reference map for our Geography class.

5 star rating  The Best Placemats Do More
Sayre from Austin, TX, USA
Keeps your table clean and protects it from silverware gouges. Inspires conversation at the table. Cleans easy. Teaches something. The best placemats do more.

5 star rating  Great item!
Nel from Mount Pleasant Mills, PA
colorful, durable, reasonable cost including shipping

5 star rating  What fun!
Martha from New England
This is an excellent tool to teach geography.


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